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MM - NSCC - Sept 27, 2011 - EN

  1. 1. Nova Scotia Community CollegeSeptember 27, 2011
  2. 2. Growth of global arrivals: 25 million in 1950. 935 million in 2010. 1.6 billion by 2020.In 2010, Canada’s tourism sector contributed: $73.4 billion in revenues to the Canadian economy $29.3 billion to Canada’s GDP $20.1 billion in government taxation revenues.Tourism marketing benefits other sectors, like tradeand education.Tourism generates enormous secondary benefits forthe economy and the employment of a country.
  3. 3. International tourist arrivals by region (million)
  4. 4. Canada’s national tourism marketing organization (NTO) Investing in 11 countries around the world Headquartered in Vancouver with a regional hub in UK Federal Crown corporationOur visionInspire the world to explore Canada.Our missionHarness Canada’s collective voice to grow export revenues.Our valuesInnovation, Collaboration, Respect
  5. 5. Roles-based return on investment (ROI) model:target long-haul, high-spending consumers whotend to spend more and stay longer.Provide leadership with representation in each ofour 11 key markets: Traditional/core markets Emerging/transition markets • UK • Brazil • France • China • Germany • India • Australia • Mexico • US (MC&IT, media) • South Korea • Japan
  6. 6. France Germany China UK South Korea India JapanUS Australia Mexico Brazil
  7. 7. Emerging economies are investing heavily intourism marketing (e.g. India, Turkey).Internationally, progressive NTOs are re-vampingtheir models to be more efficient (e.g. VisitBritain,Tourism New Zealand, Tourism Australia).Canadian marketing partners (i.e. PMOs andDMOs) are increasingly well-funded.New US Corporation for Travel Promotion is apublic-private partnership with the mission ofpromoting increased international travel to the US.
  8. 8. Canada’s tourism industry performance in 2010 Canadian jobs: Domestic spending: 594,500 $58.5 billion (-1.1% from 2009) (+6.9% from 2009) CTC’s attributable contribution: Total tourism 16,569 spending: $73.4 billion CTC’s attributable (+6.7% from 2009) contribution: $244.2 million Foreign spending: Federal tax $14.9 billion revenues: (+5.7% from 2009) CTC’s attributable $9.4 billion contribution: (+5.8% from 2009) $1.9 billion
  9. 9. 1950 World 1970 World 1990 World 2010 WorldRANK Share Share Share Share1 USA Italy France France2 Canada Canada USA USA3 Italy France Spain Spain4 France Spain Italy China5 Switzerland USA Hungary Italy6 Ireland Austria Austria UK7 Austria Germany UK Turkey8 Spain 97% Switzerland 75% Mexico 67% Germany 56%9 Germany Yugoslavia Germany Malaysia10 UK UK Canada Mexico11 Norway Hungary Switzerland Austria12 Argentina Czech Greece Ukraine13 Mexico Belgium Portugal Russia14 Netherlands Bulgaria Malaysia Hong Kong15 Denmark Romania Croatia CanadaOther 3% 25% 33% 44%Total 25 million 166 million 703 million 935 millionSource: UNWTO
  10. 10. Rank 1999 20091 US US2 UK France3 France China4 Canada UK5 China Italy6 Germany Canada7 Italy Germany8 Spain Turkey9 Hong Kong Malaysia10 Mexico Hong Kong Source: Tourism Economics
  11. 11. Impact of implementation of Impact of US government dropping Impact of China grantingnew visa requirements for visa requirement for South Korean Approved DestinationMexican visitors in July 2009 travellers in late 2008 Status to the US in 2009
  12. 12. *Interbrand
  13. 13. *Global Tourism Watch, Unaided Destination Awareness (Harris/Decima 2010)
  14. 14. Free Cultural Authentic Spirits Explorers Experiencers • Active participation • Immersive • Historical emphasis • Shopping, dining • Beautiful scenery with • Authentic, living culture • Involves the main sites activities • Less family/group oriented, • Social events, festivals Product • Multi-faceted • Allows free exploration • Environmentally, socially, more one-on-one • Convenient responsible • Offers variety • Vibrant cities on edge of • Mix of city/town and • Places with rich history Place nature nature and cultural uniqueness • Cool accommodations • Multi-city trips • Secluded, off beaten path • Range of options • Will pay for unique • Reasonable price with à la • Menu of choices to experiences, local, ethical carte options products pick and choose Price • Value for money • Transparency of offering • Lively and direct • Varied /extensive media mix • Traditional media and • Strong new media • Include other traveler reviews internet presence • Social connection with locals • Practical details • Fun • Beautiful scenery/activities • Cater to older interestsPromotion • Stylish • Active adventure • Stylish/creative • Less commercial
  15. 15. What is a Signature Experience? An immersive, hands-on experiential offering that is aligned with Canada’s tourism brand and is unique and differentiated, that engages local people and showcases special places.Currently 48 SEC members, including 4 from Nova Scotia:• Step Back in Time to the Birthplace of Great Beer - Alexander Keith’s Brewery• History on High: Halifax Citadel - the Halifax Citadel National Historic Site of Canada• Cape Breton Island Multi-Sport Kayak, Bike and Hike - Freewheeling Adventures• Tidal Bore River Rafting and Mud Sliding - Schubenacadie Tidal Bore Rafting Park and Cottages
  17. 17. Direct-to-consumer advertising• Increase awareness of Canada as a destination• Generate interest in travel to Canada• Create a “vacation movie” in the minds of travellers
  18. 18. Name: Explore Canada Like a LocalURL:
  19. 19. US Launch Online Ads & iPad
  20. 20. Media & public relations• Events, publications• Media stories
  21. 21. Travel trade promotions• Work with our key accounts• Train travel agents to sell Canada
  22. 22. MC&IT• Meetings• Conventions• Incentive travel
  23. 23. We are focused on marketing that generatesbusiness demand. And Canada has what it takesto compete!We work to provide a partnership framework forthe Canada’s national tourism industry behind astrong tourism brand “Canada. Keep Exploring.”We provide tools to help tourism businessescompete in the international tourism marketplace.We greatly value our important relationships withCanada’s tourism industry.
  24. 24. Twitter: @CTCCEO