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TNS Integrated Marketing - A Shift to Digital


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TNS Integrated Marketing - A Shift to Digital

  1. 1. Integrated Media A shift to Digital 1
  2. 2. Agenda  A shift in advertising consumption  Vietnam vs. the rest of the digital world  Digital brand alignment / route to purchase  Activating different consumer groups  Executive summary 2
  3. 3. 3
  4. 4. Advertising spend breakdown - 2010 Change Total 2009 2010 MEDIA TYPE Growt Industry % USD USD h% TV 458,000,000 551,008,000 20% 78% 11.5% 6.9% 3.1% RADIO 2,117,000 1,830,000 -14% 0.26% NEWSPAPERS 83,251,000 81,145,000 -2% 11.5% MAGAZINES 49,224,000 48,382,421 -2% 6.9% INTERNET 15,500,000 22,000,000 41% 3.1% 15.8% % $608,095,000 $704,366,000 TOTAL.26% Ad spend grew by 15% 78% driven by TV & Internet advertising. All other mediums were in decline 4 Source: TNS - Kantar Media 2010
  5. 5. Vietnam Media Reach – past week Past  Week  Reach  (%)  Vn Youth are heavy surfers and will become the mainstay of internet advertising in the future 5 Base:  Males  and  Females  aged  15+  across  all  4  major  ci7es  (Ho  Chi  Minh  City,  Hanoi,  Da  Nang  and  Can  Tho)   Source:  TNS  Media  Habits  Survey    
  6. 6. Day in the Life of an Internet User TV Internet NewspapersInternet can help fill the gap between traditional media and provide a truly integrated marketing campaign 6Base: Past month internet users aged 15+ across all 4 major cities (Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, Da Nang and Can Tho) Source: Yahoo!-TNS Net Index 2008
  7. 7. Media Exposure TrendsTime Spent Per Day (Mins) Time spend watching TV has decreased by 1 hour per day since 2006, 7 while Internet is the only medium growing (21 minutes / day) Base: Males and Females aged 15+ across all 4 major cities (Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, Da Nang and Can Tho) Source: TNS Media Habits Survey)
  8. 8. Where we surfVietnamese are surfing the net more at home than at 8 internet café’s, tripling of time spent on the net? Source: TNS Media Habits survey, 2010
  9. 9. 1 What is the state of play in the digital landscape?Picture i.  The size and structure of the digital medium ii.  The hierarchy of digital activities 9
  10. 10. The size and structure of the digital medium What you can learn Identify the most digitally engaged marketsUnderstand the role of digital as media channel Picture Map the structure of digital access points and relative usage Understand the drivers of digital behaviour 10
  11. 11. Transformational nature of Digital leads to higher engagement in the emerging world which offers an opportunity for brands % online users highly engaged Country % Country % Country % Country % 1.Egypt 56% 13.Italy 47% 25.USA 43% 37.Netherlands 33% 2.S Arabia 56% 14.Poland 46% 26.Tanzania 42% 38.Philippines 32% 3.China 54% 15.Thailand 46% 27.S Korea 42% 39.Norway 30% 4.Malaysia 53% 16.Argentina 45% 28.Portugal 40% 40.Sweden 27% 5.Turkey 52% 17.Vietnam 45% 29.Mexico 40% 41.Luxemburg 27% 6.S Africa 51% 18.Uganda 44% 30.Greece 38% 42.Finland 26% 7.Kenya 51% 19.Israel 44% 31.Canada 37% 43.Estonia 26% 8.Morocco 51% 20.Hong Kong 44% 32.Spain 37% 44.Denmark 25% 9.UAE 50% 21.UK 43% 33.Austria 36% 45.Indonesia 24% 10.Brazil 48% 22.Nigeria 43% 34.Belgium 36% 46.Japan 20% 11.France 48% 23.India 43% 35.Germany 36% 12.Singapore 47% 24.Russia 43% 36.Australia 35% 11Digital Engagement – See methodology packBases: All respondents 48804
  12. 12. Home access is readily available with 8 out of 10 digital consumers haveing accessed from home in the last four weeks % online users accessing internet in last four weeks Global Vietnam 12S4: Access pointsBases: All respondents 48804 / 602
  13. 13. Digital is an important medium but telvision is stil by far the most frequently accessed medium amongst Vietnamese digital consumers. % using at least once a day – % using Digital at least once a day Vietnam (Global) – Vietnam (54) (32) (61) (14) * (36) * * Low base 13S5: How often access / I10: Usage of offline mediaBases: All respondents 48804 / 602 / 363 / 239 / 75 / 191 /275 / 43 / 18
  14. 14. Social networking is the most engaging activity 14I1: Frequency of online activities / Digital engagement index – see methodology packBases: All respondents 602
  15. 15. The Vietnamese digital consumer is extremely open to brand interaction online across nearly all activities Attitudes to brand interaction within activities * % open to brands % who find brands intrusiveNet difference between openness to brand and intrusivenessVietnam 42 41 62 27 41 81 66 66 65 66 35Global 7 -2 16 12 -1 31 37 16 23 15 2 * Low base 15I4: Intrusiveness of brand contactBases: All respondents who ever do activity 230 / 419 / 298 /90 / 92 / 42 / 69 / 181 / 148 / 162 / 75
  16. 16. Research Finding Business Implication Usage and engagement levels are Along with TV, Digital should be a very high key pilar of any marketing strategy There are other activities beyond Ensure campaign also engage people social networks and email that on site within these activities toVietnamese digital consumers spend maximise opportunities more time on Vietnamese digital consumers are Be brave and bold to get attention,extremely open to brand interactions consumers are open to brand across most activities messaging Mobile use is on the increase Target younger groups with mobille particualry amongst younger age campaigns particualrly with a multi- groups media element 16
  17. 17. How do we maximise opportunities with the digital consumer?Picture i.  Brand alignment with the path to purchase and alignment to social media 17
  18. 18. What you can learnUnderstand effective combinations of online vs. offline touchpoints, and brand vs. user generated contentMap purchase paths across regions and categories PictureAssess the impact of social media on digital strategiesIdentify the most effective tactics to employ in building social media strategies 18
  19. 19. Half of all Vietnamese digital consumers browse for products or services on a daily basis, double the global average figure. Online touch points are also critical on the path to purchase % used touchpoint for researching – Vietnam (Global) 51% (18) of consumers browse online DAILY for products (16) or services to buyVietnam Online (12) touchpoints 2% (18) of consumers NEVER browse online for products (11) or services to buy (11) (6) 24% of consumers browse online (11) DAILY for products or services to buy Offline (17)Global touchpoints 13% of consumers NEVER (12) browse online for products or services to buy 19I1: Frequency of online activities / OS3: Research sourcesBases: All respondents 48804 / 602
  20. 20. Nearly half of digital consumers check their social network account every single day. Under 25‘s even more so. % using social networking Global Vietnam Male Female 16-20 21-24 25-34 35-44* 45-60* * Low base 20I1.01: Usage frequency of SNBases: All respondents 48804 / 602 / 363 / 239 / 75 / 191 /275 / 43 / 18
  21. 21. Whilst Vietanemse digital consumers have less social network friends they do have above average numbers of brand friends Connections on social networks Global Vietnam Male Female 16-20 21-24 25-34 35-44* 45-60*Nett difference between openness to brand and intrusiveness * Low base 21N10: Brands connec. to SN / N11: Friends connec. to SNBases: All respondents / Social networkers
  22. 22. Multi- media and apps are a key part of social networking activity % doing social media activity daily Over 50% reach 22I5: Social media activitiesBases: All respondents 602
  23. 23. Finding ImplicationHalf of all Digital consumers browse Alocate spend accordingly andfor products or services online every ensure their are plenty of brand day digital touch point opportunities Many product categories are Ensure brand home site ispurchased online with online, review engaging and other touch pointssites and manufacturer websties are drive consumers to the site to push widely used conversition Social netwroking is set to grow Encourage string brand fan pagesovert the next 2-3 years, especially with lots of multi-media content amongst the under 25‘s aimed at younger consumers Target this sub-group to spreadHalf of all young males actively talk brand messages. Make sure brand about brands fan pages are full of information and offers 23
  24. 24. How do we maximise opportunities with the digital consumer? i.  Brand alignment toPicture consumer groups ii.  Understanding and activating individual consumer groups 24
  25. 25. What you can learn Understand distinct groups of consumers, their needs and digital behavioursUnderstand where you can find them Understand what they are doing Picture Understand when they are doing it Identify how you can communicate with them 25
  26. 26. Digital lifestyles INFLUENCERS The internet is an integral part of my life. I’m young and a big mobile internet user and generally access everywhere, all of the time. I’m a blogger, and a passionate social networker. I’m also a big online shopper, even via my mobile. I want to make sure as many people as possible hear my online voice. COMMUNICATIORS I just love talking and expressing myself, whether that’s face to face, on a fixed line, mobile or on social networking sites, instant messaging or just emailing people. I really want to express myself in the online world in the way that I can’t in the offline one. I tend to be a smart phone user and I’m connecting online from my mobile, at home, at work or at college. KNOWLEDGE-SEEKERS I use the internet to gain knowledge, information and to educate myself about the world. I’m not a big user of social networks but I do want to hear from like-minded people especially to help me make purchase decisions. I’m very interested in the latest thing. NETWORKERS The internet is important for me to establish and maintain relationships. I have a busy life whether it’s my profession or managing the home. I use things like social networking to keep in touch with people I wouldn’t have time to otherwise. I’m a big home internet home user and I’m very open to talking to brands and looking for promotions. That said I’m not really the kind of person to voice my opinions online. ASRPIRERS I’m looking to create a personal space online. I’m very new to the Internet and I’m accessing via mobile and internet cafes but mostly from home. I’m not doing a great deal at the moment online but I’m desperate to do more of everything, especially from a mobile device. FUNCTIONALS The internet is a functional tool, I don’t want to express myself online. I like emailing, checking the news, sport & weather but also online shopping. I’m really not interested in running my social life online and I am worried about data privacy and security. I am older and have been using the internet for a long time. 26Digital Lifestyles – see methodology pack
  27. 27. On the digital consumer engagement map, the relationship between behaviour and attitude towards Digital is not linear HIGH CONSUMPTION Internet is commoditised Internet is pivotal Makes my life more efficient Is the centre of my life LOW HIGH INVOLVEMENT INVOLVEMENT LOW Internet is irrelevant CONSUMPTION Internet is aspirational Not a big part of my life Helps me achieve my goals 27Digital Lifestyles – see methodology packBase: All respondents 48804
  28. 28. Communicators and Influencers are the largest segments in the Vietnamese market. There are also significant numbers of Knowledge seekers and Networkers % incidence Global Vietnam Male Female 16-20 21-24 25-34 35-44* 45-60 * * Low base 28Digital Lifestyles – see methodology packBases: All respondents 48804 / 602 / 363 / 239 / 75 / 191 /275 / 43 / 18
  29. 29. Influencers are a key group to listen to and to influence on the online path to purchase. Many influencers are only purchasing certain product categories online % bought online only 29Digital Lifestyles – see methodology packBases: All respondents 159 / 276 / 95
  30. 30. Finding ImplicationAlmost half of digital consumers in Taregt this large group appropriately Vietnam are Communicators and focus on their love of talkingOne quarter are Influencers who are Engage with these consumer to extrenely active in talking about generate ‚buzz‘ around your brand brands Many influencers puchase many Optimising Digital POS is critical categories online only 30
  31. 31. Section Content Executive Summary Picture 31
  32. 32. Digital strategiesDigital is a widely used medium, focusinvestment accordinglyExplore connecting with consumers in theactivities of Knowledge and Education &Multi-mediaExploit consumers’ openness to brands PictureInvest in online pos and digital touchpointsTarget key ‘Influencers‘ to spread brand‘buzz’ in an engaged market 32
  33. 33. Digital is a widely used medium, focus investment accordinglyDigital is the 2nd most frequently accessed medium (tied with Newspapers)most after televisionHome access is widespread with 83% having accessed the internet at home inthe last four weeks. This is on a par with the global average.Consumers in Vietnam are highly engaged and spend 16.1 hours a week online(just slightly less than the global average of 17.6). This figures shoots up to 19.6hours for the under 20’s. 33
  34. 34. Explore connecting with consumers in the activities of Knowledge and Education and Multi-MediaIn many markets Social Networking and email account for most activity andhours spent online. Vietnam appears to be a very sophisticated marketwith consumers engaged in many more activities at significant levels.In particular Knowledge and Education and Multimedia account for themost time online. Many people also access news sites on daily basis.Knowledge & Education and Multimedia are the two activities set to grow themost over the next 2-3 years. It will be key to build relationships withconsumers around these activities to harness that growth in usage in thefuture. 34
  35. 35. Exploit consumers’ openness to brandsDigital consumers in Vietnam are amongst the most open to brands out of anymarkets in the study. This is true across all activities.For example 60% of Vietnamese digital consumers are open to brandinteractions whilst are on social networking sites. The global average isactually only 18%. China (48%) and Brazil (43%) are the only markets that comeclose to being as open.Nearly all activities (bar the functional Organising and Personal Admin) are veryopen spaces for marketers to advance their brands with digital consumers 35
  36. 36. Invest in online pos and digital touchpoints Digital consumers in Vietnam are purchasing online as well as doing a lotof their research for products and services online. In fact half of all consumersbrowse for products or services on a daily basis.In certain categories many people ONLY purchase online (e.g. Travel 18%,Cosmetics 13% and Clothes 12%) so it is key to optimise digital POS’s as wellas ensuring that digital brand touchpoints are driving consumers to the rightmanufacturer websites.CGM is a key touch point in Vietnam within certain product categories. Forexample half of all digital consumers use users Reviews when researchingAutomotive and Personal Finance products/services 36
  37. 37. Sample Profile: Vietnam Methodology: CAWI interviews conducted in June and July 2010 N = 602 Gender I Age I Region I Occupation I Income I Male 363 16-20 75 HCMC 360 Employed 389 High 322 Female 239 21-24 191 Hanoi 181 Home Duties 6 Medium 136 25-34 275 Da Nang 39 Student 174 Low 81 35-44 43 Can Tho 22 Retired / 16 Unemployed 45-60 18 37*I = Interviews
  38. 38. Further details: Further 38