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Jessica Resume

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Jessica Resume

  1. 1. Jessica Leigh Williams<br />Raleigh, NC<br />(919)607-2363<br /><br />General Assistant<br />Assistant to Director of Finance ● Sourcing Agent ● Marketing Intern ● Support Staff<br />SKILLS SUMMARY <br /><ul><li>Accounting/Financial Skills
  2. 2. Data Entry
  3. 3. Management
  4. 4. Internet Research
  5. 5. Time Management
  6. 6. Organizational Skills
  7. 7. Marketing Proficiency
  8. 8. Human Resource Skills</li></ul>______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________<br />TECHNICAL SKILLS SUMMARY<br /><ul><li>Microsoft Office Suite   
  9. 9. WordPress
  10. 10. Preation                           
  11. 11. SAS
  12. 12. STATA                                          
  13. 13. Adobe       
  14. 14. Bullhorn
  15. 15. Sendouts Surge
  16. 16. Boolean Search Logic
  17. 17. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter
  18. 18. Survey Monkey
  19. 19. Career Builder</li></ul> __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________<br />EXPERIENCE<br />Accounting/Financial<br /><ul><li>SUTA and Withholding tax knowledge of over 20 different states
  20. 20. Expense Itemization using GL Numbering
  21. 21. Examine and update expense reports for company credit cards and payroll
  22. 22. Renew invoices for client companies
  23. 23. Post and file deposits </li></ul>Human Resource<br /><ul><li>Able to post jobs, perform reference checks and background checks
  24. 24. Sourcing using Boolean Search logic in Google and Career Builder
  25. 25. Find appropriate candidate resumes for specific jobs
  26. 26. Interact professionally with client companies to build a stronger network</li></ul>Marketing<br /><ul><li>Use different CMSs to design and update website for multiple companies
  27. 27. Create social media schedules and plans based on the needs of the company
  28. 28. Develop press releases and submittals for different websites and companies in an effort to promote events
  29. 29. Analyze marketing strategies using Google Analytics</li></ul>Personal Strengths<br /><ul><li>Leadership capabilities from teaching and taking charge in group settings
  30. 30. Time management skills derived from going to school full time and working over 20 hours a week at three or four different jobs
  31. 31. Organize files and schedules in a way that makes sense and flows efficiently
  32. 32. Able to follow instruction and allocate responsibilities to others
  33. 33. Facilitate safety regulations and supervise moral conduct of children and adults</li></ul>__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________<br />EMPLOYMENT HISTORY<br />HireNetworks, Inc. General Assistant: May 2011-Present (20hrs/week)<br />Assist the financial director with the accounting and financial needs of the company.<br />Organize and update soft copies of invoices, bank statements and payroll statements.<br />Reorganize hard copies of expense reports, employee records and bank statements.<br />Sourcing using Boolean Search Logic on Google and CareerBuilder<br />Matching candidate resumes’ to available positions <br />HireNetworks, Inc. Support Staff: May 2010-August 2010 (20 hrs/week)<br /><ul><li>Research, design and implement social media schedule
  34. 34. Examine, survey and deliver customer service subject matter that clients would like to see offered in terms of seminars, training and other helpful resources
  35. 35. Develop Human Resource skills through posting jobs, reference checks, background checks and selecting qualified candidates
  36. 36. Investigate webinar programs, SBA qualifications, career portal topics and IT Hot Skills
  37. 37. Cost analysis for benefits, office move, promotional items and social events</li></ul>Slade Development Internship: February 2011- Present (10hrs/week)<br />Gain marketing skills such as website design, social media plans, and press releases.<br />Analyze marketing strategy using Google Analytics and present to companies in a professional presentation.<br />Working with multiple companies and people has enhanced my communication, organizational and time management skills. <br />Child Care: August 2008- Present (10 hrs/week)<br /><ul><li>Developing leadership skills while teaching the importance of respect, responsibility, and organizational skills
  38. 38. Maintained long term business relationships
  39. 39. Follow requests while directing the household</li></ul>US Soccer Certified Referee: January 2010- Present (10-20 hrs/week)<br /><ul><li>Document and maintained taxable and financial records
  40. 40. Facilitated safety regulations and supervise moral conduct of youth athletes</li></ul>Adventure Landing Crew: June 2006- Present (20 hrs/month)<br /><ul><li>Perform managerial tasks such as restocking games, planning groups and parties, and organizing the food and golf areas
  41. 41. Applying customer service skills</li></ul>New Student Orientation Counselor: June 2008-August 2008<br /><ul><li>Sustain up to date knowledge regarding NC State in order to answer any and all questions new students may have
  42. 42. Lead groups for two days while following a strict time schedule </li></ul>__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________<br />EDUCATION<br /><ul><li>Bachelor’s of Science in Economics from North Carolina State University May 2011
  43. 43. Minor Mathematics
  44. 44. Graduated Summa Cum Laude
  45. 45. Member of Phi Beta Kappa </li></ul>* References available upon request<br />*Willing to Relocate<br />