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Halifax march82011


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Halifax march82011

  1. 1. David Pantalony Curator, Physical Sciences and Medicine Canada Science and Technology Museum, Ottawa Provenance and the Role of the Public Museum: How the Life Stories of Artifacts Challenge Traditional Accounts of Science and History Tuesday, March 8, 2011 Maritime Museum of the Atlantic, Halifax, NS
  2. 2. Historic spectrograph University of Saskatchewan Chair of Physics Dr. Chary Rangacharyulu
  3. 3. Part of the Herzberg Spectrograph from 1936, University of Saskatchewan
  4. 4. Tracing the Niobium supply chain MRI machine in storage at the Canada Science and Technology Museum
  5. 5. starting at 69.615,00 EUR 19 % VAT incl. excl. Shipping Costs Body Worlds and the plastinate bodies by Gunther von Hagens Sites:   1   Show 1 to 8 (of in total 8 products)
  6. 6. Theratron Junior, ser. no. 15, 1956. Atomic Energy of Canada Limited CSTM artifact no. 1966.0043
  7. 7. Students visit the former Atomic Energy of Canada production plant in Ottawa. It was in operation from 1954 – 1965.
  8. 8. (right) Oral history at Laperriere site with former machinist and service technician, Al Crandell, Dec 8, 2009 (left) Theratron Juniors in production at AECL factory c. 1960
  9. 10. High Commissioner for India inspects Theratron Junior during visit to Ottawa in 1958
  10. 11. Selling Canada at the Seattle World ’s Fair, 1962 Photos by National Film Board (NFB) still photographer, Chris Lund
  11. 12. National Film Board photostory on Seattle, 1962 “ Canadian Science and Industry Serving Mankind”
  12. 14. Peaceful message, rockets for scientific research
  13. 15. Ideals and reality
  14. 16. Theratron Junior, serial no. 15 installed at Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital, Binghampton, New York in 1957 .
  15. 21. Conclusions