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This presentation was the introduction to Flattening Classrooms, Expanding Minds, Growing Business given at the Center for Quality Teaching and Learning and covers an overview of why tools should be allowed in the classroom.

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I Ntro Powerpoint

  1. 1. Flattening Classrooms, Cl Expanding Minds, , Growing Business!
  2. 2. Vicki Davis
  3. 3. Teacher
  4. 4. Blogger
  5. 5. Co-Founder
  6. 6. Webcaster
  7. 7. Research Based Best Practices
  8. 8. Differentiated Diff ti t d Instruction
  9. 9. Authentic A th ti Assessment
  10. 10. Cooperative C ti Learning
  11. 11. Project Based P j tB d Learning
  12. 12. Flat Classroom
  13. 13. Horizon Project
  14. 14. 7 countries
  15. 15. 200 + students
  16. 16. Camilla, Camilla GA
  17. 17. Austria
  18. 18. Australia
  19. 19. Bangladesh
  20. 20. China
  21. 21. Qatar
  22. 22. LA
  23. 23. St. St Louis
  24. 24. This precious p isn’t evil.
  25. 25. Tools are Morally Neutral
  26. 26. Is a cupcake good?
  27. 27. Cell Phones
  28. 28. iPods
  29. 29. Online Videos
  30. 30. Other Oth Dangerous Weapons p
  31. 31. The most dangerous d weapon ever invented
  32. 32. Web Safe & Priv W ety vacy ©2007 All Ri ht R In nformati ion Liter racy d Vi t i A D i D Digital Ci itizenship W Web Team mwork 2.0 In ntentional Web Activitie A es The Engaged Teacher THE EFFECTIVE WEB 2 0 CLASSROOM A Accounta ability
  33. 33. Today s Today’s a Menu
  34. 34. Written in Geek
  35. 35. The Practical Classroom
  36. 36. Dr. Nichole Pinkard CTO, CTO Center for Urban School Improvement
  37. 37. Julie Lindsay Teacher- Qatar Academy Teacher
  38. 38. Chris Lehman Principal, Science Leadership Academy Principal
  39. 39. Doug Johnson Librarian, Literacy Expert Librarian
  40. 40. Beth Ritter-Guth Teacher in Virtual Worlds
  41. 41. Silvia Tolisano Language Teacher Florida Teacher,
  42. 42. Beth Kanter Online Fundraiser Advocate for the Arts Fundraiser,
  43. 43. Eat a watermelon
  44. 44. Not whole!
  45. 45. Small bites!
  46. 46. Pick three The power of Three!
  47. 47. Don’t change me!
  48. 48. Links are on my wiki http://coolcatteacher.wikispaces.com
  49. 49. Google Notebook
  50. 50. Backchannel “a live chat that accompanies a live presentation”
  51. 51. Google Jockey A person who watches the backchannel and posts information and hyperlinks in response to questions th t are posted. ti that t d
  52. 52. Backchannel Moderator A person who monitors the backchannel chat and informs the speaker of predominant questions and i d issues arising f i i from th conversation. the ti
  53. 53. Classroom Uses •Group Notetaking p g •Link Sharing •Quick Quiz Quick •Archivable Record •Involvement of quieter students Involvement
  54. 54. Websites •http://www.chatzy.com p y •Google Presentations http://docs.google.com p g g •Meebo Rooms http://wwwl.meebo.com/rooms/ •Skype Group Chat http://www.skype.com
  55. 55. Don’t forget netiquette
  56. 56. Backchannel Netiquette #1 1. 1 Answer with @ Iteachkids: I need help with differentiated instruction. Joanna: I need help with my reading program Hamster: @iteachkids I have a great program to share with you you.
  57. 57. Backchannel Netiquette #2 1. 1 Answer with @ Iteachkids: I need help 2. Get a Room with differentiated instruction. Joanna: Anyone want to hear a joke? Hamster: You’re the joke. Joanna: I know what you did last week, week don’t tell me that.
  58. 58. Backchannel Netiquette #3 1. 1 Answer with @ Iteachkids: I want to 2. Get a Room ask Vi ki a Q k Vicki Question. ti 3. Get M d t 3 G t a Moderator Joanna: I’m the backchannel moderator, type your question in and when it is time, Vicki will time ask me what is happening in the backchannel.
  59. 59. Backchannel Netiquette 4 1. 1 Answer with @ Iteachkids: I want to 2. Get a Room ask Vi ki a Q k Vicki Question. ti 3. Get M d t 3 G t a Moderator Vicki Davis: I’m not really Vicki, I just 4. Be yourself but thought it would be not a fake fun to impersonate her. her
  60. 60. Backchannel Netiquette #5,6 1. Answer with @ 2. Get a Room Iteachkids: Anyone k know a great blog th t t bl that 3. 3 Get a Moderator helps teachers. 4. Be yourself but Vicki Davis: I have a not a fake blog that I write for teachers, you can 5. Be a link find it at dropper http://coolcatteacher. 6. Be up front blogspot.com – I also love Jo McLeay’s about self at…. promotion
  61. 61. Our Backchannel Today http://tinyurl.com/3bk8xh http://tinyurl com/3bk8xh Password: coolcat
  62. 62. What is a flat classroom?
  63. 63. Work Flow  Uploading Outsourcing O tso rcing Software Offshoring Supply‐Chaining Insourcing Mobile and  In‐Forming Digitization Ubiquitous  Computing The Trends Virtual  Communications
  64. 64. 6 Senses of Conceptual Age
  65. 65. g Design y Story Symphony y p y Empathy p y Play y Meaning g The Methods
  66. 66. A Whole New Mind Design &  Story &  The Fun  Innovation Empathy Factor (Play Connecting the World Online 1A 1B 1C World Wide Web 2A 2B 2C Work Flow Software 3A 3B 3C  is Flat Uploading 4A 4B 4C The World  Web 2.0 5A 5B 5C Globalization & Outsourcing 6A 6B 6C g Google 7 7A 7 7B 7 7C T PLE’s Social Networking 8A 8B 8C Mobile & Ubiquitous Computing 9A 9B 9C Virtual Communications Vi t l C i ti 10A 10B 10C Wireless Connectivity 11A 11B 11C The Teams 2007
  67. 67. Expert  Judges USA (GA, St.  China , ) Louis, LA) Flat Classrom Project http://flatclassroomproject.wikispaces.com Qatar Austria Australia
  68. 68. Expert  Judges USA (me) China Horizon Project http://horizonproject.wikispaces.com Bangladesh Austria Australia
  69. 69. Tools Used Evoca Flickr Elluminate Youtube Ning (private areas for teachers) Teachertube IM G Google Video l  Vid Skype Blogs Twitter Podcasts (evoca) Wiki Odeo E‐mail Slideshare Wikipedia p PhotoStory y Meebo MovieMaker Second Life Clustrmap Facebook! Grazr
  70. 70. NETS Standards 4. Technology communications tools    T h l   i ti  t l Students use telecommunications to collaborate,  publish  and interact with peers experts publish, and interact with peers, experts, peers peers, and other audiences. Students use a variety of media and formats to  communicate information and ideas effectively to  multiple audiences. Flat Classroom
  71. 71. Online Existence “The weakness is that if there is a problem, and you e‐mail them, they can just  ignore the email, or they can just do their own thing and not listen to what you  ignore the email  or they can just do their own thing and not listen to what you  ask of them.” Student in the Horizon Project
  72. 72. 7 Steps to a Flat Classroom, Vicki Davis, ACTEM, 10/12/2007 Meet the Students “Working with people across the world has challenged me.” “The majority of my partners wanted to contribute something meaningful t th i f l to the project.” Horizon Project Students http://horizonproject.wikispaces.com
  73. 73. Casey & Katie • Explain a typical class day of the Flat Classroom p yp y project? • Explain a typical day of the Horizon Project? • Why do you think the Flat Classroom and Horizon Projects were good learning experiences? • Do you believe more students need opportunities like this? lik thi ? • What are your favorite Web 2.0 tools? • How do you think these projects will affect you and your future careers? • Backchannel questions (take up cards)
  74. 74. Gillian, Tayler, Mitch • Talk about what you did with the Flat Classroom project. • What did you do when a student wasn’t “pulling their weight.” • What did the Flat Classroom project teach you about life? About your future career? • Di it l St t lli i a bi component of thi project, d you Digital Storytelling is big t f this j t do think this is an effective way to demonstrate your knowledge of a subject? • In schools which largely have essays why is digital essays, storytelling important to learn too? • How could you envision digital storytelling used in other subject areas? j • What are your favorite Web 2.0 tools? • How do you think these projects will affect you and your future careers? • Backchannel questions (take up cards)
  75. 75. VOIP ( Voice over IP) This stands for voice over Internet protocol and provides a way for computers (and phones) to call one another over th I t ll th the Internet. t
  76. 76. Skype •http://www.skype.com
  77. 77. Classroom Uses •Bring in Experts g p •Inexpensive Video Conferencing •Send Files Send •Group Conference Calls •Archivable Instant Messaging Archivable
  78. 78. Websites •http://www.skype.com •Pamela - http://www.pamcorder.com/ - Free •Pretty May - Pretty http://www.prettymay.net/ - Voice recorder for Skype •Video chat – Dr Holmes Video Dr.
  79. 79. Skype Netiquette #1 1 Chat is the blue button 1.
  80. 80. Skype Netiquette #2 1. 1 Chat is the blue button 2. Ask first
  81. 81. Skype Netiquette #3 1. 1 Chat is the blue button 2. Ask first 3 D ’t “ k 3. Don’t “skype me” ”
  82. 82. Skype Netiquette #4 1. 1 Chat is the blue button 2. Ask first 3. Don’t “skype me” 3 D ’t “ k ” 4. Share w/ permission
  83. 83. Skype Netiquette #5,6 1 Chat is the blue button 1. 2. Ask first 3. Don’t “skype me” 3 D ’t “ k ” 4. Share w/ permission 5. Group chat p wisely 6. 6 Viruses can come from anywhere
  84. 84. Julie Lindsay Teacher- Qatar Academy Teacher
  85. 85. Jump In p • Doorprizes • Backchannel Cards • Coffee!
  86. 86. “the capabilities we once thought frivolous – th “right-brain” qualities of the “ i ht b i ” liti f inventiveness, empathy, joyfulness, inventiveness empathy joyfulness and meaning- increasingly will determine who flourishes, and who flounders.” Dan Pink A Whole New Mind, p 3
  87. 87. No change (and no fun) without ith t g gettingg your hands dirty!