The Social Media Strategist


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Building A Successful Program From The Inside Out. First presentation of Christopher Barger at Fusion Marketing Experience workshop January 2012.

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  • It’s not about your message. No one cares, frankly. It’s about how you tell your story.If you want to go viral, sneeze on someone. If you set out with “going viral” as your goal, you are merely doing traditional marketing and trying to use social networks to do it.
  • Customer service #failCampaignSocial media #failOrganizational brain freezeThree Mile Island
  • Customer service #failCampaignSocial media #failOrganizational brain freezeThree Mile Island
  • The Social Media Strategist

    1. 1. The Social Media Strategist Building A Successful Program From The Inside OutChristopher Barger, SVP Global Social Media, Voce ConnectFusion Marketing Experience: Session 1January 23, 2011
    2. 2. Death, Taxes, and…2
    3. 3. Social Media: The Reality3
    4. 4. Organizational Social Media: A Common Mistake4
    5. 5. Organizational Social Media: A Common Mistake5
    6. 6. Organizational Social Media: “Lucky Seven” Essential Elements• An Executive Champion• Clear Lines of Authority• A Social Media Evangelist• Sensible Metrics & Measurement• Partnership with Legal• A Solid Social Media Policy• Employee Education and Training6
    7. 7. The Executive Champion7
    8. 8. Establishing Consensus: Who “Owns” Social Media? Source: Flickr, “BrandonB”8
    9. 9. Lack of Clarity: Risks “Too Many Cooks In The Kitchen,” John• Inconsistent online Cherry presence and brand personality – Audience confusion• Internal turf wars drain energy, attention and resources• Staff frustration and burnout9
    10. 10. The Evangelist10
    11. 11. ROI & Measurement • Define “success” and know what you want to see before you start • Know your zero point • Select the measurement tools that fit your goals • Numbers don‟t mean what you might think they mean – Up to 47% of Twitter accounts are abandoned – 57% of Facebook users hide brand content in their news feeds • Grow your engagement as zealously (or more so) as your reach Source: eMarketer11
    12. 12. Working With Legal: Why?• Recognize that you have similar goals: the company‟s best interests• Recognize that “the right thing” in social and the company‟s best interests aren‟t always directly parallel – Transparency is not a zero-sum game• There is no longer anything such as “ask forgiveness later”• Opportunity to create your own legal social media „experts‟12
    13. 13. What Legal Brings To The Table• Understanding & informed interpretation of regulations and guidelines• Knowledge & informed interpretation of emerging case law• Experienced eye for policy development• Rules and ToC for contests and promotions13
    14. 14. Building Social Media Policies • Why? – Protects organization and employees • Who? – All functions that affect or are affected by social • How? – Sync with established business guidelines – Compromise will be necessary – Policy and “usage guide” are not the same thing14
    15. 15. Education and Training• 3 Tiers of Employee Training Needs – Your employee base – Externally-facing strategists – Social media actives• Doing the training – Intranet modules – Classroom instruction – both lecture and lab – Ongoing education • Lunch and learn/brown bag sessions • Newsletters and emails • Internal social communities (Yammer, SocialCast, etc.) • Bringing in external speakers • Conferences and community events15
    16. 16. Working Smartly With Online Influencers• Get over yourself• Know & follow the FTC guidelines• Do your homework• Don‟t be a lounge lizard• Be involved offline• Be clear – about everything• Use the right people from your brand• Monitor and follow up• Build your community of advocates16
    17. 17. Get over yourself• Ditch the big brand hubris; they‟ve built their audience without you.• Relevance: make sure your pitch actually fits the influencer‟s personality, audience, usual subjects – not• because you saytitle doesn‟t mean Your executive‟s so. anything. In fact, no one knows who they• are. all about you! Lead with their It‟s not interests and topics.• Follow up. Every time.17
    18. 18. Publishing: The Golden Rule• The first question you must always ask is, “would I watch/read this if I didn‟t work here?”• You cannot design “viral” content. You can design good content that has a better chance of being shared.• Focusing on target numbers rather than good content is the recipe for top 40 radio18
    19. 19. Social Media Crisis: (Stuff) Happens• If you are active in social media, something will go wrong.• The trick is not preventing crisis, it is in how you handle one when it happens.19
    20. 20. Six To Fix: The 6 Types of Social Media Crisis• Individual generated• Customer service #fail• Campaign• Social media #fail• Organizational brain freeze• Three Mile Island20
    21. 21. Crisis Response: Common Themes• Keep your social team in the loop• Apologies go a long way• Speed is critical• Don‟t delete criticism• Your audience isn‟t just the critics• Use the right tools• Get caught learning from it• Keep engaging and follow up21
    22. 22. The Book How to build an organizational social media practice Available at stores, on, on Kindle, and beginning late February 2012 t22
    23. 23. THANK Twitter: @cbarger