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Social media


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Social Media can be one of the best strategies to grow your business. Here, you have a few tools that can help.

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Social media

  1. 1. SOCIAL MEDIA USE IT WHILE YOU STILL CAN! Learn the skills you need to take your business to a new level of customer satisfaction and discover more about your target audience than ever before. Contact Us
  2. 2. SUMMARY WHAT WILL YOU LEARN? Presentation Main Chapters We will go over all the theoretical and practical elements so you get a full understanding of how social media works and how to use all of the feature available to achieve your business goals. CONCEPTS TOOLS What social media actually is, more than just Facebook and Twitter and sharing photos from your last vacation. What tools you can use to ease your job in using these platforms and reducing costs and increasing effectiveness. PLATFORMS INTEGRATION What are the most used platforms and what features you didn’t know because they were either too advanced or new. Putting it altogether and getting full benefits for all your efforts. Day by day usage. 1 of 20 Contact Us
  3. 3. IT’S A COCKTAIL PARTY! You Need to Work the Room Don’t Push, Pull! Interact and create connections! Until now every marketing effort has been about pushing your brand, social media is only about pull. Don’t expect immediate returns! Learn to listen! It’s Free! Never close too fast! Be patient! They already know what you do! 2 of 20 Contact Us
  4. 4. BECOME THE COMMUNITY! Be the Host!      Start the conversation Get equity by owning the community Don’t censor for immediate results You must have thick skin. Focus on building relationships first. 3 of 20 Contact Us
  5. 5. CONTEXT IS GREATER THAN CONTENT Context:      The circumstances that form the setting for an event, statement, or idea, and in terms of which it can be fully understood and assessed. 4 of 20 Research your customers! Put things into context Offer personalized bonuses Keep track of results Thank when thanked. Contact Us
  6. 6. HELLO…YES THIS IS THE CARING DEPT!      Effort is underrated. Keep track of the customer’s life events. Answer each and every email. Don’t filter on follower/like size. Focus on relationships not sales. 5 of 20 Contact Us
  7. 7. WHAT’S THE ROI OF SOCIAL MEDIA! Your Return On Investment     What’s the ROI of a good friendship? What’s the ROI of spending time with your parents? Not being quantifiable is a matter of time! It doesn’t mean it’s not valuable! 6 of 20 Contact Us
  8. 8. SAMPLES OF GRAPHIC CHART Million Users Facebook 10 Almost 50% of the UK’s population has a facebook account out of which 56% males and 64% between 25 and 44. 10 Twitter 33 With the UK being the second twitter nation. And 1 in 350 visits to a UK site comes from Twitter. . LinkedIn Twitter LinkedIn Doubling it’s users in just 18 months with most users in IT (over half a million), followed by Financial Services and Marketing. Facebook 7 of 20 Contact Us
  9. 9. FACEBOOK THE SOCIAL NETWORK! The Father Of All Networks  Focus on retention  Mostly entertain, rarely sale!  Get instant trust by being connected! 8 of 20 Contact Us
  10. 10. FACEBOOK THE SOCIAL NETWORK! Metrics to Live By! ADS SOCIAL      Aim for 1% Interaction/Feedback Rate  Industry average is 0.1 – 0.6%  Only 3% to 7.5% of people see your daily post!  Post Formulas: “Click like if…”  Photos based on interests “<photo of pony> “Click Like if you love ponies!” 9 Use sponsored stories for 46% higher CTR Include LIKE in ad “Click Like if you love <interest>!” “Do you love <interest>? Then Click Like below now!” Put Faces in Ads Average CPF = $1.07 Each   of 20 Contact Us
  11. 11. TWITTER NETWORK IN 140 or less… The Science of Twitter FULLY SETUP YOUR ACCOUNT!  Fill in your Bio Field (and get 6 times more followers);  Use words like founder, author, guru anything that gives you authority.  Setup your link for 500% more followers!  Picture will grant you 250% more followers 10 of 20 Contact Us
  12. 12. TWITTER NETWORK IN 140 or less… The Science of Twitter  As you follow people, they will tend to follow you back!  Search for relevant keywords and then follow the people involved in the conversation;  Don’t be afraid to tweet too often!  Don’t talk about yourself too much;  Keep your tweets positive; 11 of       Tweet links to increase RT rates; Use as a url shortener; The most retweetable word is “YOU”; Ask for retweets; Don’t be boring! Average syllable per word is not relevant; 20 Contact Us
  13. 13. LinkedIn GROW BUSINESS CONNECTIONS The Complete Simple Formula FULLY SETUP YOUR ACCOUNT!  Focus keywords on what you offer  Leverage groups – interact on others and create your own  Remember you are on a website where people are mostly BUSINESS-ORIENTED  Focus on JVs and partnerships! 12 of 20 Contact Us
  14. 14. YOUTUBE DO YOU NEED VIDEO? Is there anything you can offer in video format?  Do keyword research using Google AdWords Keyword Planner;  Optimize your content for keywords with moderate amounts of searches;  How SEO for Video Works; 13 of 20 Contact Us
  15. 15. SHOULD YOU USE MORE SOCIAL-SHARING SITES? When is enough, enough? Pinterest Virtual pinboard. Organize, share and browse things. UK Stats 200, 000 Unique Visitors; 25-34- make up 42% of total users 56% of users are male; Main Interests: venture capital, blogging resource, crafts, design, web stats and analytics, SEO &Marketing, content management, public relations. Reddit Google+ Google’s social network UK Stats UK Stats 10th highest reach globally >3 million monthly hits But is that worth the effort? 14 of Social news website. Most influential link-sharing website 20 5.1% of all Reddit Views 112th most popular site in the UK Contact Us
  16. 16. SOCIAL MEDIA TOOLKIT Get leads, metrics and monitor your industry!       Search.;;;;; 15 of 20 Contact Us
  17. 17. SOCIAL MEDIA TOOLKIT Content Management Tracking Facebook Stats for Website; Facebook Insights (for Facebook Pages); Stats(URL Shortener) TweetDeck SproutSocial 16 of 20 Contact Us
  18. 18. SOCIAL MEDIA TOOLKIT More Resources Outsourcing 17 of 20 Contact Us
  19. 19. INTEGRATE AS MUCH AS POSIBLE! Meet your amazing Team WEBSITE Know More About Visitors Use Facebook for Websites and learn more about the demographics of your visitors. Facebook Login to remove login and registering head-aches. Integrate with autoresponders and email services like (aweber/mailchimp) PRINT TV Get Them To Take Action Do More With Less Redeem coupons on Facebook! Promote your offline campaigns online as well to increase overall effectiveness. Send a voucher after each new order that gets you a new connection. 18 of 20 Ask them to engage after a commercial to be able to follow-up in the future. Continue building the relationship. Reply to all! Contact Us
  20. 20. KEY ELEMENTS TAKEAWAY Create Context! Be Creative, Yet Create Structure! Relationships NOT Selling Measure Everything SOCIAL MEDIA It’s NOT about YOU! Integrate Efforts CARE 19 of 20 Contact Us
  21. 21. GET IN TOUCH CONTACT US f t 20 of 20 Contact Us
  22. 22. THANK YOU Contact Us