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Nasscom quiz 10-02-2012


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  • 1. Who was SachinTendulkar namedafter? Sachin Dev Burman
  • 2. Famous Indian tennisstar and Pakistanicricketer who recentlygot married amid a lotofcontroversy? Sania Mirza and Shoaib Malik
  • 3. Who first coachedSachin Tendulkar incricket when hewas just age 11? Ramakanth Achrekar
  • 4. Name the two womenathletes who weresuspended on chargesof dope recently? Ashwini Akkunji and Priyanka Panwar
  • 5. Tennis star MaheshBhupathi is married towhich Bollywoodactress? Lara Dutta
  • 6. The Bollywood movieChak De India is atribute to whichsports personality? Hockey player Mir Ranjan Negi
  • 7. Who is the currentcoach of the Indiancricket team? Duncan Fletcher
  • 8. Which city is likely tohost the 2012 summerOlympics? London
  • 9. The third seed Indo-Serbian pair of LeanderPaes and JankoTipsarevic is famous forwhich recent victory? Won the tennis doubles crown in the Aircel Chennai Open 2012 held in the first week of January 2012
  • 10. Which food chain hasbeen the officialsponsor of theOlympic Games since1976? i) McDonalds ii) Subway iii) Kentucky Fried Chicken iv) Pizza Hut McDonalds
  • 11. In which city are the20th CommonwealthGames to be held in2014? Glasgow, Scotland
  • 12. What is the name ofShah Rukh Khansproduction company? Red Chillies Entertainment
  • 13. Which famousacademician is also anactive Bollywoodproducer? AudioClip Prof Arindam Chaudhuri
  • 14. Name the actor and actress towin the ETC BollywoodBusiness Most ProfitableActor (Overseas) and the MostProfitable Actress Award? Shah Rukh Khan and Kareena Kapoor
  • 15. This was her first visitto India and she washere to film herworld famous talkshow. Name thecelebrity. Winfrey Oprah
  • 16. Which is Indias mostexpensive movie sofar? The Tamil movie Endhiran (dubbed in Hindi as Robot)
  • 17. Name the famous Bollywoodactress who has contracted withUniversal Music Group (UMG) torelease her debut music albumworldwide? i) Katrina Kaif ii) Kareena Kapoor iii) Priyanka Chopra iv) Aishwarya Rai Priyanka Chopra
  • 18. Name the firstBollywood film to becompletely shot using3D cameras? Joker (to be released on 30 August 2012)
  • 19. Who is the famous Hollywoodactress who came to India toshoot for her film and endedup converting to Hinduism? Julia Roberts
  • 20. Name the director ofthe 2008 movieSlumdogMillionaire, that wasnominated for 10Oscars and won 8? Danny Boyle
  • 21. Name the productionhouse owned by EktaKapoor, daughter ofyesteryearBollywood starJeetendra? Balaji Telefilms
  • 22. In which year didBollywood officiallycome into existence? 1899
  • 23. How far is the newlydiscovered planet Keplerfrom earth, as NASAscientists have discovered? i) 200 light years away ii) 400 light years away iii) 600 light years away iv) 800 light years away 600 light years away
  • 24. Earth takes 365 days to orbitaround the sun. How longdoes Kepler take to orbitaround its sun? i) 365 days ii) 290 days iii) 350 days iv) 500 days 290 days
  • 25. How many potentiallyhabitable planets havebeen discovered in oursolar system so far? i) 139 ii) 100 iii) 1 iv) None 139
  • 26. Which planet was firstdiscovered by scientistsas being largelyhabitable? Mars
  • 27. What is the name given to theapparent contradiction between thehigh probability of existence ofextraterrestrial civilizations in ouruniverse and the lack of contact withsuch civilizations? i) Supernova ii) The Fermi Paradox iii) Autumnal Equinox iv) Evershed Effect The Fermi Paradox
  • 28. Name the famous 2009movie that depics lifeon the fictional moonPandora? Avatar directed by James Cameron
  • 29. Which cosmonautstayed for thelongest time in space? Valeri Polyakov
  • 30. Which was the firstliving creature to belaunched into space? i) Mouse ii) Rabbit iii) Dog iv) Goat Dog
  • 31. How many moons doesour planet Earthhave? One
  • 32. In Which year didhuman beingstraveled to outerspace for theii)first i) 1900 1950time? iii) 1968 iv) 1980 1968
  • 33. From which languagedid the word ‘galaxy’originate? i) Greek ii) Latin iii) Russian iv) English Greek
  • 34. What religion didSteve Jobs follow? Buddhism
  • 35. In which city wasSteve Jobs born? i) San Francisco ii) Mountain View iii) New York iv) Los Angeles San Francisco
  • 36. Which public speech isJobs famous for? Stanford University commencement speech
  • 37. What was the lastproduct from theApple stable thatSteve Jobs introducedbefore his death? The iPhone 4S
  • 38. What did Steve Jobssparents do for aliving? Father Paul Jobs was a machinist for a laser company and his mother Clara Jobs worked as an accountant
  • 39. Name the co-founderof Apple Computers? Stephen Wozniak
  • 40. Where did Steve Jobsmeet his wife LaurenePowell?i) University of Pennsylvania ii) Harvard Universityiii) Stanford University iv) Oxford University Stanford University
  • 41. When was AppleComputers founded?i) 1965 ii) 1977iii) 1976 iv) 1980 1976
  • 42. Whose ashram in Indiawas Steve Jobs keenon visiting? The Kainchi Ashram of Neem Karoli Baba
  • 43. What did Steve Jobsname the computeranimation studio hebought fromHollywood directorGeorge Lucas? Pixar
  • 44. Which college didSteve Jobs enrol anddrop out from afterone semester? Reed College in Portland, Oregon
  • 45. How many apps doesthe Apple store haveon offer? i) 25,000 ii) 50,000 iii) 100,000 iv) Over 500,000 Over 500,000 as on date
  • 46. Which is the leadingmobile phone apptoday? Angry Birds game developed by Apple
  • 47. Which is Androidsanswer to the iCloud? i) Mozy ii) SugarSync iii) Box iv) Lightbox Lightbox
  • 48. Name the latestAndroid OS thatrolled out end 2011? Ice Cream Sandwich
  • 49. Which company hascreated a technologythat can make allmobile phoneswaterproof? HzO
  • 50. Name the gadget that fitson top of standard pillbottles and illuminateswhen it is timeto take yourdosage? GlowCap
  • 51. Name the soon-to-belaunched Blackberrydevice rumored to run theBBX OS? i) The Blackberry Bold ii) The Blackberry Storm iii) The Blackberry London iv) The Blackberry Torch The Blackberry London
  • 52. Name the companythat pioneered thecreation of a suitcasetrolley that chargesmobile devices on thego? Yanko Design
  • 53. Name the innovative water-powered fuel cell chargerlaunched by Sweden-basedmyFC? i) PowerTrekk ii) Dynario DMFC iii) Fuel Cell Module iv) None PowerTrekk
  • 54. Nano, Shuffle, Classicand Touch arevariations of whatgadget? The Apple iPod
  • 55. According to a 2011 globalsurvey, which Indian city istouted as the best Indian cityto live in? i) Delhi ii) Mumbai iii) Chennai iv) Bangalore Bangalore
  • 56. Which is the costliestIndian city, accordingto Mercer’s 2011annual survey of 214cities around theworld? Delhi
  • 57. Name the top 3 Indiancities housing themaximum number ofsoftware companies? Bangalore (242) followed by Hyderabad (178) and Pune (127)
  • 58. Which is the largestmetropolitan city ofIndia? Mumbai
  • 59. Mumbai orginally was acluster of sevenseparate islands; whatwas the name of thesouthernmost island? Old Woman’s Island
  • 60. In which Indian city canyou find the oldestEuropean church andsynagogue? i) Panaji ii) Cochin iii) Trivandrum iv) Pondicherry Cochin
  • 61. Which is the oldestinhabited city in theworld today? Varanasi (Benaras)
  • 62. Which city is known asthe Bangle city ofIndia? Hyderabad
  • 63. Which Indian city is calledthe Detroit of India dueto its automobile industryproducing over 40% of thecountrys auto parts andvehicles? Chennai
  • 64. Which city has thehighest number ofpubs in India? Bangalore
  • 65. Who has Warren Buffettnominated to take over thechairmanship of insurancegiant Berkshire Hathawayupon the aging magnateseventual retirement? His son Howard Buffett (owner and operator of a large-scale industrial corn farm in the Midwest)
  • 66. To which family doesCyrus Mistry, heir tothe Tata empirebelong? Cyrus Mistry is the youngest son of construction tycoon Pallonji Shapoorji Mistry
  • 67. Name the person whofounded ParamountAirways in 2005 andwent on to become theyoungest airline CEO inthe world? M Thiagarajan
  • 68. Who took over asWipros Chief StrategyOfficer in January2011? Rishad Premji
  • 69. Name the banker whotook over as Chairmanof Infosys in 2011? K V Kamath
  • 70. Name the powerhousecorporate weddingthat took place inJune 2011? Rohan Murthy, son of Infosys mentor Narayan Murthy married Lakshmi Venu, daughter of TVS Motor CMD Venu Srinivasan
  • 71. This famous corporatepersonalitys daughterswedding was touted as theworlds most expensivemarriage in the 20thcentury. Name the tycoon. Lakshmi Mittal
  • 72. Who is the CFO of theArcelorMittal group? Aditya Mittal
  • 73. Which businessmanwas honored with thePadma Vibhushan inJanuary 2011? Azim Premji
  • 74. This famousbusinesswoman washonored with thePadma Vibhushan inJanuary 2011. Name her. Chanda Kochar
  • 75. Name the humanoidlaunched by HondaMotors on the eve ofthe Tokyo MotorShow in December 2011 Asimo
  • 76. Name the famous Hollywoodmovie series that brilliantlycaptured the concept of artificialintelligence?i) The Terminator, Terminator ii) Judgment Day, Terminatoriii) Rise of the Machines, Terminator iv) Salvation The Terminator, Terminator
  • 77. What is the name of the futurecomputing technology that willharness the power of atoms andmolecules to perform memoryand processing tasks? i) Cloud computing ii) Robotic technology iii) Quantum computing iv) None Quantum computing
  • 78. Who created the firstrobot? i) Karel Capek ii) Charles Babbage iii) George Charles Devol iv) Joseph F. Engelberger Karel Capek
  • 79. Who is known as thefather of artificialintelligence? British mathematician Alan Mathison Turing
  • 80. Name any 2 of the newtelevisiontechnologies that arelikely to hit themarket in 2012? OLED, 4k, Crystal Display, 8k
  • 81. What is the name ofthe worlds firstcloned sheep? i) Lily ii) Mary iii) Betty iv) Dolly Dolly
  • 82. Name the tool that can unlockcritical insights fromunfathomable volumes ofcorporate and external data? i) Java ii) Apache Hadoop iii) FrontPage iv) Hadoop MapReduce Apache Hadoop
  • 83. Who gave India her firstsupercomputer Paramand is regarded as thefather of Indiansupercomputing? Dr Vijay Bhatkar
  • 84. Who created the firstelectronic digitalcomputer? John Vincent Atanasoff
  • 85. Name the first Indian company to berated by Standard and Poor as wellas Moody’s. (It is also the first Indiancompany to show a profit of Rs.1000cr) i) Infosys ii) Wipro iii) Tata Consultancy Services iv) Reliance Reliance
  • 86. What does WIPROstand for? Western India Vegetable Products Ltd.
  • 87. What is an Infosysemployee referredto as? Infoscion
  • 88. How did Sabeer Bhatiacome up with thename Hotmail? He inserted vowels in between HTML
  • 89. Which Indian IT company won the 2011Global Most Admired KnowledgeEnterprises (MAKE) Award - and is thefirst and only Indian Company to winthe Global MAKE award eight times? i) iGatePatni ii) Infosys iii) Wipro iv) Mahindra Satyam Infosys
  • 90. Which company won theCompany of the yearEconomic Times award in 2011? i) Reliance ii) Tech Mahindra iii) Bajaj Auto iv) Genpact Bajaj Auto
  • 91. Who won the CreativeEntrepreneur of theYear award at the 2011NDTV Profits BusinessLeadership Awards? Shah Rukh Khan
  • 92. Who won the BusinessInnovator of the Yearaward at the 2011 NDTVProfits BusinessLeadership Awards? Pawan Munjal
  • 93. Whose autobiographyis the book Ithappened in India? Kishore Bayani
  • 94. Which corporation wasbuilt by threeyoungsters Tushar Jani,Clyde Cooper, andKushroo Dubash? Blue Dart Express
  • 95. Which Indian politicalleaders are among thelist of Forbes mostpowerful people in theworld? Dr. Manmohan Singh, Prime Minister of India and Sonia Gandhi, President, Indian National Congress
  • 96. Which two Indianpolitical figures havebeen listed amongthe Top 25 PoliticalIcons of all time byTIME magazine? Mahatma Gandhi and Emperor Akbar
  • 97. Who was the firstpresident of theIndian NationalCongress?i) W.C. Banerjee ii) Mahatma Gandhiiii) Jawaharlal Nehru iv) Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose W.C. Banerjee
  • 98. Who was the first IndianPrime Minister whoresigned withoutcompletingthe full termIn office? Morarji Desai
  • 99. Who is known as theFather of theIndianConstitution? Dr. B R Ambedkar
  • 100. Which university awardedthe honorary Doctor of CivilLaw degree to Dr. ManmohanSingh in July 2005? i) Cambridge University ii) Harvard University iii) Stanford University iv) Oxford University Oxford University
  • 101. Who was the firstPresident of India whodied while in office? Dr. Zakhir Hussain
  • 102. Who was the firsteducation minister ofIndia, whose birthdayis observed as theNational EducationDay?Maulana Abul Kalam Azad
  • 103. Which Indian PrimeMinister holds the recordfor continuously being inthe office for the longestperiod? Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru, the first Prime Minister of free India (Aug. 15, 1947 to May 27, 1964)
  • 104. Who was the firstIndian to receive theBharat Ratna award? Dr. Radhakrishnan
  • 105. Which famous song wentviral all over YouTubein the closeof 2011? ‘Why this Kolaveri di’ from the Tamil movie 3
  • 106. Which famousinternational popstar created arage on herrecent visit toIndia? Lady Gaga
  • 107. Which Indian playbacksinger has beenawarded the BharatRatna, the nationshighest civilian honour? AudioClip Lata Mangeshkar
  • 108. Which internationalpop singer sang thesong ChammakChallo in the movieRa.One? Akon (Aliaune Damala Badara Thiam)
  • 109. Which Pakistanimusician recentlymade his debut inBollywood with themovie Tere Bin Ladenin 2010? Ali Zafar
  • 110. Name the famousPakistani singer whohas struck gold in theBollywood musicindustry? Atif Aslam
  • 111. Which younginternational pop starrose to fame afterposting a video of hisfirst song on YouTube? AudioClip Justin Bieber
  • 112. Who was the first Indian rapper? i) Baba Sehgal ii) Bali Brahmbhatt iii) Bappi Lahiri iv) Sonu Nigam Baba Sehgal
  • 113. Who is known as theKing of Rock andRoll? Elvis Presley
  • 114. Which music directorreceived the Oscarfor his song Jaya Hofrom the 2008 movieSlumdog Millionaire? A R Rehman
  • 115. Who are the twoIndian businesstycoons who havemade it to the top 10in the 2011 Forbes’ listof billionaires? Ambani Lakshmi Mittal and Mukesh
  • 116. Who is the worldsrichest Indian? Lakshmi Mittal
  • 117. Who won the GlobalIndian of the year‘Economic Times Award inthe year 2011? i) Lakshmi Mittal ii) Vikram Pandit iii) Anil Ambani iv) Vikram Chatwal Vikram Pandit
  • 118. Who is 2011s mostpowerful Indian CEO andtop global Indian businessleader? i) Ratan Tata ii) Azim Premji iii) Mukesh Ambani iv) Lakshmi Mittal Lakshmi Mittal
  • 119. Which Indian is 2011 TIME100s most influentialperson in the world? Cricketer Mahendra Singh Dhoni
  • 120. Which international universityawarded a Honorary Doctorate toBollywood actor Amitabh Bachchan inOctober 2011 for his outstandingcontribution to the world ofentertainment? i) Arizona State University ii) Queensland University of Technology iii) California Institute of Technology iv) Massachusetts Institute of Technology Queensland University of Technology, Australia
  • 121. Who was the first Indian tohave a wax statue at MadameTussauds London? Mahatma Gandhi
  • 122. Who was the firstIndian to act inHollywood? Sabu Dastagir
  • 123. Name the Indians whojoined US PresidentBarack Obamas teamin 2011 Vivek Murthy and Islam Siddiqui
  • 124. Who was the firstIndian and Asian to winthe Nobel Prize? AudioClip Rabindranath Tagore
  • 125. What is Bajaj RE 60,positioned as anupgrade orreplacement for athree wheeler autorickshaw? wheeler launched The latest four by Bajaj at the Auto Expo 2012
  • 126. About what has RatanTata said that it is nota flop but it was alost opportunity? Tata Nano
  • 127. Which SUV wasrecently launched byAmitabh Bachchan? i) Honda CRV ii) Force One SUV iii) Chevrolet Captiva iv) None Force One SUV from Force Motors
  • 128. Which car group is likely toreplace Toyota as thelargest car manufacturer inthe world ? i) Honda ii) General Motors iii) Volkswagen iv) Hyundai Volkswagen
  • 129. Rolls Royce sourcesonly one item fromIndia. Name this item. i) Rubber ii) Steel iii) Aluminium iv) Malabar wood Malabar wood
  • 130. Name this luxury carmodel that automobilemanufacturer Daimler hasdecided to withdraw fromIndia? Maybach
  • 131. Which soon-to-belaunched SUV featuredin Shah Rukh Khans2011 movie Ra.One? The Volkswagen Touareg
  • 132. Which is Indias firstfully indigenous car?. i) Maruti 800 ii) Tata Indica iii) Maruti Esteem iv) Ambassador Tata Indica
  • 133. Ambassador is abrand belonging towhich automobilecompany? Hindustan Motors
  • 134. Which is the fastestcar in the worldtoday?i) Bugatti Veyron Super Sport ii) McLaren F1iii) Ferrari Enzo iv) Lamborghini Aventador Bugatti Veyron Super Sport
  • 135. Which is the worldsmost fuel efficientcar? Toyotas new hybrid car called Aqua in Japan and the Prius C overseas (35.4 km/litre)
  • 136. What alphabet is nextin this sequence?M, A, M, J, J, A, S, O,__ N for November!
  • 137. Which Americancompany has a Germanname for a town inCzeckoslovakia? Budweiser
  • 138. Which companyconceptualized Mothers’Day, Fathers’ Day, Boss’sDay, Secretary’s Day, etc.? Hallmark
  • 139. What can run but neverwalks, has a mouth butnever talks, has a head butnever weeps, and has a bedbut never sleeps? A river!
  • 140. When is four half offive? When it is a Roman Numeral: F(IV)E!
  • 141. What is light as afeather, but even thestrongest man cannothold it more than afew minutes? Breath
  • 142. What are tree mistakein this sentence? 1. ‘Tree’ is supposed to be ‘three’ 2. Mistake should have a ‘s’ at the end 3. There is no third mistake!
  • 143. What is expansion ofthe word YAHOO? Yet Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle
  • 144. What is the fastestgrowing tissue in thehuman body? i) Hair ii) Bone Marrow iii) Skin iv) Heart Bone Marrow
  • 145. Who was the chief ofNasscom who played akey role in putting theIndian IT sector on theworld map? Dewang Mehta
  • 146. In which year was Nasscom set up? 1988
  • 147. What is the event thatNasscom conducts on ayearly basis for thegaming industryprofessionals? NASSCOM Animation and Gaming India
  • 148. In which Indian city didNasscom recentlyopen an office? i) Pune ii) Trivandrum iii) Mangalore iv) Coimbatore Trivandrum
  • 149. Which of these is not aNasscom publication? i) Indias Domestic IT-BPO Market: Winds of Change ii) Casual Gaming in India iii) Sustainable Tomorrow: Harnessing ICT Potential iv) SETLabs Briefings SETLabs Briefings
  • 150. Name the Nasscom forum that was setup to accelerate innovation within theIndian engineering industry. i) NASSCOM Infrastructure Management Summit ii) NASSCOM Engineering Services Conclave iii) Nasscom Emerge iv) NASSCOM BPO Strategy Summit NASSCOM Engineering Services Conclave
  • 151. Name Nasscoms uniqueinitiative that is a nationaldatabase of registeredand verified knowledgeworkers in the industry. National Skills Registry
  • 152. Which company won theNILF 2011 ProcessInnovation award? i) Infosys ii) Wipro iii) Genpact iv) Persistent Systems Genpact
  • 153. What is the currentmembership ofNasscom? i) 250 ii) 600 iii) 1200 iv) 1350 1350
  • 154. Who was the foundermember of Nasscom? Harish Mehta