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quiz on general business related topics and people

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Business quiz: Nidhi - 22

  2. 2. Q. Name the founder(s) of Whatsapp Inc. John Romero & Tom Hall Adrian Carmack Jan Koum & Brian Acton Dirk Noppe None of the above Jan Koum(CEO) & Brian Acton
  3. 3. Q. The penalty faced by Google in India? USD 4.8 billion USD 4.9 billion USD 5 billion USD 5.1 billion None of the above $ 5 billion
  4. 4. Q. Identify this personality. Philip Kotler
  5. 5. Q. Which of the following firms have not been acquired by Facebook? Parse Instagram Spool Little Eye Labs None of the above None of the above
  6. 6. Q. What is the full form of FIAT? Fabrica Italia Automobil Talitha Fabbrica Italiano Automobilo Talitha Fabbrica Italiana Automobili Torino Fabrino Italia Automibili Torino None of the above Fabbrica Italiana Automobili Torino
  7. 7. Q. Identify this device and its significance. T Mobile G1 First android phone
  8. 8. Q. Lady Gaga is the endorser as well as creative director of which brand? Gabbana Polaroid Gucci Material Girl None of the above Polaroid
  9. 9. Q. Who is the new brand ambassador of Micromax? Brad Pitt Hugh Jackman Tom Cruise Leonardo Di Caprio None of the above Hugh Jackman
  10. 10. Q. What is the tagline of this firm? Har ghar kuch kehta hai
  11. 11. Q. The US coffee chain giant Starbucks in collaboration with Tata Global Beverages(TGBL) opened India’s first Starbucks coffee outlet in? New Delhi Hyderabad Mumbai Bangalore None of the above Mumbai
  12. 12. Q. The media giant Disney acquired a US based film production company – Lucasfilm for nearly USD 4.05 billion. Which movie series is associated with this? Batman Toy Story Star Wars Shreak None of the above Star Wars
  13. 13. Q. Identify this personality. Sheryl Sandberg – Facebook COO
  14. 14. Q. This British origin tea manufacturer Tetley is now the wholly owned subsidiary of which Indian company? Piramal Group Reliance Industries Tata Group Dhunseri Tea None of the above Tata Group - Tata Global Beverages
  15. 15. Q. When and where was the RBI established? March 17, 1935; Mumbai April 8, 1935; Mumbai April 1, 1935; Calcutta March 31, 1935; Calcutta None of the above April 1, 1935; Calcutta
  16. 16. Q. Identify this chocolate brand. Toblerone
  17. 17. Q. Which city has beaten Tokyo to become the most expensive city in the world? Singapore New York Beijing London None of the above Singapore
  18. 18. Q. What was the tagline of Kingfisher Airlines? The joy of flying Simplify Emotionally yours Fly the good times None of the above Fly the good times
  19. 19. Q. Which highly successful version of Windows will not be supported by Microsoft after 8th April 2014? Windows XP
  20. 20. Q. Which Korean company created Line, a messaging app, in one & half months? Apple Inc. Naver Bharti Softbank Google None of the above Naver
  21. 21. Q. Which retail chain conducted a contest on twitter with the hashtag #with50rupeesicanbuy that became a forum for voicing India’s problems? Easyday Reliance Fresh Big Bazaar Spencer’s None of the above Big Bazaar
  22. 22. Q. Identify this Germany based stationery manufacturing firm. Staedtler
  23. 23. Q. Which is the Tata Group’s oldest surviving brand? Tata Tetley TCS Tata Motors Taj Palace & Tower None of the above Tata Palace & Tower - 1903
  24. 24. Q. In which country the newly imposed tax is known as “Google Tax”? Italy France Japan China None of the above France
  25. 25. Q. Identify this media baron & his publication. Vivek Goenka, Indian Express (Mumbai)
  26. 26. Q. Name the new charman of ONGC. Arup Roy Chaudhary K. M. Abraham D. K. Saraff Arindam Ghosh None of the above D. K. Saraff
  27. 27. Q. Which drink was named by its inventor after rejecting the first six names that were offered? Nimbooz Mountain Dew 7 Up Diet Coke None of the above 7 Up
  28. 28. Q. How do we better know UBISLATE 7 plus from Datawind? AAKASH Tablet
  29. 29. Q. Apart from water, what is the most widely consumed drink in the world? Coffee Tea Milk Coke None of the above Tea
  30. 30. Q. Which famous retail company will be demerging the fashion business? Spencer’s Pantaloon Reliance Globus None of the above Pantaloon
  31. 31. Q. NASDAQ is the acronym for? National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations
  32. 32. Q. South Africa is the world’s largest producer of 3 metals, namely Platinum, Gold and ______? Bauxite Chromite Iron Coal None of the above Chromite
  33. 33. Q. Who is the brand ambassador of Border Security Force? Mahendar Singh Dhoni Virender Sehwag Yuvraj Singh Virat Kohli None of the above Virat Kohli
  34. 34. Q. Identify the logo. Shell
  35. 35. Q. Who’s the newly appointed CEO of Microsoft Satya Nadella Shriram Mishra Abhay Bhaskar Karl Slym None of the above Satya Nadella
  36. 36. Q. What is the name of the first celebrity to cross 50 million followers on twitter? Angelina Jolie Katy Perry Cameron Diaz Jessica Alba None of the above Katy Perry
  37. 37. Q. Identify the logo. American Tourister
  38. 38. Q. A book titled “Management by Idiots” is written by the CMD of which PSU? ONGC NTPC SAIL Indian Oil Corporation None of the above NTPC
  39. 39. Q. Which Indian company was/ is the first to get listed on the Singapore Stock Exchange? Bharti Enterprises Infosys TCS Meghamani Organics Ltd. None of the above Meghamani Organics Ltd.
  40. 40. Q. Identify the logo. Bank of America
  41. 41. Q. What is the name of the brand becomes the 1st to reach 2 billion $ in retail sales in India? Amul McDonalds KFC Safal None of the above Amul
  42. 42. Q. Which Indian businessman’s IT account was hacked by a Hyderabad based CA student and has been caught? Gautam Adani Anil Ambani Asim Premji Mukesh Ambani None of the above Anil Ambani
  43. 43. Q. This selfie by the Oscar host Ellen DeGeneres is the most retweeted photo ever. It was not a spontaneous picture but a part of the product placement strategy of which brand? Samsung Galaxy Note3
  44. 44. Q. Which company has acquired the Transmission & Distribution business of Hyderabad based Vijai Electricals? Toshiba LG Philips Sony None of the above Toshiba
  45. 45. Q. In October 2013, which of the following countries has decided to scrap its two currency system? Mongolia Sweden Jamaica Cuba None of the above Cuba
  46. 46. Q. Which is the TV channel that has tied up with Pepsi to launch a youth TV channel in India? MTV
  47. 47. Q. Who has been appointed as the chair person of SBI? Kavita Krishnamurthy Usha Chandrashekar Arundhati Bhattacharya Sonakshi Vishal None of the above Arundhati Bhattacharya
  48. 48. Q. Which social networking site made its debut in the NYSE stock exchange on 7th November 2013? Facebook You Tube Twitter Google Plus None of the above Twitter
  49. 49. Q. The brand SPORTSFIT is associated with which Indian cricketer? M S Dhoni
  50. 50. Q. What was the original name of Nike? Black Stallion Sports Blue Ribbon Sports Jet Sports Black Power None of the above Blue Ribbon Sports
  51. 51. Q. Calvin Klein is the wholly owned subsidiary of which group? Louis Phillipe Raymond Van Hueson Reid & Taylor None of the above Van Hueson
  52. 52. Q. Which company owns ‘Hotmail’, the internet based e-mail system? Microsoft
  53. 53. Q. Aegis is the BPO firm of which business group? Cognizant TCS Essar Group Infosys None of the above Essar Group
  54. 54. Q. In 1865, which company was set up by Fredrik Idestam, Leo Mechelin & Eduard Polon as a wood pulp mill company? Lewis & Co. Van Heuson Toshiba Nokia None of the above? Nokia
  55. 55. Q. The ‘C’ in the Iphone 5c stands for? Color
  56. 56. Q. In 1995, the founder of a group upset over poor quality products ordered burning of over 150,000 of his own products is now a global leader in many electronic categories. Name the company? Philips Mitsubishi Sony Samsung None of the above Samsung
  57. 57. Q. Who is the author of the book “How not to make money”? Shashi Tharoor V. V. Giri Durjoy Datta Indradeep Sinha None of the above None of the above
  58. 58. Q. Identify the brothers & the firm they own. Sudhir & Samir Mehta Torrent Group
  59. 59. Q. Identify the logo of this firm. Das Auto