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Overcoming Challenges in Urban Education


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Published in: Education
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Overcoming Challenges in Urban Education

  1. 1. Overcoming the Challenges of Urban Education Student Engagement and Staff Challenges Presented by Todd Bloom, Shaun Fanning, Laurie Cordova
  2. 2. Student Characteristics 11,000,000 students
  3. 3. Student Needs What unique needs do urban students have? How should schools respond?
  4. 4. Two critical issues for urban students that aspire to attend college 1. College Knowledge 2. “Non-cognitive” Factors
  5. 5. College Knowledge • What college is like • What it takes to get there • How to prepare, select, apply and pay • What it takes to succeed
  6. 6. Non-cognitive factors and college readiness “what matters most for college graduation is not which courses students take, or what their test scores are, but how well students perform in those courses, as measured by their high school course grades” “In addition to measuring students’ content knowledge and core academic skills, grades also reflect the degree to which students have demonstrated a range of academic behaviors, attitudes, and strategies that are critical for success in school and in later life” Teaching Adolescents To Become Learners The Role of Non-cognitive Factors in Shaping School Performance: A Critical Literature Review
  7. 7. Non-cognitive factors • Motivation • Belief • Grit • Self-regulation • Social skills • Peer and parental support networks
  8. 8. Our Goal Better support urban school systems in helping students obtain college knowledge and improve non-cognitive factors that positively impact college graduation
  9. 9. Student Engagement
  10. 10. Implementation of Roadtrip Nation Interview Archive • Career Day • Guidance Offices • Advisory Periods • Parents’ Night • Pair with Assessments • ELA Writing Assignments
  11. 11. Inspiring Students to Take Ownership of their Learning
  12. 12. Data for Schools
  13. 13. Your Feedback Matters! Thank you for attending the Naviance Summer Institute 2013! We greatly appreciate your feedback, please complete a brief evaluation for this session at: