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  • poor Swami Vivekananda. the unknown and impoverished monk reached Chicago through a circuitous sea route that took him through china and japan. even if he had the money, it would have been difficult for him to have flown to Chicago - planes had not yet been invented (Wright brothers flew their first contraption 8 years later for 12 seconds!)
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quiz nmit finals

  1. 1. Quiz Finals Anaadyanta T10
  2. 2. Infinite Bounce
  3. 3. 1.It was an electrical device designed to assist in summarizing information and, later, accounting. Invented by Herman Hollerith, the machine was developed to help process data for the 1890 U.S. Census. It spawned a larger class of devices known as unit record equipment and the data processing industry. The term “super computing” was used with regard to this. What are we talking about??
  4. 4. The Tabulating machine
  5. 5. 2.A is a car based on Morris Oxford III model first made by the Morris Motor Company at Cowley, Oxford in the United Kingdom. It is manufactured in India by B.B is the flagship company of which business house?
  6. 6. A is Ambassador B is Hindustan Motors C is C K Birla Group.
  7. 7. 3. “ 10 Great Mistakes” is the newsletter of which organization?
  8. 8. Microsoft
  9. 9. 4.Born in the town of Odense, Denmark A's father considered himself to be related to nobility. However there are no concrete proofs to prove they were indeed related to nobility. A's claim to fame is authoring of “The Little Match Girl” among other books. Identify A??
  10. 10. Hans Christian Anderson
  11. 11. 5. Prakash Varma is hailed as the creator of this popular quasi-cult campaign. This campaign is extremely popular in India, especially among the ladies. Which campaign are we talking about??
  12. 12. The Zoo Zoo Campaign
  13. 13. 6.Recently the Maldives cabinet did something unique to highlight the threat of global warming to the world. What did they do??
  14. 14. They held an underwater meeting. (And we Indians are still fixed with underground..:) )
  15. 15. A picture speaks a thousand words!!
  16. 16. 1.This famous site was closed for a few months which resulted in heavy losses to the people staying nearby. Why did it close?
  17. 17. Heavy rains and landslides cut rail-access to it trapping nearly 4000 tourists inside!!
  18. 18. 2.Can you relate the 2 pictures above?
  19. 19. Both are April Fools prank played by Google.
  20. 20. 3.Relate them.
  21. 21. Fly Emirates
  22. 22. 4.This is not an exhaustive list. Can you identify the common link??
  23. 23. Dr. M A Chidambaram Brabourne Dr.D Y Patil They all have cricket stadiums in India named after them.
  24. 24. 6.Find the relation. The clue lies int the fact that both the organizations perform the same functions in their respective countries.
  25. 25. They are responsible for conducting census in India and USA respectively.
  26. 26. 6.Identify the moment!
  27. 27. Its after India won the bid to host Commonwealth Games '10 in its soil.
  28. 28. Pick your topic IPL Bollywood Mythology Technical Namma bengalooru Business
  29. 30. Chang'e Selene Tecciztecatl. Anningan Mawu . 1.Connect each of them!
  30. 31. MOON
  31. 32. 2.Identify the director of the movie.
  32. 33. Vijay Lalwani
  33. 34. 3. Also known as Dreamland, Paradise Ranch,Home Base, Watertown Strip, Groom Lake which is this famous area?
  34. 35. Area 51
  35. 36. 4.Graphic designer Trevor Key of Cooke Key Associates drew the logo of this famous brand on the back of a napkin in the early 70's. In fact the rising of the logo from left to right has been described by logo analyst as upbeat, though the owner still thinks it could have been the angle of the napkin. What logo is this? [This group also has its operations in India.]
  36. 37. Virgin
  37. 38. 5. Explain the ad.
  38. 39. Its the shifting of IPL from India to South Africa.
  39. 40. 6.He entered the hotel business by buying the Mobley Hotel in Cisco , Texas in 1919. His autobiography is aptly titled " Be My Guest" Who are we talking about?
  40. 41. Conrad Hilton
  41. 42. IPL
  42. 43. 1.Which team has won the bid for the Kochi IPL team?
  43. 44. Rendezvous Sports The owner of the Kochi IPL team is vivek venugopal,a business man based in and out of kerala. Shailendra Gaekwad is also believed to be one of the owners. Vivek Venugopal along with other 5 companies has formed a group called kerala consortium and has won the bid for 1533 Crore rupees.
  44. 45. 2. The only team to have a separate home and away jersey in IPL.
  45. 46. Rajasthan Royals
  46. 47. 3.Who was the purple cap holder in IPL-II.
  47. 48. Rudra Pratap Singh For Deccan Chargers BACK
  48. 49. Quiz Bollywood 1.What does SRK suffer from in the movie whose still is displayed below??
  49. 50. Aspergers Syndrome
  50. 51. 2.He was born in Jamshedpur, India, to a senior management executive with Tata Steel, Ranganathan and a manager with the Bank of India, Saroja. In 1988, He was chosen to represent India as its cultural ambassador from his college to Canada after his graduation. At 22, he was awarded the Maharashtra Best Cadet, allowing him to make a trip with three others as NCC Cadets to England. Because of this honor, he received training with the Royal Army, the Navy and the Air Force, which he previously planned to join. However he was rejected from the opportunity, as he missed the age cut-off by six months. After he lost out on the place, he began taking courses in public speaking which eventually helped him venture into the film industry. He won the Indian Championship for Public Speaking and was subsequently selected to represent India at the Young Businessmen Conference in Tokyo, Japan in 1992 Who is he?
  51. 52. R Madhavan
  52. 53. 3.Where is The Film and Television Institute of India (FTII), is an autonomous Institute under the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Govt. of India located?
  53. 54. Pune Back
  54. 55. 1.A, the president of Hindu Mahasabha and the founder of the Hindutva movement, was also an atheist. He did not define "Hindutva" by religion, and used to publicly advertise lectures on atheism and non-existence of God. Identify A.
  55. 56. Vinayak Damodar Savarkar
  56. 57. 2.In Vedic religion, A is a god of B, of waters and of the celestial ocean, as well as a god of law and of the underworld. He is one of the most prominent Devas in the Rigveda, and lord of the heavens and the earth. In later Hinduism, he continued his dominion over all forms of the water element, particularly the oceans. Identify A.
  57. 58. Varuna
  58. 59. 3.The Gandaberunda (also known as the Berunda) is a two-headed mythological bird of Hindu mythology thought to possess magical strength.The Berunda Bird took physical form in the Narasimha incarnation of Maha Vishnu. After Narasimha has slain the demon hiranyaksa, through the taste of blood, Narasimha didn't let go of his dreadful form and the demigods were even more afraid from the supreme lord now, than before the demon. Shiva, the best friend of Vishnu, thus incarnated himself as X, half bird, half animal. What is X??
  59. 60. Sharaba Back
  60. 61. Idhu namma bengalooru
  61. 62. 1.Low-cost buses with single seats along the windows and LED display. Have a tri-colour outside. On 1 June 2009, to celebrate their first anniversary, the Government of Karnataka and the Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation sold off a pro-poor bus service. What is it called?
  62. 63. Atal Sarige
  63. 64. 2.This road is one of the busiest in Bangalore. And forms a part of NH-7.
  64. 65. Hosur Road
  65. 66. 3.Name this area which was once called Blackpally, probably because the area came from the bili akki (white rice) that they grew in their fields.
  66. 67. The shopping area around South Parade ground (Now M.G.Road) Back
  67. 68. Technical
  68. 69. 1.X (also known as a Squawk Box System, Holler Down/Shout Down Circuit and Junkyard Circuit) is a type of telecommunications system where you have a permanent open circuit between two or more parties. Anyone can speak at any time over a distance without having to pick up a phone or press a button. It is used, among other places, instockbroker and warehouse applications. X capability provides a business critical and tightly targeted channel of communication which can support thousands of users around the globe and is an integral part of voice trading systems. Identify X?
  69. 70. Hoot-n-Hooler system
  70. 71. 3.Namoroko is the code name for which project?
  71. 72. Mozilla Firefox 3.6
  72. 73. 4.It is an online software application product of X, described as a "personal communication and collaboration tool".It is a web-based service, computing platform, and communications protocol designed to merge e-mail, instant messaging, wikis, and social networking. It has a strong collaborative and real-time focus supported by extensions that can provide, for example, spelling/grammar checking, automated translation among 40 languages,and numerous other extensions. What are we talking about?
  73. 74. Google Wave Back
  74. 75. Business
  75. 76. 1.This Company asked the Boy Scout mission for the use of the motto “Be Prepared.” in their advertisement. Name the company?
  76. 77. Pears
  77. 78. 2.Who was Swami Vivekananda's celeb pilot who flew him to world parliament of religions in Chicago?
  78. 79. Jamshedji Tata
  79. 80. 3.Virgin Galactic is a company within Sir Richard Branson's Virgin Group which plans to provide X to the paying public. What does it aim to do?
  80. 81. sub-orbital spaceflights Back