SEO Secrets – Some Traffic Building Strategies for Small Businesses


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If you are a small business who wants to make a splash online in your niche and your geographical area, you’ll want to take advantage of proven small business SEO techniques. Search engine optimisation can help you get found by people surfing the web. Some of those people will stumble upon your site in their travels, yes, but many of them will land on your site because they are looking for the thing that you sell. The biggest secret of SEO success is finding ways to be where they look.

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SEO Secrets – Some Traffic Building Strategies for Small Businesses

  1. 1. SEO Secrets – Some Traffic Building Strategies for Small Businesses©2011, Oracle Digital Page | 1
  2. 2. If you are a small business who wantsto make a splash online in your nicheand your geographical area, you’ll wantto take advantage of proven smallbusiness SEO techniques. Searchengine optimisation can help you getfound by people surfing the web. Someof those people will stumble upon yoursite in their travels, yes, but many ofthem will land on your site because theyare looking for the thing that you sell.The biggest secret of SEO success isfinding ways to be where they look.Be Where They LookKnow the keywords people who want what you’re selling are putting in. If youfigure out some of the top searched keyword phrases for your industry andoptimise your website for those phrases, you could start to see an increase intargeted traffic. There will likely be at least some competition already so you’llwant to do some competitive analysis, too.Look Better Than the CompetitionPeople tend to look at a few sources for whatever it is that they’re buyingbefore they make a decision on where to buy it. Measure your competitors soyou can outshine them in the search engines and in an apples-to- applescomparison. A good area to start is the meta description. If someonehappens upon some search engine results, they won’t always click the firstlink on the list if the second or third link has a better description of what thesite is. Many companies neglect to really optimise their meta description.Optimise yours and you might get more traffic even if you don’t reach topspot for every keyword phrase you target.©2011, Oracle Digital Page | 2
  3. 3. Optimise Each PageMany companies spend a lot of time on the main page of their website. Butevery single page of your site creates an opportunity to get more organictraffic. Make sure each page gets well optimised for search engines and forvisitors and your traffic levels will go up.Social MediaSocial media sites can drive traffic to your websites both directly, throughpeople who follow you and indirectly, through increasing your SEO exposure.Social sites with status updates, bookmark sharing, and networking can helpyou create a tribe of followers who are interested in what you have to sayand who will often participate in discussions with you (giving you exposure totheir network)and share your links with others.BloggingBusiness blogging is a great way to increase your on-page SEO. Every newblog posts can be organised to create an SEO-friendly page on your site thathelps you further penetrate the search engine results pages for words andphrases you want to rank for. Blogging also fits very nicely with social mediasites, giving you ample material to send out for link building. Each time youadd a new blog post to your site, you have the potential to get more Googlelove.Optimise LocallyOptimising for local SEO might be ideal for your type of business. Itsespecially important if your niche is highly competitive. For one thing, ifyou’re a restaurant or a local services business, you’ll want to make sureyou get your red Google balloon so that people searching for you in yourarea will see your listing. This is especially helpful in the retail and restaurantbusiness areas in terms of optimising for people using smartphones to makedecisions while on the go!©2011, Oracle Digital Page | 3
  4. 4. Off Page OptimisationAnother great way to enhance your SEO results is to optimise off the site. Dothis with article directories, press releases, and with guest posts that youplace in well-ranking but non-competitive sites in your industry. All of theseactivities offer great potential to expand your audience while increasing linksthat point to your site. The more links pointing to your site, the higher theperception of your site’s popularity and the more traffic you’ll get. And sometechniques offer great potential for articles going viral, too, enhancing yourSEO and traffic levels.One of the best secrets for SEO success is dealing with the right SEOcompany. A good SEO company will use a multifaceted approach to get youSEO rankings, more traffic, and help you consistently drive up traffic andsales. Theyll help you avoid SEO mistakes and work to help you continuallyincrease your sites targeted traffic levels.©2011, Oracle Digital Page | 4