Keyword Optimisation and SEO Tips for Your Perth Business


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Search engine optimisation is now the most popular and usable strategy for your online business. Along with keyword optimisation, you can get the best results in search engines. Here are tips on how to maximise your efforts.

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Keyword Optimisation and SEO Tips for Your Perth Business

  1. 1. Keyword Optimisation and SEO Tips for Your Perth Business©2011, Oracle Digital Page | 1
  2. 2. If you have a Perth business, you are in luck. We are a Perth SEO company who isfully equipped with the essential online marketing tools and techniques that hasbeen proven to help local businesses like yours succeed and gain substantialprofit.Whether you choose to work with us or prefer to do things on your own, here aresome useful tips and facts about keywords and SEO that can help you along.Keyword searches has the potential to bring your business new traffic. You want tobe on the first pages of SERPs when potential customers go looking in yourgeographical area for the typical products and services that you are specialising inand for which you do well. Regardless of whatever it is that you are selling, theInternet could bring you new business opportunities. Pick a good keyword phraseto optimise your website for and which you get valuable traffic.There are many factors that has a great impact on how easy or how difficult it willbe to get listed on page one of Google and the other major search engines for yourdesired keyword phrases. Here are some tips to help you:  Keywords that contain the name of your city do help. But the city name is not as critical as it was a few years ago. Search engines now look at where the person doing the search is located, in an effort to try to match local results. If you are a Japanese restaurant in Perth and someone types “Japanese food” from your area, there is a good chance they will not get a Tokyo restaurant from the top Google result. They will most likely find a list of local restaurants even if they do not have the city name in the keyword search. Be aware, though, that many people still do search based on the habit of including a location. It won‟t hurt to do a bit of optimisation for your city.  Make sure your website is mobile ready so that people browsing in your neighbourhood through their mobile phones can read your website.  The Google meta description is important. This is the few sentences that appear under your name on the search engine results pages. While keyword density is not necessarily the most important aspect here, writing a good summary of what people will find when they click on your link is a good idea. This is a bit like a mini ad space to tell people that if they click, they will get what they are looking for. Review every page of your site and determine if you need to tweak your meta descriptions.©2011, Oracle Digital Page | 2
  3. 3.  Add the word „reviews‟ into your keyword mix. People often look for business reviews to help them make a choice about which company to deal with. Many who search for Perth (insert your type of business) Reviews are ready to buy. This is a great opportunity to show that you do have good reviews, too.  When doing keyword research, some keyword phrases will seem like they are so highly competitive that they won‟t make a whole lot of sense to optimise for. But even if you do not choose them for your primary phrases, consider seeding them into your content anyway. Search engines look at all the words on your page and how they relate to one another as well as the industry the search engines believe your site most closely relates to.  Do not go too obscure. It might seem like all the great phrases are so competitive that you should go for something obscure. While it is a good idea to go for something a bit less competitive, do not opt for phrases that have only a few searches a month or you will waste valuable energy.  Use your domain to your advantage. Domain names are an important part of keyword density and search engines do pay attention. If you can pick your domain name to be relevant to your niche, this is good. You can also benefit by choosing to make your site‟s permalink structure reflect keyword optimisation techniques. Create category names and page title names that are going to be part of the permanent URL of a page. If you can get your city name in there, this is a good thing.  Do not put keyword density ahead of site quality. Think about the people landing on your pages as the primary audience and the search engines as the secondary audience.  Work on local SEO so you increase your chances of getting found on mobile phones and on page one when people search for you. Click ->>Get your Google Red Balloon for more info.Note:Despite how competitive your area may seem, some of your competitors will not beall that difficult to beat in the search engines. Some of them put forth efforts toreach the top of the search engine results pages but then stopped optimising.©2011, Oracle Digital Page | 3
  4. 4. The right approach could quickly de-throne them. Once you start, do not stop usingthe ethical SEO approach. Do not stop looking for keywords to rank for and do notstop looking for ways to reach more potential customers. If you need help, contactOracle Digital at 1300 899 851 for a no obligation consultation. We would be happyto take care of your SEO for you. Digital206 Nicholson RoadSubiaco, WA, 6008Ph: 1300 899 851©2011, Oracle Digital Page | 4