Make Money Online With Clickbank Step By Step Tutorial


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DISCOVER The Secret To Making Money With Clickbank Using Video Marketing and Free Tools.

Simple and free ways to generate income from videos that rank in the search engines on page 1 of Google Easily!

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Make Money Online With Clickbank Step By Step Tutorial

  1. 1. Welcome To CLICKBANK Tutorial #1“How To Choose AHigh Converting Product To PromoteIn The CLICKBANK Marketplace”
  2. 2. CLICKBANK Product GuidelinesThe 30-30 RULE1. Must Have A Gravity of 30 or more2. Commission payout of $30 or more.3. Optional = Recurring Billing *
  3. 3. Other Guidelines to consider when choosing Aproduct to promoteIs the (COPY) Sales Page any good?Is there A Sales Video On The Sales Page?Is there an Affiliate Page With Resources??
  4. 4. You Finally Found A Great Product To Promote!Now What??? ** Targeted Traffic!!!!-> CLICK HERE TO Get YOUR FREE CLICKBANK E- BOOK!There are Many Methods you can use topromote CLICKBANK Products!
  5. 5. To Generate Traffic To Our CLICKBANK AffiliateLinks we will be using VIDEO MARKETING!To Create These Videos We Will be using a fewdifferent FREE Tools.
  6. 6. FREE TOOLS1. ANIMOTO ( video editing )2. Microsoft Word or Open Office3. GREENSHOT ( screen capture software free )4. Google URL SHORTENER ( )-> CLICK HERE TO Get YOUR FREE CLICKBANK E- BOOK!
  7. 7. • Step 1 – Create a promotional images to create a videowith.• Step 2 – Create Video inside• Step 3 – Create YT Account, upload video fromANIMOTO to YOUTUBE account.• Step 4 - Grab affiliate link from CLICKBANK, shorten itusing the Google Shortener. Add affiliate link in thevideo description.
  8. 8. Quick Example: Penny Stocks ProductCreate a quick Slide Inside Word or Open Office like theone below.
  9. 9. • Capture the image using the screen capturesoftware.
  10. 10. • Call to action :
  11. 11. Create a video using these slides using a free account inAnimoto.comUpload to YOUTUBE.Create More videos/ more YOUTUBE accounts if needed.Repeat the process over and over for the differentproducts that you wish to promote.
  12. 12. • In a week or so you will start to see salescoming into your CLICKBANK Account.Maybe even sooner. Watch My other videos to learn how you canoptimize your videos for Google Rankings usingKeyword Research and Backlinks.
  13. 13. If you’d like to learn more about How to REALLY create anonline business quickly and easily from home…Click The Link Below This Video and Visit My CLICKBANKBlog.Be sure to SUBSCRIBE To my Email Newsletter for furthermore advanced training on how to Make Money Online.
  14. 14. Thanks For Reading!Download Your Free CLICKBANK HERE!