Blogs and Blogging for Commercial Real Estate Professionals


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Blogs and Blogging for Commercial Real Estate Professionals walks you through the steps to creating your Blog. Once you have a Blog it will serve as your portal to house all of your online content.

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Blogs and Blogging for Commercial Real Estate Professionals

  1. 1. WelcomeSocial Media and Online Marketing forCRE Professionals – Blogs and BloggingCindy SpivackCindy Spivack International,
  2. 2. Today• Well begin with a bit more about articlepublishing and move on to Blogs and Blogging• The magic of the written word - peopletend to believe what they see in print andperceive the writer as an expert - this is a provenfact• And, a few secrets that will make this one sessionworth your time investment
  3. 3. More on Article Publishing• Article publishing will quickly establish you asan expert• It builds trust within your target market• We’ve established people believe what’s beenpublished• Articles can be used for multiple purposes
  4. 4. How to Get the Articles Written• Outsource• Re-Write• Purchase• Different Types• Where to get ideas• Submitting to Directories• Resource Box
  5. 5. Outsourcing• Know what you want– Have a list of topics– Have a handful of examples• Use Google or to find examples
  6. 6. WhereWhere to find someone––––––
  7. 7. Budget• $8-25• First time around, hire two or three and seewho is good
  8. 8. Check for Plagiarism• (may be a small fee)• Use Google by copying a few words of the article andputting it in the search box (free)
  9. 9. Re-Write Existing Content• Find content you like and either re-write it orhave it re-written for you• Where:– Google–
  10. 10. Purchase•••
  11. 11. 9 Article Types• Tips• Top 10• Story• Personal Experience• Facts• FAQ’s• Advice• Resource• Combo
  12. 12. Article Ideas• Trade Journals• Amazon• Google• Ezinearticles• Websites• LinkedIn Groups• Google Alerts
  13. 13. Article Marketing Sites– **THE BEST**––––––––
  14. 14. Resource Box• Your Name• Your Background• What makes you an expert• Link to contact information
  15. 15. Blogs and Blogging• A Great Platform to House all of your content• A good Blog makes it easier to be found onpage 1 of Google• Positions you as an expert• Opportunities you can’t even imagine• Blogs are easy
  16. 16. 2 Blog Platforms••– Allows for additional pages• About, Listings, Resources, Services, and others
  17. 17. What to Post• Articles written by you• Articles written by others• Market data• Market comps• Relevant news in your trade area/targetmarket
  18. 18. Posting Ideas• Resources• Opinions• Personal notes• Pictures of listings, tenant rep assignments• Videos• Testimonials/Success stories
  19. 19. Posting Ideas• Links to other relevant sites (be mindful here,chances are this will take your reader out ofyour site)• Books you recommend• Events• Fun stuff
  20. 20. Other Stuff• Frequency: Daily to once a week is best• Article Length: 300-600 words• Use Keywords:––• Optimal keyword density: 1-3%• Remember to proofread everything• Have fun with it• If you hate it – outsource it!
  21. 21. FinallyBlogs are a great way to have an onlinepresence, be found by Google and are easy tomaintain. Additionally, you can outsourcemost it for pennies on the dollar.
  22. 22. For More Information:Cindy SpivackCindy Spivack International,