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Grant Proposal to SERVE IL.

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Il Disabiity Grant 2010 Lvi Vocal

  1. 1. REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS 2010 Illinois AmeriCorps Disability Inclusion Mini-Grants PROMOTING INCLUSIVE RECRUITMENT Application Deadline: March 26, 2010GENERAL INFORMATIONThe Illinois Commission on Volunteerism and Community Service will providemini-grants up to $1,000 for AmeriCorps State programs operating in Illinois.Funding is for the purpose of implementing recruitment initiatives that targetindividuals with disabilities (up to $500) and implement inclusion strategies intheir program (up to $500).Recruitment initiatives might include a provision foralternative formats noted on applications or use of media that targets personswith disabilities. Inclusion strategies might include contacting a local disabilityagency to partner an event or develop a project.ELIGIBILITY FOR FUNDINGAny AmeriCorps State Program operating in Illinois is eligible to apply for a mini-grant. Proposed activities must focus on recruitment and /or inclusion strategiesdirected toward involving persons with disabilities in their AmeriCorpsProjects for AmeriCorps Week, May 8 through May 15, 2010.APPLICATION: To apply for a Serve Illinois Inclusive Service Project grant,please complete and return the attached application form via e-mail, fax, or mailno later than March 26, 2010 to:Scott McFarlandServe Illinois535 W. Jefferson, 3rd FloorSpringfield, IL 62702Email: scott.mcfarland@illinois.govFax: 217-557-0515SUBMISSION REQUIREMENTS: • Brief description of AmeriCorps Week project activity describing inclusion strategies and recruitment initiatives. • Time line for implementation of strategies/initiatives • Budget, including any matching funds • Project summation – what do you wish to accomplish
  2. 2. ALLOWABLE USE OF FUNDS: • Project materials • Reasonable funds for food, beverage, refreshments • Venue or material rentals • Direct program needs - specify • Transportation for participantsUNALLOWABLE USE OF FUNDS: • Personnel • Grant funds cannot support unallowable AmeriCorps activities • Developing recruitment materials without regard to accessibility/inclusion. • Recruitment initiatives that do not include targeted outreach to individuals with disabilities. • Purchase, construction or repair of tangible equipment costing over $1,000, or permanent alteration of physical space (e.g., a ramp, accessible bathroom).PROJECT SUMMATION: • Include the total number of participants with and without disabilities • Description of recruitment strategies for outreach to the targeted population (persons with disabilities) • Description of service event and expected outcomes(s) • Quantity of items created/work completed • Written summary of effectiveness of strategies/initiatives – what worked and what did not. • Photos of service project and members involvedApplicants are encouraged to commit matching resources to support theproject. Serve Illinois reserves the right to award partial funding based onfunding limitations and the applicants proposed budget and projectdescription.NOTE: Funds for reasonable accommodations are also available. Foraccess/utilization of these funds contact the Serve Illinois DisabilityOutreach Coordinator atLois Barnhartbarnhartl@Kreiderservices.orgPH: 815-288-6691 EX 282TTY: 815-288-5931FAX: 815-288-1636500 Anchor RoadDixon, IL 61021
  3. 3. ACTIVITIES AND RESULTS REPORTING FORMProject Activity includes description of service benefit Outcome includes number of participants, quantity of items created/work completed ACTIVITIES AND RESULTS REPORT FORMProject Activity Date of Outcome(s):AmeriCorps Awareness Package EventOrder materials for the packet including pens to handout TBA 25 - Local Disability Agencies receiving AmeriCorps Awareness Package;to the public and t-shirts for members to promote NAW; to 200+ - pieces of information for AmeriCorps Awareness Package;Assemble materials to be printed, packaged, and mailed to 5/10/2010 15 - National AmeriCorps Week t-shirts for member participants;local disability agencies. 150 - AmeriCorps pens for visitors at the fairThe Anixter CenterIdentify types of disabilities, research disclosure policy, TBA 1 - Consulting Agency;and recommended accommodation strategies; Secure 22 - Possible host site supervisors attending Inclusion training;training facility; 27 – AmeriCorps membersInvite host site supervisors and AmeriCorps members to 66 – handouts given out at trainingparticipate in training on an inclusive environment forAmeriCorps members. Create agenda and any handouts tobe given at the training. Develop pre and post surveys.National AmeriCorps Week (NAW): LiteracyVolunteers of IL VOCAL AmeriCorps, 3rd Annual May 10, 2010 50 – Members and site supervisor participants;Volunteer Information and Recruitment Fair 100 – 200+ - Visitors receiving information on volunteer opportunities with AmeriCorpsSetup tables for information from event participants; and at community agencies, and inclusion awareness.Distribute information throughout the day and engagevisitors in conversation about volunteering and servicepride.
  4. 4. Illinois Commission on Volunteerism and Community Service 2010 Promoting Inclusive Recruitment Mini-Grant Budget Summary Form Legal Name of Agency: Literacy Volunteers of Illinois Executive Director: Dorothy Miaso Employer ID: 36-3244036 If different from above: Fiscal Contact (FC) _______________________________________________ FC Address_____________________________________________________ FC Telephone______________________FC Fax_______________________ FC Email_______________________________________________________Complete the summary budget below. LINE ITEM A 1. Project Materials 469.15 2. Consulting/Contractual 500.00 Rental Services 3. Transportation for participants 0.00 4. Other 0.00 Total Budget $969.15I certify that the information contained in this application is correct and completeand that the applicant agency has authorized me, as its representative, to file thisapplication. Typed Name: Chamala T. Travis Title: Program Coordinator Signature: Date: March 26, 2010
  5. 5. Complete the Budget Narrative LINE ITEM REQUEST DESCRIPTION1. Project MaterialsPaper 8.99 Ream of 24 lb paper. (for package contents.)Paper 10.99 Ream of 28 lb paper. (for package contents.)Folders 46.25 Folders used to hold printed materialInk – Black 63.98 Black Ink Cartridge (HP 920)Ink – Three Color 88.94 Color Ink Cartridge Combo Pack (HP 920)AmeriCorps T-Shirts 150.00 AmeriCorps t-shirtsAmeriCorps Pens 100.00 AmeriCorps pens Subtotal 469.152. Consulting/ContractualRental ServicesConsulting Fee 500.00 The Anixter Center Subtotal 500.003. Transportation forparticipants20 x $5.00 ($100) Bus fare for VOCAL Members – In-Kind Subtotal ($100)4. OtherPostage and Shipping ($75) Mailing of materials to agencies, host sites, etc. – In-Kind20 x $7 ($140) Lunch for VOCAL Members – In-KindJRTC ($125) Rental of Atrium – In-Kind Subtotal ($340)TOTAL BUDGET 969.15 ($440) LVI Match
  6. 6. 2010 Illinois AmeriCorps Disability Inclusion Mini-GrantApplication1. Contact InformationContact Name: Dorothy Miaso Email: lvaill@aol.comPhone: 312-857-1582 Cell: n/a Fax: 312-857-1586Organization (legal applicant name): Literacy Volunteers of IllinoisAddress (Street): 30 E Adams, Suite 1130City: Chicago State: IL Zip Code: 60603Organization Type (Select all that apply): Faith-based Non-profit Government Education Club Business Other:2. Project DetailsCommunity(ies) Served: Chicago, IL and surrounding areasProject Location(s) (Complete Addresses):James R. Thompson Center - JRTCAtrium Room100 W Randolph StreetChicago, IL 60601What is the timeframe for your project?All activities lead up to Literacy Volunteers of Illinois’ (LVI) 3rd Annual Volunteer Information andRecruitment Fair taking place May 10, 2010 at the James R. Thompson Center - JRTC.Notification of Award - TBA: Place orders for preparation of materials to be included inAmeriCorps Awareness Package and disseminated at LVI’s National AmeriCorps Week event.TBA: Meet with Anixter Center (disability inclusion consultant): to review materials; develop preand post evaluations and schedule 3-hour session for VOCAL members and host site supervisors(or designee)04/19/2010: Mailing of AmeriCorps Awareness Package05/10/2010: 3rd Annual Volunteer Information and Recruitment Fair
  7. 7. What supplies or resources will be necessary to complete this project?Resources needed for the AmeriCorps Awareness Package will be materials to print, package,and mail. Printing materials include: color ink, black ink, 24 lb. ream of paper, and a 28 lb. ream ofpaper.Package materials include: i. Cover letter from LVI to local agencies; ii. AmeriCorps Wants You poster – containing a message of SERVE Illinois commitment and contact information along with that of Kreider Services our lead disability inclusion agency; iii. The Illinois AmeriCorps Disability Outreach brochure – highlighting service, benefits, and the part-time term requirements. Along with additional contact information for the application process; iv. LVI fact sheet; v. The Heart Act – explaining how the Heart Act makes AmeriCorps more accessible to individuals with disabilities with regard to recipients of SSI benefits; vi. List of all AmeriCorps programs funded through SERVE Illinois with their brief program information; vii. A pen promoting AmeriCorps and Inclusion.Please give a brief summary of your Service Project: :Currently and in the past, Literacy Volunteers has been on board with SERVE Illinois’ initiative increating and having an inclusive environment by having members with both apparent and non-apparent disabilities. This year we seek to aggressively create awareness of SERVE Illinois andAmeriCorps inclusion initiative by actively promoting it at our Annual Volunteer Information andRecruitment Fair. Now in its 3rd year, our purpose in holding this event is designed to bring moreAmericans into service; salute current AmeriCorps members for their work and alums for theirpowerful impact; and, to thank the community, governmental and corporate partners who makeAmeriCorps and our VOCAL program possible. For National AmeriCorps Week we will make ourinclusion message more visible by partnering with a local agency, The Anixter Center, who is aleader in the disability community who will educate our host sites and members on types ofdisabilities, disclosure, and reasonable accommodation strategies.The AmeriCorps AwarenessPackage encourages members of disabled organizations in the Chicagoland area to apply forLVI’s VOCAL AmeriCorps program. Additionally, the package encourages the targetedorganizations to attend the 3rd Annual Volunteer Information and Recruitment Fair on May 10,2010 at the James R. Thompson Center. The event is hosted by LVI to increase awareness ofAmeriCorps programs, distributing volunteer information, and recruit members for service inupcoming years. The prior years have shown an attendance of __ programs and __ visitors. Wewill also target disabled populations to attend the fair, to foster awareness of LVI’s and otherAmeriCorps programs.
  8. 8. What community needs will your project address?LVI’s mission is to develop and support volunteer literacy programs that help families, adults, andout-of-school teens increase their literacy skills. By partnering with the Anixter Center who alsohappens to be one of our host sites, we will help to promote inclusion and generate discussion onhow current programs funded through SERVE Illinois and host sites of its programs can bestserve the disabled population through inclusion education and training. In keeping with the spiritof National AmeriCorps Week, LVI will continue the President’s call to service by reaching out toindividuals who have never heard about AmeriCorps as well as to get Illinois citizens activelyvolunteering at literacy programs in their community.By attracting AmeriCorps applicants through the AmeriCorps Awareness Package, LVI will bemore capable to aid individuals seeking tutoring in Chicago. AmeriCorps members, associatedwith LVI, contribute thousands of hours annually in literary tutoring in the Chicagoland Area.How will your project meaningfully engage individuals with disabilities in service?The end goal of our recruitment mailing is to interest disabled individuals in AmeriCorps and havethem attend the fair to learn more about AmeriCorps and how they can be a part of it. TheAmeriCorps Awareness Package focuses on spreading awareness of LVI’s VOCAL AmeriCorpsprogram and encourages disabled persons to apply. Applicants accepted will complete their yearof service through the VOCAL program.The VOCAL members having been made aware ofinclusion strategies by the Anixter Center will engage visitors at the fair in conversation on theircurrent experience as an AmeriCorps member. Our present and past disabled members willspeak to individual disabled prospects about personal accommodations that they’ve receivedwhile serving at their host site, on the MLK service project, and other member activities.How will your project facilitate partnerships between individuals with and withoutdisabilities?By collaborating with the Anixter Center we will make our host sites and current members moreaware of the skills, talents, and abilities of individuals with disabilities and suggest ways forinclusion to happen. LVI will also make follow up calls to the agencies receiving the AmeriCorpsAwareness Package to confirm receipt, answer any questions they may have, and encourage theindividuals they serve to attend the fair and meet with our members and host sites as well asmembers of the other AmeriCorps programs participating in our fair.What will the end result of your project be?Our long-term goal is to include disabled members in the Corps. Our two short-term goals are; 1)to bring disabled individuals to the fair and 2) to educate our current host site supervisors andAmeriCorps members on types of disabilities, disclosure, and reasonable accommodationstrategies so as to sensitized them and enhance the possibility of their taking on a disabledmember.How will you know your project was a success?Three separate goals will measure the success of the AmeriCorps Awareness package.
  9. 9. i. Fostering AmeriCorps Awareness – Through the mailing and follow up phone calls, organizations will learn more about AmeriCorps and how they can encourage the populations they serve to pursue involvement. ii. Collect Data – On member participation, host sites and other programs present, and number of visitors including disabled individuals receiving information. iii. Inclusion Awareness – Pre and post surveys of members and supervisors attending inclusion session facilitated by Anixter Center representatives.3. Volunteer DetailsExpected Number of Volunteers:n/aDescription of Volunteer Population (ages, demographics):n/aHow will you recruit volunteers for this project?n/aHow will you track numbers of volunteers and volunteer service hours?n/a