Grant Writing Basics for Food Systems Projects


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Want to learn about federal programs that can help you build community food systems projects? Are you seeking basic grant-writing advice so you can apply competitively for grants and other federal funding to support your work? Learn the basics of finding and applying for grants.

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Grant Writing Basics for Food Systems Projects

  1. 1. Grant-writing Basics forFood Systems ProjectsA webinar co-sponsored by theeXtension Community, Local and Regional Food Systems CoP &the Community and Regional Food Systems Project
  2. 2. Watch for our public page launch soon!www.extension.orgThis is the second webinar in our webinar series.Past & future webinars will be posted on eXtension’s CLRFS page (once launched), and at:, Local & RegionalFood SystemsA new eXtension Community of
  3. 3. Go to: http://people.extension.orgClick “Communities” and join our group.Note: those with a University or Extension e-mail can join by getting an eXtension IDOthers, please e-mail to request to join the groupAre you interested in food systems?Join educators and practitioners in a national discussionand collaboration.Join us on Facebook:Search: “Community, Local & Regional Food Systems”Fan page: Page:
  4. 4. Community & Regional Food Systems Project“Evaluating Innovation and Promoting Success inCommunity and Regional Food Systems”Research, education, outreach, & advocacy to address food security in urban areasWeb-site: us on Facebook:
  5. 5. Welcome to the Webinar – May 1, 2013eXtension Community, Local & Regional Food Systems CoPCommunity & Regional Food Systems ProjectAgenda:1) An Introduction to the Co-sponsoring Organizations2) Grant Writing Basics for Food Systems Projects.Designing sound projects, finding funding, grant writing basics.Presenters: Margaret Krome and Una Van Duvall3) Questions & Responses
  6. 6. Grant-writing Basics forFood Systems Projects• Margaret Krome, Policy Program DirectorMichael Fields Agricultural Institute,East Troy, Wisconsin• Una Van Duvall,Cross Management Services,Milwaukee, WI
  7. 7. Funding for…
  8. 8. Designing Sound ProjectsDesigning Sound Projects
  9. 9. Designing Sound ProjectsSome questions to ask:• What problem do you seek to address?What are your goals and (measurable)objectives?• Have other people, locally or elsewhere,addressed this problem? If so, what can youlearn from their work?
  10. 10. Designing Sound ProjectsMore questions to ask:• Who else might care about your problem?Should they be involved in your project?• What is your principal strategy to addressyour problem? (among several options)• Whats a realistic timeline for action?
  11. 11. Designing Sound ProjectsMore questions to ask:• What resources (people, $$, materials) doesyour project require? (What do you alreadyhave?)• Who else needs to know about your project?What’s the best way to reach that audience?• How will you measure and evaluate yourprojects outcomes?
  12. 12. Identifying Possible Funding
  13. 13. Identifying Possible Funding• Think creatively and broadly about yourprojects needs. Can multiple types ofassistance be useful?• Identify programs whose purposes andavailable resources seem most suitable toyour purposes.
  14. 14. Identifying Possible FundingResources: Libraries, Extension, Networking, Internet• Building Sustainable Farms, Ranches, and Communities• Grassroots Guide to the 2008 Farm Bill, National SustainableAgriculture Coalition, 128 pages, 2008.• USDA Organic Information:• USDA NRCS Program Resources:
  15. 15. Identifying Possible FundingQuestions to consider:• Would your project advance the program’s statedmission and goals?• Is the program’s form of assistance appropriate to yourneeds?• How big is its funding pool? What percent of applicantstypically get funded? What’s the average amount andduration of grants?
  16. 16. Identifying Possible Funding• What can you learn about past projects thatprograms have funded?• What are eligibility requirements, financialmatch requirements, and restrictions on aprogram’s use?• Is funding available up-front or (more typically)only on a reimbursement basis?
  17. 17. Identifying Possible Funding• Are a program’s application deadlines andfunding timeframes appropriate to yourproject’s timeline? Does the program fundmulti-year projects?• Do past grantees feel that a program’sreporting requirements are reasonable and thatthe program is well-administered?
  18. 18. Identifying Possible FundingHow to answer those questions:• Read the RFP (or MOSA, or NOSA, or RFA, etc.)– get it from the websites listed, from linkagesfrom, etc.• Call the program staff. Contact info is on theirwebsite and on the RFP. Inquire about trainingsessions to help potential applicants apply.• Ask past grantees
  19. 19. Grantwriting Basics• Basic Do’s and Don’ts• Common Grant Applicationform
  20. 20. Basic Grantwriting Do’s & Don’ts• Give yourself enough time –3X what you expect!• Read the RFP at least 3 times and follow it• Start with the budget before writing text• Make your budget accurate, clear; use a budgetnarrative if needed• Don’t include materials not requested• Explain how your proposal advances a program’s goals• Be precise, accurate; don’t exaggerate
  21. 21. Basic Grantwriting Do’s & Don’ts• Use clear, simple language to be readable• Have it reviewed by a savvy editor friend or colleague.Is it clear, readable, grammatical?• Clarify questions by calling the program staff.Be pleasant and non-combative• Make sure you understand the review process• If you‘re turned down by a program, find out whybefore writing another. Dont be discouraged!
  22. 22. COMMON GRANT APPLICATION FORMWho uses it? Many foundations, and some government programshave procedures that are based on similar ideas. Check with aprogram to see if they use the CGA.GENERAL INSTRUCTIONSThe application has three parts. Be sure to complete each questionof each part.Type all proposals (minimum 10 points).Provide all of the information in the order listed.Submit only one copy with numbered pages; do not bind or staple.Common Grant Application form
  23. 23. Common Grant Application formPART ONE: GRANT AND ORGANIZATION INFORMATIONGrant RequestTotal Amount Requested: $Funder applying to: Date Submitted:Name of Project:Duration of Project: from January 1, 2013 to December 31, 2013 When are fundsneeded? January 2013Nature of Request: capital project operating program endowmentotherIn what geographical location will the funds be used? MY HOME TOWN
  24. 24. Organization InformationName: My Organization’s Name HereAddress: 5555 N. Every Where . Drive City: Milwaukee State: WI ZIP: 53210Phone number: (TTY: FAX Number:___)Email: Federal ID #: 45-1896815Date of Incorporation: 1999Chief Staff Officer (Name &Title): I am the Executive DirectorPhone number: (414) 555-1550 x105Contact Person (Name & Title): Me , Myself & IPhone number: (414) 555-1550 x105Board Chairperson (Name & Title): Mr. Big BucksPhone Number: (414) 555-7684Common Grant Application form
  25. 25. Organization Information (cont’d)Dates of organizations fiscal year: January 1-December 31Organizations total operating budget for past year $1,587.371 and current year$1,932,346Please list the organization’s staff composition in numbers: Paid full time 19 Paidpart-time 13 Volunteers 30 Interns Other 11 (seasonal/Temp)Total staff (both professional and volunteer) 73Has the governing board approved a policy which states that the organizationdoes not discriminate as to age, race, religion, disability, sexual orientation, sex ornational origin? Yes NoIf yes, when was the policy approved? 1999.Does the organization have federal tax exempt status? Yes No If no, pleaseexplain on separate sheet.Common Grant Application form
  26. 26. Population ServedPlease check the primary service category of organization (checkonly one): __ Arts/Culture __Health __Human Services__Civil/Economic Development __Education __Environment__Other (specify) _________________________Provide percentages and/or descriptions of the populations theorganization serves: 69% African-American 1%Caucasian Native American 10% Asian American 20%Hispanic/Latino Other please listCommon Grant Application form
  27. 27. AuthorizationHas the organization’s chief executive officer authorized this request? Yes NoAn officer of the organization’s governing body (such as a board member) mustsign this application:(You will have to print out this form and sign the application for submission.)The undersigned, an authorized officer of the organization, does hereby certifythat the information set forth in this grant application is true and correct, that theFederal tax exemption determination letter attached hereto has not been revokedand the present operation of the organization and its current sources of supportare not inconsistent with the organization’s continuing tax exempt classification asset forth in such determination letter.Signature Print Name/Title Date(Remember to include all materials requested with this application!)Common Grant Application form
  28. 28. PART TWO: GRANT PROPOSAL NARRATIVE - the Who, What, When,Why of the MatterPlease provide the following information in the order presentedbelow. Note that some sections are not required for generaloperating support. Refer to the glossary of terms (last page) asneeded when preparing the narrative. Use no more than fivepages; excluding attachments.Organization Information and BackgroundProvide a brief summary of the organization’s mission, goals, history,programs, and major accomplishments, success stories andqualifications.Show evidence of client & community support.Common Grant Application form
  29. 29. Project/Program Description (NOT required for general operatingrequests)Abstract: Briefly describe the proposed program, how it relates tothe organization’s mission, capacity to carry out the program andwho will benefit from the program.Explain the significance of the program and why the organization isqualified to carry it out.Describe the expected outcomes and the indicators of thoseoutcomes.Document the size and characteristics of the population to beserved by the program.Common Grant Application form
  30. 30. Project/Program Description (cont’d)Outline the strategy/methodology and timeline to be used in thedevelopment and implementation of the program.What is the plan to involve the population you intend to serve in thedesign?How does this program enhance the existing services in thecommunity?Common Grant Application form
  31. 31. EvaluationBriefly describe the evaluation process and how the results will beused.Explain how the organization will measure the effectiveness of theprogram.Describe the criteria for success.Describe the results expected to be achieved by the end of thefunding period.Common Grant Application form
  32. 32. Funding ConsiderationsDescribe plans for obtaining other funding needed to carry out theproject/program or organizational goals, including amountsrequested of other funders.If the project/program is expected to continue beyond the grantperiod, describe plans for ensuring continued funding after the grantperiod.List the top five funders of this project (if applying for a programgrant) or organization (if applying for general operating support) inthe previous fiscal year, the current year, and those pending for thenext fiscal year.Common Grant Application form
  33. 33. PART THREE: REQUIRED ATTACHMENTSThis is standard information, It should be submitted at the sametime as the request. Not to do so may disqualify your request.Submit the following attachments (in the order listed) with thecompleted proposal:1. Complete list of the organizations officers and directors.2. The organizations actual income and expense statement for thepast fiscal year, identifying the organizations principal sources ofsupport.3. The organizations projected income and expense budget for thecurrent fiscal year, identifying the projected revenue sources.Common Grant Application form
  34. 34. PART THREE: REQUIRED ATTACHMENTS (CONT’D)4. The organizations most recent audited financial statementincluding notes and IRS Form 990.5. Copies of the IRS federal tax exemption determination letters.6. Program Budget (multi-year if applicable). NOT required forgeneral operating requests.7. Grantee Report (if previously funded).Common Grant Application form
  35. 35. • Today’s webinar will be posted at• Documents useful to grantwriting are posted at:• MFAI offers free grantwriting advising in the Midwest,especially for underserved farmers and groups thatassist them resources to help you:
  36. 36. Questions?