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Currently the student market is a thriving segmented area which is constantly changing and moving and is proven to be highly profitable....

Currently the student market is a thriving segmented area which is constantly changing and moving and is proven to be highly profitable.

They might lead a fast paced lifestyle but don’t be fooled! They are very careful with the expenditure and can loose interest at a click of a finger.
So it is crucial that business’s adapt to maintain interest, and demand through their marketing. Fortunately there are some key tools which will help gain and retain students.



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    Accessing students Accessing students Presentation Transcript

    • Contents The Issue Overview Current Pub / Bar discount cards x2 Student Discount Retailers x4 Student Discounts Food/Drink Student Discounts Music/ Entertainment Student Discounts Online Student Competitions Supermarkets Student Competitions Retail So how can we target them? Sales promo PR Free Gifts Identify Opposition Social Media Establish a relationship Competition Sponsorship How we can implement them? Sales promo PR x2 Free Gifts Identify Opposition x2 Social Media Establish a relationship x4 Using existing data Competitions Sponsorship About us CFL Student Promotions Clients
    • Currently the student market is a thriving segmented area which is constantly changing and moving and is proven to be highly profitable. They might lead a fast paced lifestyle but don’t be fooled! They are very careful with the expenditure and can loose interest at a click of a finger. So it is crucial that business’s adapt to maintain interest, and demand through their marketing. Fortunately there are some key tools which will help gain and retain students. The Issue!
    • Overview - Students alcohol , smoking, socialising , loud, lazy, daytime television, lye-ins, last minute work, deadlines, music , sports teams , games consoles, cinema, student loan , overdraft, bursary, fashionable , dirty/ grubby, fast food, clubs, bars, music , freebees , boredom, graduate, undergraduate, masters, laptop, mobiles, contract, cheap , creative, friendly , microwave, late nights, couples, quirky , travel, trains, bus, bags, holidays, summer, part time jobs, student union , student president, student radio, student television ,frequent social media, internet, games , outgoing, student cards.
    • Pub/Bar discount cards -:
      • Yates and Bedford's -: Barry ‘the Ant’ Card
      • offers :
      • Becks - 275 ml bottle - £1.75
      • Vodka or Yaga Bull -£1.75
      • VK - 275 ml bottle -£1.75
      • Sailor Jerry’s - 25 ml + mixer - £1.75
      • Magners - 330 ml bottle -£1.75
      • Heineken - £1.99
      • Classic Burger and Chips £1.99
    • Pub/Bar discount cards -:
      • Scream, Spinningfields & Avondales -: Spirit Group‘Yellow Card’.
      • Varsity -: ‘V card’.
      • The Golf Tavern -: un-named.
      • buy one get one free on meals.
      • drinks deals available at the bar.
      • Walkabout -: ‘Boomerang Card’
      • info at
    • Student Discounts Retailers -:
      • Retailers (with NUS card) -:
      • New Look - 10%
      • Warehouse - 20%
      • Miss Selfridge - 10%
      • Comet - 5% off laptops over £499, 10% off printers, mice, keyboards and
      • peripherals 20% off all single and multipack ink cartridges
      • Superdrug - 10%
      • JJB sports - 10%
      • Apple higher Education - up to 15%
      • Nicky Clark Salons - 40%
      • Boots Opticians - eye tests for £5 and 10% when you spend over 100
      • Britannica Online - 7 day trial plus 40%
    • Student Discounts Retailers x2
      • Goi-Goi - 10%
      • Accessories - 10%
      • Staples - 10%
      • Vision Express - 30%
      • Bench - 25%
      • Virgin Experience Days - 25%
      • Austin Reed - 15%
      • Ryman stationary - 12.5%
      • Firetrap - 15%
      • Fitness First - free 5 day trail
    • Student Discounts Retailers x3
      • Office shoes - 10%
      • Mytuxedo - 15%
      • Ben Sherman - 10%
      • Savile Row - 10%
      • Joe Browns - 15%
      • Jessops - 10%
      • Without NUS -:
      • Topman / Topshop - 10%, 20%
      • Diesel - 10%
    • Student Discounts Retailers x4
      • Burton - 10%
      • Gap - 10%
      • Optical Express - 25%
      • Republic - 10%
      • Superdry - 20%
      • Superrug - 10%
      • Zavvi - 10%
      • The Gym - variable
      • La Senza - 10%
    • Student Discounts Food/ Drink -:
      • With NUS card -:
      • Pizza Express - 20%
      • Domino’s Pizza - 25%
      • Zizzi - 25%
      • Sponge Cakes - 30%
      • The Striped box Company - 5%
      • Meal2go - 10%
      • Without NUS card -:
      • McDonalds - Free medium fries with purchase of meal
      • Pizza Hut - 20%
    • Student Discounts Music/ Entertainment
      • ITunes student discount - 4% cash back
      • With NUS card -:
      • Odeon Cinemas - 25%
      • Cdwow - 50p of all games and £1.00 of games/CD's
    • Student Discounts Online -:
      • With NUS card -:
      • - 5%
      • Amazon Mp3 - 5%
      • Asos - 20%
      • Amazon - 5%
      • Virgin Media - 15%
      • Ticketmaster - variable
      • Oasis - 10%
      • - 10%
      • - 20%
      • - 8%
      • - 10%
    • Student Competitions Supermarkets -:
          • Beyond Baked Beans student cooking site previous competition - Win an ASDA Student Shopper Card loaded with £500! - simply a one word question to be completed correctly.
          • Burger King free tuition fees for a year. Have to write in your story of why you deserve it. Most interesting story will win.
          • Tesco’s win a years free shopping at simply complete their short survey plus get a free £5 reward voucher for your time.
          • Student 365 free microwave.
    • Student Competitions Retail -:
      • MyOffers offering you a chance to win a whopping £3000 spending spree at Primark.
      • Open University’s competition to win an IPAD 2 with answer 5/6 questions based on facts about the Open University.
      • Student 365 two night break away at any YHA destination within England and Wales.
      • Student 365 offering one student the chance to get their hands on an Xbox 360.
      • So how can we Target them?
      • This is designed to give the products added value and incentives for customers designed to stimulate immediate sales.
      • Examples of devices used in sales promotion include coupons, samples, premiums, point-of-purchase (POP) displays, contests, rebates, and sweepstakes.
      Sales Promotion -:
    • Public Relations
      • They are responsible for building and maintaining the image/ reputation of the company.
      • It is described as the planned and sustained effort to establish and maintain goodwill and mutual understanding between an organisation and its publics.
    • Free Gifts
      • These can be used to build a positive relationship between the company and recipient.
      • Giving away free items is a lot cheaper than traditional advertising.
      • It is proven that shoppers who’ve received freebies are more likely to buy products from the co-operation, and even to become loyal customers down the line.
      • It is of utmost priority that the market leader is identified within the market sector and Geographically to the location of the business.
      • The direct market leader I.e Weatherspoons / Yates.
      • Also potential indirect opposition I.e Alcohol off-licences such as Freshers / Champaign Charlies.
      • Researching their current promotions etc will give a far better understanding of holes in the market which can be exploited.
      Identify Opposition
      • Students one of the most regular users of social media across the globe.
      • It combines elements of new and traditional advertising.
      • Can be used to organise events and identify the target market.
      • Is also a way of effectively tracking what you are doing right (to maintain) and wrong (to change).
      Social Media
    • Establish a relationship
      • With a positive relationship built between the brand and consumer this could influence the most powerful marketing tool - word of mouth !
      • It will help create a brand personality making it special and unique to the audience.
    • Competition
      • There are many objectives of running a competition for a business -:
      • Exposure
      • Money for entering the competition
      • Data
      • Media Hype
      • Customers
    • Sponsorship
      • Improving the company's image, prestige and credibility by supporting events that the target market finds attractive.
      • It will help relate directly to their target market.
      • Highlight visibility through positive publicity.
      • How are we going to implement these?
      • 1 pound drinks (on specified Beers and mixers)
      • Free drinks for mass reservations (e.g. birthday parties or table reservations over 10)
      • Buy one get one free or two drinks for the price of one
      • Spend over £10.00 to get a free drink or shot?
      • Happy hours at times when students are most likely to finish University or to be at maximum or least capacity
      Sales Promotion
      • Representatives with t-shirts with company logo (to help identify company for future reference) on them giving out sales promo material i.e vouchers, freebees and sticking up posters on popular student routes/ walkways.
      • Also working outside the establishment talking/ consulting potential customers walking past encouraging them to stop in.
      • Combined with clear advertising of discounts and special offers displayed in the window, or in billboards.
      Public Relations
    • Public Relations x2
      • Public relations team can be paid by commission therefor increasing work rate to sell tickets for events! Tickets bough in advance could be rewarded with cheaper tickets.
      • Walking around densely populated areas you would stereotypically locate a student i.e student halls, outside university premises, city centres.
      • Bottle openers
      • Lighters
      • Key rings
      • Stickers
      • Pens
      • Condoms
      • Lights
      • Anti - Spiking bottle tops etc
      • All branded with company logo and address for locating
      Free Gifts
      • Local competition/ market leader needs to be considered on a Geographic consideration. From down the street to the other side of the County.
      • Important to exactly what they offer which is popular i.e specific nights, prices of drinks, atmosphere.
      • What they offer that people dislike i.e the toilets, the layout or even, hygienic standards, the customer service offered by the staff.
      • Also indirect alternative competition like Orange Wednesday’s 2 for 1 offer perhaps? Or snooker halls.
      Identifying Opposition
    • Identifying Opposition x2
          • Researching other student nights within the area and nationally to find out what student nights give good ROI (matching the price of drinks offered).
          • Also identifying unpopular student nights or poorly organised events to capitalise on.
          • Undercutting the closest competitor/ market leader with drink prices, entry fees etc.
    • Social Media
      • An official Facebook business group to be set up with staff members of management being listed as admin to change information and upload pictures, videos etc.
      • Also a Twitter account following other recognised Market competition to gain their followers too. This will be used to inform people what events, deals etc are available daily.
      • Public relations team can also add friends to extend the breadth of the groups targeted sending them regular invites with info on guest-lists, ticket prices, timings, dates etc.
    • Establish a relationship Window of opportunity
      • Have representatives appear at student fairs giving freebees in return for details to be used for SMS and mailing lists (menu’s, events etc).
      • Advertise within local student unions through posters or representatives giving promo material.
      • Also run specialist events dropping or even raising the prices of drinks where students receive student loan (Sep, Jan & May).
    • Establish a relationship x2
      • Use University resources i.e Student Radio or the Student Television service to run possible competitions. Targeting a concentrated amount of students I.e lunch time give away competition.
      • Working with the student Union running nights with specialist music artist’s, for example, playing a gig at the SU, followed by another gig at establishment.
    • Establish a relationship x3
      • Reward card system can be put in place i.e Nandos card where loyal customers can be rewarded with free meals, drinks, entry etc.
      • Combining with the National Union of Students (NUS). Card number specific to that student on the back could be entered to receive discount.
      • Specialise in a certain genre of music attracting a specialist target market. This would ensure a consistent income.
    • Establish a relationship x4
      • Could also advertise in free, local magazines which students will more than likely read and pick up i.e Metro on a National scale.
      • Branding a specific name and theme for a night designated weekly or even monthly i.e dress theme, or bringing in specific DJ residents.
    • Using existing data !
      • In store data -:
      • Using data from previous competitions, events to target through SMS and E marketing
      • NUS (National Union of Students) -:
      • Buying collected data on Undergraduate’s (and Post too possibly) whilst coinciding with a Marketing/Mailing agency to effectively target the students of up to 300,000 within the country.
    • Competitions
      • The establishment could run a competition with big prizes (no cash) to be won such as -:
      • Rent Paid for the year
      • Iphone
      • Ipad
      • Apple Mac
      • Scooter
      • Clothing or Food Vouchers
      • 3d Television
      • Holiday/ Festival Tickets
      • Games Consoles I.e Xbox Connect
      • Sporting tickets
    • Sponsorship -:
      • Could sponsor within the University i.e football team shirts in exchange for advertising on Campus
      • Working with other Alcohol companies allowing them to come in and give free samples.
      • Include as a venue for popular student bar crawls I.e Carnage.
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