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Guerrilla Marketing 101 - Creating Buzz For Your Brand


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In this breakout session at DOYO Live by Marisa Sergi you will learn how she's implemented a guerrilla marketing strategy to get her product on the shelves at Walmart. Very exciting to have Maris a present at DOYO Live.

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Guerrilla Marketing 101 - Creating Buzz For Your Brand

  1. 1. Guerrilla Marketing 101- Creating Buzz For your Brand @MarisaSergi
  2. 2. What is Guerrilla Marketing?! -No, it is not monkey themed marketing! (from my little cousin) -Innovative, Unconventional, and Low-Cost Marketing Techniques Aimed at Obtaining Maximum Exposure for a Product. -Tactics I've Learned to be Effective While Building RedHead Wine -Practical Tips and Tricks to Elevate Your Business! What to expect from me:
  3. 3. Who am I?! -3rd Generation Winemaker -Cornell University Graduate c/o '15 -CEO / Founder of RedHead Wine / Brands Marisa Sergi
  4. 4. - Appreciate the importance of having a story to tell since customers more than ever love having a narrative or story that is attached to products they buy - “Authenticity” is important to today’s consumer It’s important that each business can answer the following questions: What is your company’s elevator pitch? What’s special/point of difference about your company or product? What perception do you want people to have about your product? “Every minute of every day is a selling opportunity” Mark Cuban from Shark Tank “More than 60 percent of customers say that a known, trusted brand influences their purchase decision” Research from Barron’s and Yankelovich Authenticiy = Sales
  5. 5. Get a vanity tag for your car - think of it as a rolling billboard!
  6. 6. Put a discount code on the back of your business card (something like $5 off your first order and the url for your website). Stickers- Millennials Love These:
  7. 7. Get T-shirts with your logo/tag line so that you can take full advantage of having your family, friends and customers act as ambassadors for your product/company. You can also use them as an inexpensive way of thanking folks who help you build your business.
  8. 8. Get note cards with your logo and tag line that you can use for hand-written thank you notes and for reaching out to your fans. Share your story with your college alumni magazine or website. + =
  9. 9. Maximize your website and social media as a way of raising your profile and building your community of fans and a great way to collect email addresses. Contests can be a great way of reaching out to people. Whether the prize is a T-shirt, a mug or some other low-cost item, it’s a way to engage people with what you’re doing &
  10. 10. Reach out to local public and independent high schools to see if they’re looking for participants/speakers for Career Day. Contact the marketing/entrepreneurial departments at local colleges to see if they would like to have you as a guest speaker
  11. 11. Check out the local service organizations (Kiwanis, Rotary, Lions) to see if they’re looking for speakers for the upcoming year Guest Write for an Online or Print Magazine
  12. 12. Keep your eye open for ways to promote your product with local and national celebrities. Sometimes it’s as simple as responding to a newspaper question, “What would you give LeBron James for his 21st birthday?” with the gift of your product. Don’t overlook opportunities for local and national product placement - whether it’s in a storefront display or a major motion picture as Mental Floss did w/ a Cameron Diaz movie or the panel of a milk carton of a local dairy
  13. 13. Take full advantage of all local and national media channels (radio, TV newspaper and magazines, podcasts) as they’re often looking for opportunities to tell business stories. Local Business Associations- DOYO Live, Youngstown Business Incubator are essential- join one or all
  14. 14. Keep your eye open for partnerships that make sense! The answer will always be “no” unless you ask. Reach Out to Bloggers and to pay, give free product
  15. 15. Look for opportunities to appear on the op-ed pages of local papers by writing columns such as “Why I Started My Business in Youngstown” or whatever area you live in. Take advantage of opportunities where large groups of people who are a fit with your demographics - street fairs, sporting events, art shows - to sample or be introduced to your product.
  16. 16. Whether it’s “Drink Wine Day” or “Mother’s Day”, look for ways to take advantage of chances to linking your promotional efforts with special celebrations. Advertise on Grocery Carts- too expensive? Negotiate with the Owner! =+
  17. 17. Use Facebook LIVE Use the Power of your Network: LinkedIn
  18. 18. Partner with Charities that Make Sense to your Business
  19. 19. Contagious - Why Things Catch On by Jonah Berger, a Marketing Professor at the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. Book Recommendation:
  20. 20. Sweet & Spicy Questions, Welcomed. Preferably Sweet. Thank you!
  21. 21. For Life's Sweet & Spicy Moments Contact: @RedHeadWine / @MarisaSergi