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Cover letter

  1. 1. 1208 W. Neely Avenue<br />Muncie, IN, 47303<br />February 22, 2011<br />Brianne Ballard<br />Elle Communications<br />2525 NW Expressway <br />Suite 407<br />Oklahoma City, OK, 73112<br />Salutations Ms./Mrs. Ballard,<br />I was recently searching to inquire on marketing jobs and happened to run across an ad placed by your company, Elle Communications. I am working toward a major in Telecommunications with a focus in marketing and was interested in applying for a position in Elle Communications not only because of the prominence of the company, but also for the vast amount of knowledge and experience I would be able to obtain. I’ve been involved in sports and organizations nearly my whole life, which would make working in a team setting not only comfortable for myself, but it would make for a better transition and camaraderie within the team itself. Granted, I am lacking an internship, working with a growing company such as Elle Communications would solidify my experience in the world of Marketing. I have always had jobs that primarily involve interacting with people on a somewhat personal level, which I think would work great with your company’s view on interacting on a more personal level with Fortune 500 companies, rather than making your clients “just a number”.<br />One of the biggest factors that influenced my decision to apply for an entry-level job at Elle Communications was the stress put on not only professional growth of the company, but the mention of personal growth and using that experience as a stepping stone for furthering one’s career. It seems that Elle Communications is a great career builder for novice employees looking to take their careers to a higher level through experience and hard work via face-to-face interactions, which I think is vital to anybody interested in a career in marketing. My experiences in working with the public, not only through my various jobs in restaurants, but also through interactions in various volunteer activities (coaching children at a local basketball camp) would make me ideal for this position because I have had experience with numerous demographics.<br />After evaluating the values and aspirations of your company, I would enjoy nothing more than to be a part of Elle Communications’ team effort in organizing and creating portfolios for other successful businesses. Hopefully, you will take the time to review my attached résumé and qualifications for this entry-level position and consider my application as a potential job recruit.<br />Sincerely,<br />Christopher D. Haygood<br />