How to Make Cardboard Coffins


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How to Make Cardboard Coffins

  1. 1. How to Make Cardboard CoffinsCardboard coffins have two main uses: Environment-friendly funeral services and theatrical or props for Halloween. Withmost manufactured caskets using formaldehyde, exotic woods and a number of the earths precious resources, manyeco-friendly or green people are opting for cardboard coffins either assembled on their own or purchased from reputableeco-funeral companies for an eco-friendly burial service. In addition to this, cardboard coffins provide an affordable, cost-effective option for theatrical and Halloween props. The cardboard casket is relatively easy to make and the materialsused to make the coffin are also quite cheap. In this article, we will learn how to make cardboard coffins.First of all, measure and outline the shape of the coffin or casket on a piece of corrugated cardboard paper. Draw a dottedline 6 feet and 6 inches down the center of the piece of cardboard. Next, draw a 14 inch line at a 90 degree angle to thedotted line with the intention that the end of the dotted line falls in the center of the new line. This will be your foot line forthe cardboard coffins.Draw a 12 inch line perpendicular to the dotted line at the other end with the aim that the end of the dotted line is atthe center of the new line. This will be your head line for the cardboard casket. Measure 19 inches down the dottedline starting from the head line and mark out the location. Place the yardstick perpendicular to the dotted line at the 18inch mark. Draw a vertical line up from the dotted line and down from the dotted line about 11 inches. This will be yourshoulder line for the cardboard coffins.Connect the end of the head line of the cardboard coffins to the end of the shoulder line on both sides. Join the end of theshoulder line of the cardboard coffins to the end of the foot line on both sides in order to complete the shape of the coffinor casket. Cut out the shape of the casket. Outline it onto another piece of cardboard and cut out that piece too, so thatyou have both, the lid as well as the bottom of the cardboard caskets. Next, cut a cardboard rectangle 16 inches by 12inches for the head panel and attach it to the head line of one slab so the panel stands straight up from the slab bottom,creating a side.Cut two cardboard rectangles 16 by 20 inches for shoulder panels. Attach them to the edge of the cardboard slabbetween the shoulder line and the head line of the coffin. Attach tape over the seam where the head panel converges withthe new shoulder panels. Cut out two more rectangles 16 by 64 inches for the torso panels and attach them to the slabbetween the shoulder and foot line.Place the coffin slab on top of the coffin box and secure the hinges using short screws to the lid and box approximately 6inches below the shoulder line on the side and six inches above the foot line on the side. Affix handles using short screwson the center of the panel approximately 12 inches down from the shoulder line and 12 inches up from the foot line andrepeat the process for the opposite side. Finally, paint the cardboard coffins on the outside and leave it to dry.For more information on Coffins, including other interesting and informative articles and photos, please click onthis link: How to Make Cardboard Coffins