How to use Innovative Architectures for Digital Enterprises


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How to use Innovative Architectures for Digital Enterprises

  1. 1. How to use Innovative Architectures
 for Digital Enterprises 
 Technovision 2014 & IAF v5 Patrice Duboé, Stockholm, November 12th
  2. 2. Agenda 1 Architecture trends, SMAC & Beyond 2 Technovision 2014 & Digital Enterprise 3 IAF v5 overlays & Reference Architectures 4 Go to Cloud with SkySight !2
  3. 3. Agenda 1 Architecture trends, SMAC & Beyond 2 Technovision 2014 & Digital Enterprise 3 IAF v5 overlays & Reference Architectures 4 Go to Cloud with SkySight !3
  4. 4. 2013 Architects challenges … Technology Business Complexity Manage Risks SMAC Mobility Extended Enterprise BPM DIGITAL Big Data Innovation Agile Excellence aTaWaD Integration Security Vision Social Media Added Value Deal Shapping Cloud Strategy !4
  5. 5. Digital Transformation and Innovation- The transformation from integrator of solutions to integrator and provider of services SECURI CYBER INNOVATION !5
  6. 6. ARCHITECTS PARADIGM Innovating for Business! !! ! ! ! While ! ! !! ! Reducing cost for management !6
  7. 7. Agenda 1 Architecture trends, SMAC & Beyond 2 Technovision 2014 & Digital Enterprise 3 IAF v5 overlays & Reference Architectures 4 Go to Cloud with SkySight !7
  8. 8. Capgemini TechnoVision reinvents itself From: ▪Technology Clusters! ! ! ▪17 Building Blocks! ! ! ! ▪Business Drivers! DESIGN FOR DIGITAL ▪Matrix! ▪Business Technology agenda To: ▪Technology Clusters! ▪ One change: Design for Digital! ! ▪37 Building Blocks! ▪ 7 Design principles! ▪ 30 Trends! ! ▪ Digital Transformation! ▪ Digital Spinal Cord! ▪ Digital Enterprise Architecture! ▪ DIGITAL ENTERPRISE !8
  9. 9. Overview: 7 Design Principles and 30 Trends Design For Digital" Invisible Infostructure 7. Think Design! 3. Real Real Time 3. Social Workers 4. The Art Of Data 4. No Work 5. Orchestrate for Simple 5. Data Apart Together 5. Friend Your Vending Machine ! ! ! Sector As A Service Process On The Fly You Experience 1. Vanilla Tastes Good 1. Object Of Desire 2. Process Is The New App 2. Zen Of The Task 3. Elastic Business 3. No Process 3. Sweat The Assets 4. Close To The Edge 4. String of Silos 4. Bring Your Office Device 5. No Apps Apps ! ! 1. Shades Of Process 2. Enterprise Candy Store ! ! ! ! 2. Profile As A Currency 4. Let’s Get Physical 4. Business, Mon Amour! 2. Intelligence Inside 3. Bon Risk Appetite 3. SMAC It Up! 1. My Data Is Bigger Than Yours 1. Social Is The New Oil 2. What Would Amazon Do? 2. InCrowd! 6. From Train to Scooter! We Collaborate 1. Virtual Lego 1. Born In The Cloud! 5. No Requirements! Thriving On Data 5. Co-Process 5. End User, End Producer ! ! ! ! !9
  10. 10. Digital Transformation is driven
 by emerging technologies .. • TechnoVision categorizes technology trends in 6 distinct clusters, aiming to better understand and position an abundance of new technologies • In the 2014 edition, each cluster consists of 5 technology trends • Each trend is described through actions to take, tools to consider and insights to gather • There are also 7 design principles (Design for Digital) that should be considered and applied throughout ! • Depending on the challenge an enterprise wants to address, relevant building blocks are selected and woven together in Digital Transformation story lines • These story lines can be used to discuss, test, validate and strategize DESIGN FOR DIGITAL !10
  11. 11. .. in 6 technology clusters .. • YOU EXPERIENCE: creating a highly individualized user experience for customers, employees and partners, leveraging multiple channels, notably mobile • WE COLLABORATE: building on the power of social media to connect, create and interact in new ways ! • THRIVING ON DATA: getting actionable insight and business value from structured and unstructured data outside and inside the enterprise • PROCESS ON THE FLY: adding the next level of agility and manageability to enterprise processes ! • SECTOR AS A SERVICE: rebuilding core applications into a standardized catalogue of enterprise business services • INVISIBLE INFOSTRUCTURE: transforming the IT infrastructure towards a true utility that provides the foundation for technology-driven change DESIGN FOR DIGITAL !11
  12. 12. .. each with unique change challenges .. ! • Outside-in perspectives. New ways of understanding and reaching out to clients, partners and employees. Leveraging all new channels. High speed. Organic growth. Potential change of business model. Possible cannibalization. ! • Creating better business capabilities by transforming data into actionable insight and new value. Better sensing of crucial outside and inside events. Enhanced abilities to immediately respond to changing circumstances. Business proximity. ! • Rebuilding the foundation for technology-driven business change. Cost reduction. Simplification. Extreme rationalization. Integration, orchestration and platforms. Catalogue-based delivery of services. Redefining the IT department. DESIGN FOR DIGITAL !12
  13. 13. .. and underpinned by 7 design principles .. • BORN IN THE CLOUD: Consider Cloud-based solutions as the default ! • BUILD SOCIAL: embed social leverage in your solutions right from the beginning ! • SMAC IT UP: maximize the impact of Digital Transformation by combing technology drivers ! • BUSINESS, MON AMOUR: alignment is not enough anymore, it’s all about fusion ! • NO REQUIREMENTS: explore the art of the possible with a catalogue-first mentality ! • FROM TRAIN TO SCOOTER: enable different levels of agility and speed across the enterprise ! • THINK DESIGN: take a radical outside-in approach to reshaping the business technology landscape DESIGN FOR DIGITAL !13
  14. 14. Live the TV2014 experience & join us on our public CTO Blog for next months ! ! ▪ !14
  15. 15. Agenda 1 Architecture trends, SMAC & Beyond 2 Technovision 2014 & Digital Enterprise 3 IAF v5 overlays & Reference Architectures 4 Go to Cloud with SkySight !15
  16. 16. IAF versions, back to history v3 best practices incorporate v1 1993 ✓ IAF first Draft 
 ! v4.5 from Ernst & Young, which had recently been acquired Fundament of the framework Best practices update 1994 ✓ 1998 v2 full support for provide information systems architecture, and laid foundations in other areas. ✓ 2000 ✓ 2006 v4 IAF reference manual ✓ 2009 ✓ 2013 ✓ V5 !16
  17. 17. IAF LAYERS (ABSTRACTION) WHY? Contextual UNDERSTAND Security Governance WHAT? Conceptual HOW? Logical WITH WHAT? Physical DESCRIBE Business Informati on Information
 Systems Infrastructure STRUCTURE ALLOCATE !17
  18. 18. THE IACF MODEL !18
  19. 19. 2 main improvement axis 1. ! Industrialization: Need of architecture artifacts capitalization on a global scale for reuse on RFP or projects.! – Easy / Pragmatic / Focused on ROI: the use of the overlays & the data collection process shall be as simple as possible.! – Evolving / constant improvement / market ready / Agile! ! 2. Improvement of IAF meta model (Streams)" – Data vs Information! – Business Agility & Governance Those 2 aspects are addressed by IAF v5 !19
  20. 20. OVERLAYS CONCEPT WITH HOUSE ARCHITECTURE & ENTERPRISE / SOLUTION ARCHITECTURE Enterprise / Solution Information System Architecture House architecture Structure your delivery through: • Plan • Bills of Material • Contracts with subcontractors • IACF • • • • • ! Layers Aspects Artifacts Views Interaction model Boost you productivity with: • Pre made interior plan for typical customer (Family with 2 kinds, single, Senior couple) ! • Pre defined outside form / material of building (per region) • Sector and Architecture style overlays !20
 What are overlays? – a set of example of artifacts related in all or part of aspects areas, layers & views grouped by: – Sector – Architecture Style ! • Sector Overlay – Generic artifacts that are applicable to a sector – Mainly in contextual / conceptual B&I ! • Architecture Style Overlay – artifacts will mainly belong to contextual and all layers … that uses the structure of IACF to ensure capitalization !21
 AS A STRUCTURAL ELEMENT FOR IAFV5 Be ready for the IAF V5 overlay game ! !22
  23. 23. OVERLAY (SERIOUS) GAME Aeronautics overlay Cloud overlay Agile overlay Finance overlay IAF Content Framework stands for the structure. Overlays are the content. !23
  24. 24. A WORLDWIDE INITIATIVE OF THE GLOBAL ARCHITECTURE COMMUNITY People involved in IAF v5 per country number or people 5 3,75 2,5 1,25 0 Total !24
  25. 25. ACHIEVEMENTS Overlay Contents Aeronautics Initialized contextual artifacts Finance 3 overlays per subdomain (Retail Banking …) Insurance 1 overlay Retail 1 detailed overlay Utilities CRM domain overlay Business domain decomposition Infrastructure Model in Sparx EA of all the TI components that can be used in an information system. Telco Business domain decomposition Transport One deliverable example with Business Domain, IS Services, Logical Components & Physical Mapping Work ongoing for : Mobile, Security, Automotive, Tax, Outsourcing , Lifescience !25
  26. 26. PAYMENTS ARCHITECTURE Billing Support Services Payment Billing Payment Rate & Charge Payment Agreement Management Payment Product Management Customer Account Management Counterparty Management Core Services Payment Release Channel Services Receive Instruction(s) Instruction Validation Instruction Enrichment Instruction Scheduling Payment DD Mandate Handling Handling bulk payments Bank Applications Nostro/Vostro Management FX Rate Management Liquidity Position Handling General Ledger Update Counterparty Management Cash and Account Management IVR Fax/Email Internet Mobile Bank clerk File Transmission Physical Media SWIFT Finance Support Services Instruction Internal Routing Payment Instruction Balance Check Credit Check Liquidity Check Regulatory/Compliance Check Treasury Capital Markets Securities Loans Trade Finance Payment Order FX Rating Order Routing & Scheduling Financial/Acct. Positions Update Payment Charge Handling Send Payment Order(s) Receive Payment Order(s) Confirmation Handling R-Transactions Notification Service Payment Status Notifications Payment Warehouse (Operational Data Store) Payment Operations Management Services Customer Support Monitor and Control Services Investigation and Exception Payment Complaint & Disputes Payment Repair Reference Data Management Payment Status and Monitoring Authorization Management Alert Management Payment Workflow Management Payment Queue Management MOP (Routing) Management Payment Reconciliation Fina ncial Mess age Exch ange Servi FM Exchange Network (SWIFT a.o.) ce Client and Product Management Services Customer Information Reporting Distribution Channel Management Payment Template Management Credit Limit Management DD Mandate Management Audit Support Services ! Chaps BACS Faster Payment Fedwire CHIPS CLS Euroclear EBA EURO 1/2 EBA STEP 1/2 TARGET 2 Correspondent Banks Compliance Support Services Transactional Archiving Audit Trail Financial Market Infrastructures Sanction List Verification Internal Black/Grey List Fraud Analysis Fraud Detection Regulatory Compliance !26
  27. 27. !27
  29. 29. ! ! ! SPA ENTERPRISE ARCHITECT ▪ UML / BPMN tool with Enterprise Architecture extensions like! ▪TOGAF! ▪ArchiMate! ! ▪ Meta model of IAF v4.5/v5 has been developed by our Australian colleagues !29
  31. 31. FROM REQUIREMENTS TO PHYSICAL DEPLOYMENT. EX 1 Logical components Requirements tracability IS Services map Collaboration Server User PC Collaboration DB HTTP «Physical compo... Cytoscape «Physical compo... Alfresco T-SQL «Physical compo... SQL Server SSH / SCP «Physical compo... Internet Explorer HTTP/LSF «executionEnvironment» Giseh/HPC Graph Server «Physical compo... Cytoscapeweb HTTP / REST «Physical compo... OrientDB HTTP / REST «Physical compo... Model Core Physical components Physical deployment !31
  32. 32. FROM AUSSIE DOWN UNDER … EX2 !32
  33. 33. WHAT’S NEXT ? 1. Cover more sectors ! 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Life Science! Mobile ! Security! Automative! More details in Aerospace! ….! ! 2. Ensure that we have different views per overlay! ▪ ▪ ▪ High level for communication / sales! Low level for delivery! Physical level with Partner vendors !33
  34. 34. CONTACT US ! Patrice DUBOE Guillaume ALLEE Vice President Capgemini Global Architects Leader Managing Enterprise Architect 
 ! Capgemini Aerospace & Defense Toulouse - France 
 ! Mobile: +33 612246935 @pduboe ! Capgemini Aerospace & Defense Toulouse - France ! Mobile: +33682512063 @guillaumeallee !34
  35. 35. Agenda 1 Architecture trends, SMAC & Beyond 2 Technovision 2014 & Digital Enterprise 3 IAF v5 overlays & Reference Architectures 4 Go to Cloud with SkySight !35
  36. 36. SkySight for Clients 13th September 2013
  37. 37. Why SkySight? ▪ Common development and delivery platform for Orchestrated Cloud Services! ▪ Provides customer with Cloud choice, a pay-per-use model and competitive pricing! ▪ Improved speed to market, providing customers with global implementation and access “with a click”! ▪ Definition of an Applications portfolio and Catalogue! ▪ Endorses ‘Device and Services’, simplifying user and business vision of IT! ▪ Aligned with and enabling ‘consumerisation of IT’! ▪ Extends and complements existing public cloud offerings! ▪ Extend existing platforms with packaged Business Solutions! ▪ Leverages existing technology ecosystems !37
  38. 38. SkySight – What is it? •Private Cloud Environment • • • Secure & confidential hosting under EU jurisdiction High capacity with pay-per-use models Open migration path from legacy DC to public Cloud •Enterprise Application Store • • • • • Standard packaged solutions for common services Customized and specific solutions for enterprises Self-service portal with pay-per-use models Role-oriented dashboards, personalized for clients Integrated with client processes and budgeting •SkySight Orchestrated delivery • • • Guarantees robust, rapid and controlled delivery Provisioning, deployment and management can be policybased and integrated to client processes Integration with legacy client systems and/or public cloud !38
  39. 39. Client Benefits •Flexibility • Spanning Public / Private / Hybrid • Adoption of SkySight services at the client’s pace • Runs alongside legacy service ! •Speed to market • Deploy machines and services in hours rather than months ! •Business Productivity • Enterprise Apps store ! •Cost efficiency • Pay as you go with a single bill • Accelerate migration from Capex to Opex ! •Re-introduce control of IT landscape • Reporting and performance management • Data security, sovereignty and compliance • Policy and Directory !39
  40. 40. SkySight : Outline of the Architecture •SkySight Cloud environments •Private – in Capgemini DC or in Clients DC •Public – Microsoft Azure / Office 365 •Hybrid – Combining Private & Public Services ! •SkySight – Capgemini-developed orchestration layer •Integrates complex business process tasks and functions such as configuration, billing, metering, performance monitoring, provisioning, security and data compliance. •Bespoke per client based on common framework •Provides oversight, management and control; policy driven, secure ! •SkySight characteristics • Standards-based: compliant with NIST recommendations, use of open standards, enabling process standardisation and standardised services and interfaces • Flexibility & scalability: rapid enabling of new plug-and-play services as levels of demand change & flex • Integrated: process orchestration, data management, data analysis & integration to backoffice processes, solutions and legacy client IT environments • Security: built on deep security standards (e.g. 27001 & SAS70) ! • SkySight location Wave 1: Netherland, France, United Kingdom ! !40
  41. 41. SkySight Services Use Cases Application Builders Platform Consumers Platform Administrator Application Consumers SkySight Consulting Services Orchestration Managers 3rd Party Resellers Consume SkySight Enterprise Store SkySight Studio VSaaS + SkySight Libraries SkySight Orchestration Platform ! ! ! ! IaaS/PaaS SharePoint Dev Env. ISV SaaS Enterprise Localisation Marketplace MorphX + AX SDK SkySight Runtime Services Application Services Presentation Capgemini IP System Support Services SkySight Orchestration Enablement Layer Business Process Engine Policy Engine Billing Engine ! ! ! Performance Manager Provisioning Orchestrator Staging ! ! Physical Legacy IT Services Dedicated Private Cloud Services ! ! SkySight Virtual ! Private Cloud ! Services Service Desk & Support Orchestration Service Aggregation Cloud Services Services Base SkySight Console Microsoft Public Cloud Services 3rd Party ISV Solutions Solutions Hosting Dedicated Infrastructure Multi-tenant Infrastructure Infrastructure Multi-tenant Infrastructure Infrastructure !41
  42. 42. HOW DOES SKYSIGHT WORK IN PRACTICE? – SERVICE CONSUMPTION ! ▪ All SkySight Services Accessed through Custom Portals! ▪ Access and Permissions depending on role – all managed centrally !42
  43. 43. For the End user – Simplified access to services !43
  44. 44. For the CFO – Increased Cost Control !44
  45. 45. For the CIO – Increased Overview !45
  46. 46. For the CTO – Increased Focus on Performance !46
  47. 47. THANKS FOR YOUR ATTENTION! Patrice DUBOE Vice President Capgemini Global Architects Leader 
 ! Capgemini Aerospace & Defense Toulouse - France ! Mobile: +33 612246935 @pduboe !47
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