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A Serene Path to Cloud Adoption


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Cloud Computing is a megatrend, and an enabler for innovation and business transformation. This presentation is a summary of a Cloud Adoption Framework to the journey that business have to take on adopting, implementing and migrating to the Cloud.

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A Serene Path to Cloud Adoption

  1. 1. @ 2014 myCloudDoor. All rights reserved. 1 Business Transformation by Cloud Computing Adoption A Serene Path to Cloud Adoption José A. Hernández April, 2014
  2. 2. Cloud: Too Good to be True? • It´s mainstream and can´t be avoided • There are many strategic, business and technical advantages Business Agility, Economies of Scale, Time to Market, Point of Entry Time to Value, Innovation, Social, Collaboration, Deployment Speed, TCO… Cloud has become the greatest Enabler for Business Transformation
  3. 3. Denial will not get you there • Resistance to Change • Fear in IT • Lack of Knowledge generates Resistance • Resistance creates excuses • Excuses stop innovation • Without Innovation businesses can be hurt
  4. 4. Everybody agrees: With Cloud, one Size Does not Fit All The Right Answer for Cloud Adoption is the One that best Enables Business Benefits
  5. 5. Cloud Layers and Vendor Ecosystem Image from a Gravitant blog post, slightly modified to include additional current players There are thousands of Cloud Players already…. How to discern and choose the best for you?
  6. 6. 6 Infrastructure Applications Testing Analytics Database Business Processes User Productivity Telephony Marketing Automation Collaboration Social IT Operations Business Continuity Desktop Monitoring Integration Vertical Custom Made Apps Web Site email Mobile Data Management Interfaces Audit Governance Training ERP Networking M2M Big Data Middleware Single Sign On Compliance Document Management Identity Management MES Helpdesk Disaster Recovery ecommerce BPM Development Workflow Intranet Knowledge Management Reporting Storage CRM To Cloud what?
  7. 7. In Enterprise Environments, Cloud Adoption is not going to be easy There are too many options, constraints and dependencies There will be great need for Cloud Adoption consulting and advisory services Implementing and Migrating to Cloud are different processes and projects, but share common requirements
  8. 8. Cloud Adoption Framework 1. Business Strategy Phase 2. Assessment & Requirements 3. Transformational Design 4. Adoption & Implementation
  9. 9. 1. Business Strategy Phase Goals Stakeholders Metrics
  10. 10. 2.A - Cloud Adoption Assessment Current Technology Pain vs. Gain Workload Analysis Custom vs. Standard Data Streams Workplace Readiness App Dependency IT Staff Readiness Constraints Costs Governance Service Catalog & SLAs Contracts Operations Maintenance …
  11. 11. PUBLIC PRIVATE HYBRID 2.B - Cloud Adoption Requirements Functionality Performance Compatibility Scalability Manageability Security Portability Enablement Availability Data Migration Networking Localization Integration Mobility Adaptability Deployment Ecosystem Compliance
  12. 12. 3. Transformational Design Cloud Models and Components Workplace Design Integration Design Data Management Security and Business Continuity Compliance Governance Framework Program Planning Change Management Enablement Plan
  13. 13. 4. Cloud Adoption and Implementation OCM Execution Migration Project (s) Implementation Project (s) Configure Integration Cloud Elements Deployment
  14. 14. How Cloud is Transforming IT Departments • Nothing to fear, more significant and meaningful tasks with an increased involvement in business objectives and company innovation • IT is getting redefined for additional and different tasks and dropping the operational non adding value activities, those get “cloud-and-out-sourced” • A degree of Cloud technology, knowledge and skills will be a must • IT is more critical than ever for Cloud Adoption even if budgets or purchasing decisions originate in LOBs • IT is the focal point to avoid data silos and integration nightmares • A new or evolved governance model and service catalog is required • Contracting, Managing and Monitoring multivendor contracts and SLAs will play a critical role within IT
  15. 15. Some Conclusions • Cloud Computing is an Unavoidable Megatrend (and a logical evolution of both IT engineering and economics) • Strategic Cloud Adoption leads to Real Business Transformation • Each Company has different needs for Adopting Cloud, and will take different Roads • A Cloud Adoption Framework is just a helpful tool, a Reminder, just take what you need • Measure the Risks, Measure the Benefits…. Remember “No Risk, No Fun” • IT is not at all in danger, IT makes more sense than ever
  16. 16. Prepared by: José A. Hernández Miami, April, 2014 If you are in a hurry, get dressed slowly A Serene Path to Cloud Adoption Thanks so much for watching this presentation