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Good ideas come from many different sources. However,the majority of internauts is still anchored to the traditional web search engines.Internet is a fast growing space that grows by compartments and …

Good ideas come from many different sources. However,the majority of internauts is still anchored to the traditional web search engines.Internet is a fast growing space that grows by compartments and different data sources.Open-data are the emblematic example of this discontinuity: many data sources but no centralizing tools.Vestige is intended to fill this gap: a bridge between compartments.Its aim is to let users find their answers from heterogeneous data and collaborate to refine the results.

This is the presentation of Vestige idea for Apps4Italy 2012 Contest. By Manh Luong Bui and Simone Campora

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  • 1. VESTIGE Your tags, your way.Manh Luong Bui manh.luong@gmail.comSimone Campora
  • 2. ELEVATOR PITCHVestigeIt is a new approach to use your tags, from web sources.Vestige is an entry point App for mixed-content data to besearched, organized and shared with your virtual communities.The Idea go ;- ) oSearching the information you want is more and more a O ur lmixed task of data digging across different data sources. Opendata are the emblematic example of this digital division.Our GoalTo liberate open-data and make them accessible as a tag-based search engine across multiple access points.
  • 3. THE PROBLEMLiberate Open-dataSearching for the right thing for you might starts from open-data insteadof Google-like website search.A New Era in Content SearchWe believe that the search habits of the coming future will be heterogeneous (across open-data web, social networks) content independent (text, media, ...) collaborative (users MUST influence the quality of results)Tagging, Tagging, TaggingNowadays we tag many things, we found tags in many other contexts,however no simple and unified mechanism exists to search for tags, in asimple way, your way.
  • 4. OUR SOLUTION Users using your preferred virtual communities you can search-by-tag your open data together with other data sources (e.g. Twitter, Evernote notes)* you can organize, classify and share the resulting contents* our first prototype will integrate only Twitter and Evernote
  • 5. OUR SOLUTION Search Examplemobile open-datasets Twitter Evernote select a theme list your tags navigate the open- data for matching tags go to your Twitter account to see what you know about those tags See what you have noted about such tags in your documents
  • 6. MARKET SIZE400 M All Users: all smartphone owners in 201210 M Adopters: users that we expect to try the free version the first 5 years1M Buyers: users that we expect buy the full version of the App in the first 5 years200 K Prophets: users that will actively involve others in the community
  • 7. BUSINESS MODEL Revenues Pay-per-App version Costs Sponsored topics Software Development Customized views (e.g. Cloud Management Value Proposition alerts on specific themes) Community coordination A new platform to Subscription to store more access diversified data tags per time unit. through tags. Channels A revolutionary Tech blogs approach to tag-search Social networks Segments App Markets Customers Tech. GurusKey Partners Social network users Any smartphone user Advertising companiesAll the other social networks
  • 8. PROPRIETARY TECHDevice development tools and licensesThe application will be cross-platform onAndroid, Apple iOS, Windows Phone and Desktops (via webaccess)Cloud InfrastructureIt will be implemented as an Hadoop-based cloud in order toprofit from the low maintenance and operational costs(completely variable costs, no big entry-investment!)HostingWebhosting for accessing the cloud from the web (bothwebsite clients and web-services)
  • 9. COMPETITIONThere is no direct competitor. However some classes ofapplications are close to our concept:Social Bookmarking It allows you to take webpage content published on a website and share it with your communityMixed content Taggers It allows you to take media content from the internet, classify it and “pin” it to the pinterest communityWeb Automators Drops similar actions into different Social networks seamlessly
  • 10. MARKETING PLANGive us your attention!We need to get noticed! With the help of first prophets, wewill spread the results via active bloggers, and social networksand online newspapers.We’ll give you something for free!The free version of the App will include most of the featuresto speed up the building of the first installed base.Gradually increase the interactivity!We will add more and more data sources and access fromdifferent virtual communities to let the community grow!
  • 11. TEAM / HIRESPhase 1 - Concept and DevelopmentTwo developers are needed full time for the development ofthe main infrastructure and mobile applicative clientsPhase II - Beta prototype releaseOne developer needed full time to track and solve issues onclient software, for content validation - A second role isneeded to take care of first adopters and marketing.Phase III - Community BoostHalf time developer on maintenance and improvements and1.5 time to be spent in content monitoring and appdissemination to increase the installed base
  • 12. MONEY / MILESTONE Phase 1 - Concept and Development = 10 Man Days Specifications Mobile development Cloud developmentPhase II - Beta prototype release MarketingBug fixing/data training Customer carePhase III - Community BoostCommunity animation Content monitoring Customer assistance
  • 13. CONCLUSIONSWe have a lot of Strengths!We have an innovative App to navigate tags. Those tags can be used to keepmemory of important searches, profiting of the open-data world.Little Weaknesses!Tagging is not always a popular habit. We have to ensure very good taggingtips and quality to give back to the users a real added value.But more Opportunities!Diversified data sources get more people engaged during several activities oftheir life. On the other hand, a clear vision of the diversification helps peopleto get involved more effectively.Knowing the Treats we will face!Getting revenues from open-data is not trivial!
  • 14. ADDENDUM: COMPLETE ABSTRACT 1/3• Good ideas come from many different sources. However, the majority of internauts is still anchored to the most popular search tools: the web search engines. The search engines are powerful and reliable tools but many times the same results would have been significantly more effective to gather via Twitter hashtags search, or simply enriched by those old Evernote notes that user had created months ago.• Internet is a fast growing space and it often grows in separated compartments: different social networks, different database sources and more generally, different web applications.• Those web applications often do have APIs to talk to the rest of The Net, however there are no tools that effectively connect each compartment following the user needs and preferences.• Would it be nice to have a centralized place to store and manage searched keywords (tags) that links together various sources so that we might spend less time jumping from one platform to another?
  • 15. ADDENDUM: COMPLETE ABSTRACT 2/3• Open-data are the emblematic example of this discontinuity: many data sources with standardized access methods but no centralized search tools to merged results. It will explain how tags are correlated across different applications but also what the web community is saying about this topic right now (through Twitter hashtags) and what we have saved about the topic (in our Evernote account).• Vestige is intended to fill this gap: a bridge between compartments, a tool to keep track of different sources. It will also let user know what his contacts are looking for and what are the most popular tags right now. Vestige will not only connect different data sources but also different searchers, persons, to let them collaborate building a new way of searching.• With the help of our App, the constellation of open-datasets will found a natural reunification. Users will experience a new, revolutionary approach to web search where the web pages will no more have a prioritized position in respect of the open data.
  • 16. ADDENDUM: COMPLETE ABSTRACT 3/3• Furthermore the users will be able to actively participate to a collaborative organization of the results via thematic tagging of the results and sharing facilities with their preferred virtual community. Personal tagging is another crucial aspect of our proposal: users will be able to define, organize, add semantics and share their tags with the ones they love, via a simple touch on the screen.• Lets take a last example: how to figure out about the past of a politician? What does she or he have done regarding a specific topic? User will be able to search not only through a specific open data source but also in his personal blog, in his Flickr account and in that news site that he trusts so much. All of that from a central place, all of that as the user likes.