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My own little twist to a resume that won me a trip to New York City my Senior year in college

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Brian Yutzy Professional Portfolio Final Version1

  1. 1. Brian Yutzy Pr o f e s s i o n a l Portf olio
  2. 2. Brian Yutzy Professional Portfolio "Success doesn't come to you…you go to it." -M a r v a C ollin s - “We aim above the mark to hit the mark” -Ralph Waldo Emerson- Profile Ho m e t o w n : Cleveland/Berea, OH Browns/Cavaliers/Indians Curr e n t Ad d r e s s : 36 South Congress Athens OH, 45701 Ba c h e l o r De gr e e : College of Business, Major: Finance, Minor: Sales Pr o f e s s i o n a l C a r e e r : TSC Coach and Candidate Co-Director Biography Brian Yutzy is a big name in Berea, a small town just outside of Cleveland, Ohio. His parents taught him strive to be honest, reliable, and hardworking, and he has pursued his personal, academic, professional, and career goals with these values in mind. During Brian’s freshman year at school he worked to start the first Club Wrestling team in Ohio University history. He spent weeks contacting business executives within the university and throughout the community. In 2005, Brian had a team of just 14 members and only 4 partnering schools in the community that would enter tournaments with each other. Just four years later, in large part due to Brian’s efforts, Ohio University has developed a program so rigorous that there are now close to 40 members who wrestle and partner with schools, not only throughout the community, but throughout the United States. Brian is confident that his determination will pay off with the program’s being one day nationally recognized. Athens, OH (440)567-7027 email:
  3. 3. Brian Yutzy Professional Portfolio "Success doesn't come to you…you go to it." -M a r v a C ollin s - It was the beginning of sophomore year when Brian was accepted to and joined Delta Tau Delta. At first, the primary reason for joining the fraternity life was to meet new friends and experience new opportunities. After just 1 quarter with the fraternity, Brian decided to run for the executive position, “Academic Chair”. With the help of a great band of friends/brother’s he helped raise academic expectations and led by example with his first Dean’s List award. Brian joined the Ralph and Lucy Shey Sales Centre (just recently recognized as the # 1 sales program in the United States) the first quarter of his junior year. He immediately heard of an opportunity to become a leader and receive the title of, “Coach and Candidate Treasurer. Only 6 months later the program was considering splitting the heavy load of work on the director and offered me the new position of, “Coach and Candidate Co-Director.” The idea behind the committee was to partner participants with different companies involved with the Sales Centre, and let their coaches’ help develop them personally and professionally. With this new position he was in charge of organizing and leading quarterly conference calls between program mentors and student participants. He took the position with full responsibility and is utilizing his leadership skills to ensure that the committee stays pro-active. The summer before senior year Brian went to Belo Horizonte, Brazil for the Global Competitiveness Program (GCP). In Brazil he effectively worked in a cross-cultural team, while gaining hands-on experience when solving a REAL business problem. While developing and presenting suggestions for a Brazilian university to offer their services in the United States, Brian developed personally by managing himself in an unfamiliar environment in a short time-frame. It was more than just work in Brazil for Brian. He met life-long friends that he still is in communication with today Brian’s senior year he interned with Alloy Engineering Company in Cleveland, OH. This was a great opportunity for Brian and helped him to develop his professional skills. While interning, he managed and updated the company CRM system to maintain current clients and generate new leads. He even had the opportunity to call on some current clients in an effort to build relationships and increase business by addressing the changing needs of the client base. Working in this fast-paced sales environment helped Brian to foster an understanding of relationship building and maintaining. Brian has had a very energetic college career. He always tries to stay positive and keep his head up no matter what situation he encounters. It has always been important for Brian to really enjoy life no matter what uncomfortable circumstances he encounters. Brian will fully explain why he values life the way he does a little later on in his portfolio. Athens, OH (440)567-7027 email:
  4. 4. Brian Yutzy Professional Portfolio "Success doesn't come to you…you go to it." -M a r v a C ollin s - Vision & Goals Anybody that really knows Brian would tell you that he is a family man. He grew up with parents who taught him his primary morals: • "Practice what you preach" • “Don't burn out someone else's candle to brighten your own" • "Greed and envy lose all" Brian’s parents have truly helped to develop the man he is today. Through the past few years with the help of family and friends, Brian has not only grown professionally, but also personally. He understands the importance of goals and insists that they must be believable, achievable, controllable, and truly desirable. Some of the goals that have helped to construct Brian are: Edu c a t i o n Athens, OH (440)567-7027 email:
  5. 5. Brian Yutzy Professional Portfolio "Success doesn't come to you…you go to it." -M a r v a C ollin s - • Graduate from Ohio University (June, 2009) • Develop “Coach & Candidate” program to its full potential and pass it on to the most qualified candidates to further develop the program • Leave Ohio University knowing that OU Club Wrestling will continue to develop and grown after I leave Career • Continue to develop and grow professionally throughout my whole career • Always remember to be a “Continuous Learner”. You never know enough and can always learn something new • To confront my intelligence with new and challenging ideas • Make more than $100,000 in my first 3 years out of school. I have always been competitive, but never boastful. I know what value I can bring to a company and want to prove it with my performance Health • Continue to find time to work out 3-5 times a week. I really do believe that exercise keeps the mind and body healthy and consistent • Always confront my intelligence with new and challenging ideas Pastime • Truly enjoy life to its fullest. People always talk about “living life to its fullest”, but rarely realize how quickly it can be taken from you. I have created my own “bucket list” of things I want to do before my life is over. For example, I currently have 36 ideas such as: 1. Be a part of “The running of the bulls.” 2. Visit all 50 states 3. Watch the sunrise on Copacabana with the most beautiful girl in the world. 4. Learn how to play the guitar with some friends I will continue to add more to my bucket list as I come up with new ideas, but I think I have a pretty good start. This is just a fun way to really enjoy life and continue to experience new opportunities. Athens, OH (440)567-7027 email:
  6. 6. Brian Yutzy Professional Portfolio "Success doesn't come to you…you go to it." -M a r v a C ollin s - Family • I am a firm believer that every person has a dream in life. After having a near death experience I asked my parents what their dream was. My Dad told me he had always dreamt of being in an airplane and flying above the fireworks on the 4th of July. My mom didn’t know yet, but told me she would think more about it and let me know. I would like to make my parents dream come true one day and tangibly prove to them how important they have been in my life. Mission Statement Brian’s Mission Statement helps him reach his goals and continues to help him “Dare to Dream”. My purpose throughout each day of my life is to express my commitment to loyalty so that I can improve myself personally and professionally, lead a successful career that I will enjoy, and take on any challenges that come my way. I will do this by continuing my education both academically and personally so that I may continue to grow and learn in order to make a progressive, effective, and beneficial impact in my relationships with other people and my environment. Personal Values/Strengths Change- Change is constant. I believe that people should have a self-improvement plan for their own personal development and growth. With change playing an active role in my life I have the choice to grow, learn, and become the person I aspire to be. This helps me not to be fearful of new challenges and instead embrace them. For me there is more security in the adventurous and exciting, for in movement there is life, and in change there is power. Commitment- I think out of all my values, commitment has been the biggest player into shaping the person that I am today. To me, the most important single factor in individual success is commitment. I remember my mom always telling me, “stand for something or you’ll fall for anything.” This phrase gave me the courage to stand up for what I believe in and make the best Athens, OH (440)567-7027 email:
  7. 7. Brian Yutzy Professional Portfolio "Success doesn't come to you…you go to it." -M a r v a C ollin s - impression I can on the people around me. Paying the price that commitment commands has payoffs worth the cost - a reputation for integrity and, even more important, the commitment of others in return. Loyalty- Short and simple, honesty builds character. It is extremely important for me to be honest to the people around because I value their trust and respect. I know that it could take years to gain trust and only minutes to lose it, so I value loyalty to its fullest. Passion- Passion is a strength that directly motivates me to achieve excellence. I think that passion moves people to notice you and, more importantly, to listen. That sounds like a position I would like to be in. I imagine myself speaking to potential customers in such a way that they wouldn’t be able to turn away from me. I am speaking with such feeling that they can’t help but be as enthusiastic and excited as I am about my product. But I’m not exactly talking about being overly aggressive. When you’re passionate about something you don’t necessarily need aggression. I will naturally exude an aura or magnetism that articulates my feelings. My passion will continue to improve my personal and professional growth throughout my life. BRIAN YUTZY’S CREDENTIALS Education Major: Finance Minor: Professional Sales Certificate- Sales Expected Graduation Date: June, 2009 Current G.P.A: 3.42 Athens, OH (440)567-7027 email:
  8. 8. Brian Yutzy Professional Portfolio "Success doesn't come to you…you go to it." -M a r v a C ollin s - Leadership Experience The Ralph and Lucy Shey Sales Centre Co-Director of Coach and Candidate Committee (Feb 2008—Present) • 28- hour, cross disciplinary, competitive- entry sales program • Organize and lead quarterly conference calls between program mentors and student participants • Plan activities and events for all 42 coach and candidate program participants • Oversee Coach and Candidate Committee and assigned work to members in support of strategic and tactical goals Delta Tau Delta Fraternity Academic Chair INCLUDEPICTURE " ixM:" * MERGEFORMATINET (Dec 2007-Dec 2007) • Set academic standards and requirements for Fraternity brothers • Participated in on-campus and off-campus philanthropic, professional, networking, and fundraising activities Ohio University Club Wrestling Team Co-Captain (Nov 2006- Present) • Developed and implemented Club Wrestling at Ohio University Athens, OH (440)567-7027 email:
  9. 9. Brian Yutzy Professional Portfolio "Success doesn't come to you…you go to it." -M a r v a C ollin s - • Enhanced Ohio University athletic image by networking with surrounding with Universities and setting up competitive events • Recorded a record of 21-3 my sophomore year, Conference Finalist, National Qualifier I had a great experience and opportunity interning with the Parma Municipal Courthouse just outside of Cleveland, Ohio. A probation officer unexpectedly was struck with an illness that was going to take her out of work for almost 3 months. They asked me if I would be willing to fill her position and take on her responsibilities for the summer. I honestly didn’t even think I could legally be considered a Probation Officer without extensive training or courses, but I accepted the challenge. Parma Municipal Courts, Parma, Ohio- Probation Officer (June 2005- June 2007) • Placed individuals with last names H-O on probation while entering them into the necessary correction/rehabilitation programs • Scheduled meetings for probationers and created agendas for the next appointments • Documented progress and informed each individual what they must do for the remaining period of their probation Global Competitiveness Program Belo Horizonte, Brazil (Jan 27- Feb 11 2008) • Effectively work in a cross-cultural team, while gaining hands-on experience when solving a REAL business problem • Develop appreciation and sensitivity to cross-cultural business environment • Develop personally by managing yourself in an unfamiliar environment in a short time The Alloy Engineering Company Sales & Marketing Assistant (Nov 2008-Jan 2009) Athens, OH (440)567-7027 email:
  10. 10. Brian Yutzy Professional Portfolio "Success doesn't come to you…you go to it." -M a r v a C ollin s - • Manage and Update Company CRM system to maintain current clients and generate new leads • Call current clients in an effort to build relationships and increase business by addressing the changing needs of the client base • Aid in marketing efforts by designing company line cards, and composing emails to be sent to current and prospective customers • Work in a fast-paced sales environment fostering an understanding of relationship maintaining and building Fun Facts Favorite Movies: 1. Gladiator 2. The Godfather 3. Blood Diamond 4. Braveheart 5 . Fight Club 6. A Beautiful Mind 7. Boondock Saints Some Favorite Songs 1. Margaritaville- Jimmy Buffett 2. Twenty-One- Corey Smith 3. Stronger- Kanye West 4. I Can Sleep When I’m Dead- Jason Michael Carroll 5. You’re Nobody Till Somebody Loves You- Dean Martin 6. Here I Go Again- Whitesnake 7. Don’t Take The Girl- Tim McGraw Athens, OH (440)567-7027 email:
  11. 11. Brian Yutzy Professional Portfolio "Success doesn't come to you…you go to it." -M a r v a C ollin s - Testimonials January 22, 2009 "Brian's pragmatic approach to taking action speaks volumes about his attitude toward results. As a pioneering leader in founding OU's first Club wrestling program, Brian understands the challenge of creating something out of nothing. Whether on the mat or in the board room, Brian is the type of team player you can count on to take accountability and beat the competition." Cheers, Gregory Kaple Senior Partner Integrated Management Services 14 Wall Street; New York, NY 10005 January 23, 2009 “I have known and worked with Brian over the past year through the Ohio University Sales Centre Coach and Candidate Program. Brian exhibits a high level of energy, passion, and dedication in all his endeavors including education, sports, and his future career in sales. His eagerness to learn, combined with his work effort, allows him to accomplish any task or goal that he is faced with. I would highly recommend Brian and believe that he would be an asset to any sales organization.” Talk to ya soon, Bob Balogh Vice President Affiliate Sales Director Fifth Third Processing Solution Athens, OH (440)567-7027 email:
  12. 12. Brian Yutzy Professional Portfolio "Success doesn't come to you…you go to it." -M a r v a C ollin s - Designers and Manufacturers of Heat and Corrosion Resistant Metal Products Friday, March 06, 2009 Subject: Recommendation for Brian Yutzy To Whom It May Concern: Alloy Engineering employed Brian Yutzy as an intern during 2008 in our Sales and Marketing Department. During this time Brian performed several different projects including researching information on prospects and updating our customer database. Brian completed his projects on time and in a professional manner. Brian is an intelligent and motivated individual. He exhibited a genuine desire to succeed and develop the skills needed to be successful. While Brian was here, we asked him to complete a behavioral “Disk” to see what his natural abilities were. We found that Brian’s natural abilities show he would excel in a sales and marketing position. I would highly recommend Brain for employment and feel he would be an asset to any organization. I have several interns work with me during my career and would rate Brain as top performer. If you would like additional information about Brian, you can email me at or call me a 440 243 6800 X179. Sincerely, Patt Cretu‐Ball Sales & Marketing Manager Athens, OH (440)567-7027 email:
  13. 13. Brian Yutzy Professional Portfolio "Success doesn't come to you…you go to it." -M a r v a C ollin s - The biggest hurdle I ever overcame was recovering from a car accident that nearly took my life. We were on a family vacation in Sandusky, Ohio and I decided to go on a run after a good steak dinner. A car traveling roughly 55 mph struck me. I was life-flighted to Toledo Hospital, where I spent 9 days receiving treatment. People don’t realize how precious life is. Ever since the accident I have tried to enjoy life a little more and I think it’s because now I truthfully know how quick it can be taken from you. My younger brother, and best friend, wrote the letter below for one of his senior English classes. I wanted to make it sound as “real” as possible so I want to show you the original rough draft. Chris Yutzy Mrs. Duiker College Composition 1 October 2007 A Roll e r Coa s t e r of Em o ti o n s The sounds of helicopter blades cutting the wind and the sight of red and blue flashing lights are things that I can never hear or see again without remembering the worst night of my life. As I hear a helicopter pass over head, having nothing to do with me, I still get the chills from the memory of my family crying, the blood on the ground, and my brother, half alive, laying on the cold pavement. It was the first day I had not gone running with my brother and cousin while we were on vacation. I decided to stay back and watch a movie, randomly doing sets of push-ups as I watched. “Help…..Help” The blood curling scream of my cousin came through the open front door of the condominium my family had been staying at while on vacation. I did not hesitate and ran outside. I passed my cousin as he went to look for Athens, OH (440)567-7027 email:
  14. 14. Brian Yutzy Professional Portfolio "Success doesn't come to you…you go to it." -M a r v a C ollin s - help. His face, covered in sweat and tears, only made me more fearful. One thousand thoughts rushed through my head as I ran down the parking lot. As I reached the street, I looked left to see a small black car parked on the side of the road, and to the right I saw a lady kneeling over a body that had apparently been hurt very severely. I ran the fifty yards to see my brother lying on his side, with an eight centimeter laceration blown out on the back of his head, and his right shoulder shredded by the pavement. Coming from my brother’s head seemed to be a river of blood flowing all the way to the grass on the side of the road. My first thoughts were to pick up my dead brother and get him out of the street. The lady kneeling over him told me she was a nurse and that she needed me to stabilize his head. I set his head in my hands and prayed to god for him to be all right. The first car that pulled up was an off duty E.M.T. with all his gear in his car. That E.M.T. felt like an angel sent from god. 911 was called; yet it seemed like hours before anyone showed up. As the trained professionals showed up I understood that I was not needed and that my brothers life was in their hands now. At that point I thought of the guy who hit my brother and sprinted to his car. As I ran up he closed his door and locked it. I punched, kicked, and screamed at him until a cop restrained me and told me to focus my energy on my brother and not the guy who hit him. The EMT’s decided to call for life flight and that they must sedate my brother in case he becomes combative on the trip. As the chopper landed and I watched and helped the professionals load my brother into the helicopter, I thought of the worst. I did not cry much; that was being taken care of by much of my family. I wanted to stay strong for my family who had all broken down in tears. The drive to the hospital was worse than anything. Just not knowing could have killed me. In the week that followed I watched as my brother returned to consciousness. He slowly but surely came back to life. His responses were inappropriate and he looked like hell, but he was my brother, and he was alive. I cried and prayed more than ever Athens, OH (440)567-7027 email:
  15. 15. Brian Yutzy Professional Portfolio "Success doesn't come to you…you go to it." -M a r v a C ollin s - before. I tried to say that he was lucky to be alive, but I kept thinking of how unlucky it was that he had been hit in the first place. I wanted to kill the guy that hit my brother, and on the other hand felt remorseful that the memory of hitting a twenty-year-old boy will haunt him for the rest of his life. Life can truly hit you in the face when a situation like this occurs. During this horrifying circumstance I found out much about myself. I worked well in the worst of times, I stayed calm for all but 5 minutes of the situation, I stayed strong for others, and I found out what I wanted to do with my life. I want to help others just as the doctors who helped my brother did. Throughout life many people idolize another. My brother was my “superman.” When I watched my “superman” fall, it was like taking a bullet to the chest. I thought that my brother Brian could never be hurt; this just seemed like too much for him to handle. I was wrong and he is recovering quickly from the accident. His only lasting injuries will be physical. I have learned the most important lesson of my life through this experience. “Never take life for granted.” I will never again take my family, their health, and my happiness for granted again. Athens, OH (440)567-7027 email:
  16. 16. Brian Yutzy Professional Portfolio "Success doesn't come to you…you go to it." -M a r v a C ollin s - Lif e i s a L e s s o n Some of my past experiences have changed the way I view and live my life. I’ve come to learn that there are hurdles in life that prevent people from achieving their goals and reaching the level of excellence they desire. Now I view “my hurtles” as new challenges. Challenges that attempt to defy my determination and willpower. It may sound phony, but I am a firm believer that life is too short to hold back, and letting any hurtles get in my way is not an option. Therefore, I find ways around hurdles. My passion will continue to help me strive to be the best and work my hardest at any of life’s challenges that dare to get in my way. I believe that every job is a self- portrait of the person who does it, and quite simply, I plan to autograph my work with excellence. Athens, OH (440)567-7027 email: