Online Marketing Intensive for Yoga Teachers & Wellbeing Professionals


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Yoga Reach Online Marketing Intensive course, held in Sydney, March 28, 2013.

Today's marketers are storytellers.

Story telling, through your website, blog, email newsletter and social media, is the cornerstone of modern marketing. Known as 'content marketing', this is perfectly suited to wellbeing professionals who like to give and serve, as well as solopreneurs, who have limited budgets for advertising or public

We looked at:

• The hows, whys, whens and whats of social media – and especially, how much is enough.
• The essential elements of writing a sales page – we call them 'Love Declarations' – that sells.
• We sketched out six month’s worth of blogs, articles and other content.
• How to apply laser-like focus to your online time so you aren’t wasting hours (and avoiding photos of your ex-husband’s new wife’s daughter’s wedding).
• How to dominate search engine results and find yourself on the first page of Google!
• How to better retain clients and increase referrals.
• How to market your business so it feels effortless, natural and fun.
• How to access great information to inspire your clients and establish authority as a leader in your sector.
• How to plan ahead so you're not resorting to emergency marketing and drastic discounting.

Plus, participants met and got feedback from their wellbeing colleagues and rediscovered the joy and passion for their business so they are inspired and motivated to thrive, not just survive.

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Now the real work begins....

(I can't promise it'll be easy but I can promise it'll be worth it.)

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Online Marketing Intensive for Yoga Teachers & Wellbeing Professionals

  1. 1. Online  Marke+ng  Intensive  For  yoga  and  wellbeing  businesses  
  2. 2. Barriers  to  learning  1.  “I  know  this  already”      2.  “This  isn’t  relevant  to  me”  3.  “I’ll  never  get  this”  
  3. 3. $1  billion  per  year  Sales  in  Australian  natural  (complementary)  healthcare  industry  
  4. 4. In  2006,   6%   were   online   By  2020,     In  2010,     23%     68%  were  online   will  be  online  
  5. 5. Centralised  power     limited  mobility  
  6. 6. To  own  your  own    factory  nowadays,    you  need:    –  a  computer  –  internet  connec+on  –  a  bright  idea  –  energy  and  passion    ~  Key  Person  of  Influence,    Daniel  Priestley  
  7. 7. Content    NewsleWers  Blog  posts  Comments  on  social  media  Ar+cles  E-­‐Books  E-­‐programs  &  E-­‐course  White  Papers  Videos  
  8. 8. Distribu+on    Email  marke+ng  TwiWer  Ar+cle  directories  Facebook  &  other  social  media  Book-­‐marking  sites  Discussion/forum/community  sites  RSS  feeds  
  9. 9. Content  CAN:  o  Relate  to  your  story  (your  ‘why’)  o  Be  topical  (if  you’re  quick!)  o  Directly  relate  to  what  you’re  selling  o  Be  a  case  study  or  personal  client  story    o  Be  a  series  leading  up  to  an  event  o  Be  entertaining  o  Be  irreverent    o  Be  a  love  declara+on  (more  on  that  later….)  
  10. 10. Content  MUST  be:     Useful     Relevant     Valuable     (to  your  ideal  clients)    
  11. 11. Today’s  marketers  are  storytellers  
  12. 12. Why  content  marke+ng?  Reach  
  13. 13. Why  content  marke+ng?  Authority    o  More  loyal  clients  o  More  media   opportuni+es  o  More  business   opportuni+es  o  More  joint  venture   offers  
  14. 14. Why  content  marke+ng?  Tribes    Discount  and  I  will  love  you  right  now.    Inspire  me  with  insights,  ideas  and  personal  service  and   It  costs    I  will  love  you   5  or  6  +mes  more    forever.   to  acquire  new  clients     than  retain  old  clients     (Beyond  Customer  Service,  Crisp)  
  15. 15. Why  content  marke+ng?   Expecta+on   Google’s  Zero  Moment  of  Truth  Report   showed  the  average  shopper  used  10.4   sources  of  informa+on  to   make  a  decision  in  2011,  up  from   5.3  sources  in  2010       It  had  doubled  in  a  year.    
  16. 16. No-­‐one  has  the  unique  blend  of  talents,  altude,  experience  and  perspec+ve  as  GORGEOUS  OLD  YOU  
  17. 17. Exercise:  turn  to  your  neighbour  and   introduce  yourself  o  “I’m  name.”  o  “I  do  specific  thing  for  specific  person  (your  ideal   client)”  o  “People  who  suffer  from/have  issues  with   specific  thing  tend  to  realise  the  most  specific   benefit.”  o  “I’m  currently  working  on/researching  specific   thing.”     Engage  with  ques+on  (eg:  “Have  you  heard   about  it?”)  
  18. 18. People  do  not  buy  what  you  do    they  buy  why  you  do  it.  ~  Simon  Sinek,  ethnographer  
  19. 19. Exercise:  by  yourself.  Take  a  few   moments  to  jot  down  some  specific   sales  goals  for  your  business  o  Eg:  Average  20  students  per  class.  o  Eg:  Average  6  consulta+ons  booked,  5  days  per   week.  o  Eg:  Fill  all  15  spaces  at  my  luscious  retreat  in   Bhutan  in  September.  
  20. 20. Blogging   Ar+cles   NewsleWers        o  Solici+ng   o  Not  necessarily   o  Solici+ng  feedback   feedback   solici+ng       feedback    o  Commen+ng   o  No  commen+ng   o  No  commen+ng      o  Integrated  with   o  Integrated  with   o  Somewhat  integrated   social  media   social  media   with  social  media        o  Can  be  in  depth   o  Tends  to  be  in   o  In  depth  or  sales-­‐y   or  casual     depth    o  250  words  +   o  500  words  +   o  Varied  lengths     o  Read  in  an  email   program  
  21. 21. Why  blog?  o AWract  new  leads  o Converts  prospects  into  clients  o Increase  understanding  of  your  goods/services  o Strengthen  rela+onships  with  exis+ng  clients  o Drive  people  to  opt-­‐in  to  your  email  list  o Rank  beWer  on  Google  for  your  niche/specialty  o Become  an  industry  leader  o Get  more  speaking  engagements  o Differen+ate  your  business    o AWract  press.  
  22. 22. Recommended  blogging  tools  
  23. 23. Blogging  essen+als  ²   Start!  ²   Blog  at  least  once  a  week  ²   BeWer  to  be  slow  and  steady  than  burn-­‐out  ²   Write  in  batches  and  prepare  a  stockpile  of   evergreen  content  ² Use  ques+ons  to  provoke  responses    ² Prepare  for  events  and  courses  with  a  series  of   posts  ²   Promote,  promote,  promote  ²   Ask  people  to  share.  
  24. 24. Exercise:  Return  to  your  sales   goals.  Pick  one.  o  Write  5  topics  related  to  your  sales  goal   (educa+onal  or  instruc+onal).  o  Write  5  topics  related  to  overcoming  barriers  to   purchase  (avoid  the  obvious  –  +me,   convenience  and  money  –  unless  these  are   significant).  
  25. 25. WARNING!     Sample  schedule                                                  Don’t  freak  out.  o Blog  once  a  week  o Promote  your  blog  posts  in  the  following  24  hours  on   Facebook  (x  2),  TwiWer  (x  6),  Google+  (x3),  Instagram   (x1),  Pinterest  (x1),  LinkedIn  (x3).  Some  of  these  can  be   scheduled  through  o Facebook  &  TwiWer  1-­‐2  +mes  a  day,  5  days  a  week  o Email  newsleWer  once  a  month  +med  to  promote  one   in-­‐depth  ar+cle  published  on  your  website  
  26. 26. 11,131,000  Aus  users  
  27. 27. Every  month,  more  than    250  million  people  engage  with  Facebook  on  external  websites    
  28. 28. Op>mise  your  Facebook  page  design  Cover  image:  851px  by  315px   App  thumbnail  images:    Profile  image:  180px  by  180px   111  by  74px.  
  29. 29. Decide  on  your  strategy   Jan–Mar:       increase  fans     Apr–Jul:     migrate  people   onto  email   database     Aug–Nov:       2nd  biggest  web   traffic  referrer   website  referrer  
  30. 30. Write  a  schedule  of  content   (see  page  11  on  your  Content  Strategy  and  Schedule)   Monday   Tuesday   Wednesday   Thursday   Friday  Monday   Repost  an   Link  to  blog   Post  an  ar+cle   Entertaining  theme  (such   image   post  with   on  yoga   content,  such  as  ‘Sankalpa:   comment  and     as  video  set  your  week   image  from  up  right’)   post  Post  an  ar+cle   Post  an  ar+cle   Repost  an   Repost  an   Ask  a  ques+on  on  yoga   on  yoga   image   image  
  31. 31. Include  a  simple  ‘call  to  ac>on’  
  32. 32. Think  about  the  response  you  want  before  you   ask  (&  make  it  easy  for  people!)    -­‐  Ques+on  of  the  day/poll  of  the  day  (one-­‐word  answers)    -­‐  hot  +p/quick  +p    -­‐  did  you  know?    -­‐  guess  the  cap+on    -­‐  fill  in  the  blank    
  33. 33. Tease  people  to  en>ce  them  to  click  
  34. 34. Know  what  your  audience  finds  fun  
  35. 35. Ask  for  feedback  on  your  business  Because:-­‐    a)  It  shows  you  care  b)  It’s  invaluable  to  test  changes  before  you  make  them  c)  Creates  excitement  and  curiosity  d)  It  creates  ‘buy-­‐in’  –  part  feel  part  of  your  business  
  36. 36. Be  original  with  your  promo>ons   a)  Try  something   different     b)  Get  fans  involved  in   crea+ng  content  for   your  promo+on     c)  Keep  the  ask  on  par   with  the  prize  
  37. 37. Exercise:  Look  at  your  ideal  client  –   their  problems,  worries,  or   frustra+ons.  •  List  10  problems,  worries,  issues  or   frustra+ons  they  have.  •  Match  each  of  these  10  with  how   your  product/service  directly  or   indirectly  solves  these.  
  38. 38. Claim  your  @Hashtag  and  brand   your  channel  
  39. 39. Follow  with  reckless  abandon  
  40. 40. Talk  and  respond  to  people  
  41. 41. Cull  and  create  lists  
  42. 42. Automate  and  schedule   your  content  tweets  
  43. 43. Retweet  and  share  others’   tweets         (When  they  are:   useful,       relevant     and  valuable     to  your  audience)  
  44. 44. Hash  it  up  (but  not  too  much)  
  45. 45. Exercise:  Return  to  your  story  topics.    o  Write  concise  headlines.   o “How  to”   o Be  funny  or  outrageous   o Ques+on  a  common  assump+on   o “What  ______  taught  me  about  ______”   o Lists  “5  ways  to  get  to  sleep  –  fast!”   o Ask  a  ques+on  your  audience  is  likely  to  reply   ‘yes’  or  ‘don’t  know’  to.   o Be  topical;  relate  your  topic  to  current  affairs  
  46. 46. Show  people  what  you  do  
  47. 47. Launch  a  promo+on  
  48. 48. Educate  
  49. 49. Demonstrate  exper+se  
  50. 50. Entertain  (&  relate)  
  51. 51. Piggy-­‐back  
  52. 52. Tell  a  story  
  53. 53. Illustrate  a  story    
  54. 54.  &  together  power   93.55%  of  searches  in  Australia  (Hitwise,  Sept  2012).  Half  of  all  searches  are  abandoned  a{er  the  first  page  of  results  and  80%  are  abandoned  a{er  the  second  page.  Search  engine  op+misa+on  helps  you  achieve  high  page  rankings.  
  55. 55. 1st:  Research  is  inescapable  
  56. 56. 2nd:  You  need  to  know  what  you’ve  got  
  57. 57. 3rd:  If  you  have  a  physical  premises,     add  a  Google  Maps  lis+ng   (called  ‘Google  Places  for  Business’)  
  58. 58. Remember,  you  are  en+cing  people  to  click  
  59. 59. Navigate  or  detonate    1.  First  impressions  count   a)  Professional  design   b)  Not  too  crowded    2.  Less  is  more  with  your  menu,  so  priori+se!    3.  Think  about  what  ac+ons  you  want  people  to   take,  and  work  backwards    4.  Different  people  navigate  differently    
  60. 60. Exercise:  by  yourself  1. What  are  your  2  most  popular  pages?    2. What  are  the  2  most  important  pages  that   you  want  web  visitors  to  see?    3. Do  you  have  more  than  3  ways  to  take   them  to  those  2  most  important  pages  from   your  homepage  (not  just  your  main  menu)?    
  61. 61. The  essen+als  of  a  good  Google  ranking      1. Search  engine  research  to  determine  target   phrases  2. Meta  informa+on  wriWen  in  line  with  research   (page  +tles,  page  descrip+ons  and  alt  tags  for   images)  3. Easy  to  navigate    4. Regularly  updated  with  quality,  relevant  content  5. En+cing  and  engaging  headings,  short  paragraphs    6. Links  from  other  websites  that  rank  well  for  target   search  phrases  7. Reliable  hos+ng  with  pages  loading  quickly  
  62. 62. The  secret  of  gaining  a  good  Google  ranking?   Make  your  website  visitors  happy!     Google’s  job  is  to  give  people  the   info  they  seek  –  and  quickly.       A  low  bounce  rate  combined  with   a  high  ‘+me  on  page’  tells  Google   that  your  site  has  sa+sfied  the   searcher’s  query.     Remember,  CONVERSION  is  more   important  that  VOLUME.  
  63. 63. Exercise:  what  do  you  want  to  be   known  for?  o   Why  do  you  do  what  you  do?  (Needs  to  be   relatable  to  your  ideal  client)    o   What  do  people  keep  asking  you  about?    o   What  do  you  think,  believe,  or  do  differently?  o  When  people  compliment  you,  what  do  they   remark  on?  
  64. 64. Get  very  clear  on  what  it  is  that  you  are  actually  doing  for  people  regardless  of  what  they  are  paying  you  for.    Once  you  have  that  in  mind  and  on  paper,  change  your  +tle.      Change  the  name  of  your  service  or  the    packaging  of  your  product.  Make  sure  it    reflects  what  you  are  actually  doing    because  what  you  actually  do  is  worth    so  much  more  than  what  you  think  you    are  doing  right  now.    ~  Tara  Gen+le,  The  Art  of  Earning  
  65. 65. WHY  business  is  about  LOVE  Businesses:  •  Solve  problems  •  Help  people  lead   happier,  healthier   lives  •  Are  compassionate  •  Listen  to  clients  to   try  to  understand   how  they  feel.  
  66. 66. LoveDeclarations
  67. 67. I  believe  …  “I  believe  that  when  wellbeing  professionals  can  thrive  in  business,  the  whole  world  benefits.”    “I  believe  self-­‐love  is  the  most  self-­‐less  thing  you  can  do.”  
  68. 68. Or,  tell  me  what  you   no  longer  believe     (and  why  …)  “I  no  longer  believe  that  the  drop-­‐in  class  model  benefits  the  student.  Sporadic  prac+ce  will  not  give  you  the  results  you  deserve.  A  course  which  calls  for  commitment  to  regular  prac+ce,  with  a  solid  founda+on  that  progressively  builds  with  each  lesson,  will.”    
  69. 69. I  want  you  to  have  …   What  do  you  want  people  to     understand,  experience  or  learn?    “I  want  you  to  thrive  in  business,  magnify  your  impact,  and  elevate  yoga  and  natural  therapies  from  the  sidelines.”    “I  want  you  to  sleep  deeper,  be  able  to  relax  on  demand,  and  appreciate  and  enjoy  your  partner  on  a  whole  new  level.”  
  70. 70. So,  I’ve  created  …  “So,  I’ve  created  this  one-­‐day  intensive  to  encourage  you  to  think  big  and  be  bold,  embrace  your  unique  voice,  and  deliver  your  pearls  to  the  wider  world.”      “So  I’ve  created  a  week-­‐long  yoga  immersion  in  Bhutan  for  older  women  who  are  star+ng  to  feel  invisible  and  have  their  confidence  eroded.  We  will  hike,  eat,  do  yoga,  dance,  meet  the  locals  and  learn  Buddhist  medita+on,  while  reaffirming  ourselves,  witnessed  by  each  other  …  and  the  mountains.”    
  71. 71. Right  now,  I  want  you  to  …  This  is  your  ‘call  to  ac+on’.  Register?  Click?  Buy?  Pay  now?  Share?      “Claim  your  place  at  one  of  my  (rapidly-­‐filling-­‐up)  2013  Intensives.”      “Book  your  spot  at  our  retreat.  We  have  just  20  spots  and  half  are  already  taken.”  
  72. 72. With  all  my  love  …  Your  name,  here.      “Me.”      
  73. 73. Love  Declara>on  Barometer  Before  you  send  anything,  first  ask:    “Would  I  send  this  to  a  friend?”  
  74. 74. ommunica+on  is  not  what  you  sa it’s  what  people  hear  You  must  priori+se  your  message if  people  are  to  hear  you  
  75. 75. Exercise:  in  what  priority  are     your  messages?      #1    #2    #3  o These  should  express  your  specific,   unique  value  AND  resonate  with   your  ideal  client.    o These  should  be  succinct  and  easy   to  understand  (save  complexi+es   for  later).  
  76. 76. Growing  your  database  1. Offer  a  smart  incen+ve  (free  gi{)  in  return  for   an  email  2. Ensure  you  E-­‐News  sign-­‐up  is  on  every  page  of   your  site  (some+mes  in  mul+ple  places)  3. Promote  your  free  gi{  on  your  Facebook  page  4. Guest  blog  and  highlight  your  free  gi{  5. Turn  your  free  gi{  into  an  ad  6. Consider  mul+ple  free  gi{s  7. Add  your  sign-­‐up  to  your  personal  email  footer   and  in  your  E-­‐News  itself.  
  77. 77. Exercise  in  pairs:  email  incen+ve  Introduce  your  ideal  client  to  your  partner.  You  may  like  to  also  introduce  your  number  1  priority  product/service.    Consider:  what  would  be  useful,  relevant  and  make  life  easier  for  them?    What  could  you  give  away  in  exchange  for  an  email  address?    Be  specific!  
  78. 78. Exercise:  Email  newsleWer  topics  Jan  Feb   Don’t  forget:  Mar    Apr   1. Your  high-­‐value  items  May   2. Promo+ons  Jun   3. Your  holidays  Jul   4. Your  busy  periods  Aug   5. Your  quiet  periods  Sept  Oct   6. Other  events  Nov  Dec  
  79. 79. Secret  email  supercharge:  Auto-­‐responders  “ Your  CD  has  been  gently  taken  from  our  CD  Baby  shelves  with  sterilized  contamina+on-­‐free  gloves  and  placed  onto  a  sa+n  pillow.    A  team  of  50  employees  inspected  your  CD  and  polished  it  to  make  sure  it  was  in  the  best  possible  condi+on  before  mailing.    Our  packing  specialist  from  Japan  lit  a  candle  and  a  hush  fell  over  the  crowd  as  he  put  your  CD  into  the  best  gold-­‐lined  box  that  money  can  buy.    We  all  had  a  wonderful  celebra+on  a{erwards  and  the  whole  party  marched  down  the  street  to  the  post  office  where  the  en+re  town  of  Portland  waved  “Bon  Voyage!”  to  your  package,  on  its  way  to  you,  in  our  private  CD  Baby  jet  on  this  day,  Friday,  June  6th.    I  hope  you  had  a  wonderful  +me  shopping  at  CD  Baby.  We  sure  did.  Your  picture  is  on  our  wall  as  “Customer  of  the  Year.”  We’re  all  exhausted  but  can’t  wait  for  you  to  come  back  to  CDBABY.COM!!  
  80. 80. Email  superpowers  1. Perfect  headings/subject  lines  2. Personalise  emails  ‘Hello  Bunny!’    3. Target  beWer  by  segmen+ng     your  list  4. Host  most  of  the  content  on  your     website  and  link  each  E-­‐News  item  to  your  site  5. Sharpen,  experiment  with,  and  deepen  your  calls  to   ac+on!  (‘book  now’,  ‘call’,  ‘read  more’,  ‘click  here’)  6. Use  an  occasional  plain  text  email  for  love  declara+ons  7. Don’t  be  boring  8. Be  awesome  
  81. 81. Exercise:  Look  at  your  ideal  client.   Why  wouldn’t  they  buy  from  you?  o  Do  you  have  preconcep+ons  or  misconcep+ons   to  correct  or  overcome?  o  Who  is  influencing  your  ideal  client  before  they   reach  you?  o  Do  you  need  to  beWer  explain  the  ‘how’  of  what   you  offer?  o  Are  you  dis+nct  and  different  from  your   compe+tors?  
  82. 82. How  will  you  stay  inspired     to  create  and  curate       Relevant   Useful   Valuable    informa+on  for  your  ideal  clients?  
  83. 83. Content  cura+on:  RSS  Feeds  
  84. 84. Content  cura+on:  Google  alerts  
  85. 85. Content  cura+on:  Facebook  
  86. 86. Content  cura+on:  TwiWer  
  87. 87. Congratula>ons!      You  are  no  longer  just  a  small  business.    You  are  a  media  company.    (Take  a  long  lunch)  
  88. 88. Message  BEFORE  medium   Keep  your  ideal  client  at  the   heart  of  all  you  do.       Think  “Yes,  AND…”  and  “Yes,   BUT”  when  seeking  to  add  to   debate.       Remember,  what’s  the  value  at   the  center  of  my  business?  
  89. 89. Think  MESSAGE  before  MEDIUM      Cater  your  KEY  MESSAGES  to  as  many    different  mediums  as  you  can.  
  90. 90. Review  &  Analyse    Every  fortnight    Every  month    Every  3  months    Every  6  months      Every  year   If  it’s  not  scheduled,  it  doesn’t  happen  
  91. 91. Batch  tasks  
  92. 92. Ideas     are  worthless     without    Implementa+on  
  93. 93. hWp://    hWp://    hWp://  hWp://