Low Or No Cost Marketing


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TIcor PDX Power Point teaching agents "If it\'s free it\'s for me" marketing items they can utilize. Many of the items are TIcor TOOLS!

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Low Or No Cost Marketing

  1. 1. Low or No Cost Marketing! IF IT’S FREE…IT’S FOR ME!
  2. 2. BIG QUESTIONS “The size of our answers is determined by the size of our questions.” –Mark Victor Hansen The most important question anyone in real estate sales could ever ask of themselves, “HOW DO I, AS A REAL ESTATE SALES PERSON, TAKE MY INCOME TO THE HIGHEST LEVEL POSSIBLE?”
  3. 3. Free or Low Cost Helps! • EMAIL • Social Networking • Being Visible! • Taking advantage of FREE • Phone Calling ~ HINT Ask people for their help! • Cheap Grass Roots Advertising • The Underrated Business Card • WORD of MOUTH! • LOW COST with a BANG!
  4. 4. The way to make $$$ is to learn to straddle the line between “Relationship” and “Professional”
  5. 5. The Goal of Marketing The goal of Your Marketing Plan should be:  To achieve and maintain “Top of Mind” awareness with your clients, so that when they make the decision to buy or sell, they think of you.  To differentiate you from your competition.  Stay CONNECTED ALWAYS!!!
  6. 6. According to the National Association of Realtors…  Of all the re-sold homes in the last 5 years, 89% of the sellers used a different Realtor than the one that sold them the home.  80% of all homeowners start their search on the internet.  80% of home buyers move within 5 miles of there current residence LET’S Use the stats to plan our attack!
  7. 7. How to Obtain E-mail Contacts  At Open Houses, have a sign up sheet, or Open House Survey, and request their e-mail addresses.  On your Website or at Open Houses, create a monthly contest requiring an e-mail address to sign up.  Ask your sphere if they would like to receive valuable information in a monthly e-mail. This can be done by sending a direct mail questionnaire, or by a phone campaign.  Add a sign-up form or link on every page of your website.  When meeting with prospective buyers & sellers, ask them for their e-mail address to receive information about additional properties. People NOW are used to giving email addresses out!
  8. 8. Being SEEN!  Getting out can be fun!  Meet the Neighbors and the Market!  Hand Out Newsletters or Market Data!  Gather Email Addresses  Be the Expert (RTS)  25 for every open house you hold!
  9. 9. Generate Referrals  The most important process to learn is how to generate referrals consistently!  The most common trait among “superstar” agents is the quality or their buyers & sellers.  Be selective with whom you work with.  To be more selective you must have more people to select from. Larger Sphere!  To have more people to choose from, you must be more consistent in your lead-generation activities. (Daily!)  To be more consistent in your lead-generation activities you must do fewer of them but do those things well and consistently. (TIP When to ask?)
  10. 10. REFERRAL BUSINESS PLAN  Build a database.  Do you have a target?  Have you determined your bulls eye? (100 contacts)  The average person knows 285 people.  A database of 100 people=access to 28,500 people!
  11. 11. MOST POWERFUL SYSTEMS TO GENERATE REFERRALS 1. Monthly mailings. 2. Phone calls to your database. 3. Hand-written personal notes. 4. Pop-bys with your most important people. 5. Email Campaigns 6. ASKING when time is ripe! 7. Rewarding those that give a referral
  12. 12. Utilize the FREE Items  CraigsList  Postlets  FACEBOOK & SOCIAL NETWORKING!  Land Leads Classifieds - TICOR!  Phone Calling  EMAILING  Grass Roots, Flyer Posting, Car Sign, Biz Cards…
  13. 13. Work Month to Month  Every 30 days min. you must have PERSONAL communication with your “bulls-eye” people. Phone call, handwritten note, pop-by, EMAIL! Your job is to work on, maintain and develop your relationship with your bulls eye.
  14. 14. Why I-Marketing?
  15. 15. Why Linked in? www.linkedin.com  LinkedIn is a business network. And, it can be a huge asset to your real estate career. Everybody works somewhere, and making connections through their workplace or profession is just as effective as connecting through a personal network..  Post your listings on your site  Invite all your database with one click  Find your sphere  Get to know people with Groups With Linked in you can:  Blog  Get recommended Shows the Share a  Share information Twitter project or Teamwork Share Blog Make an interactive Files about you presentation Poll  Get feedback
  16. 16. Face Book For Professionals  Facebook…Are you using it for Personal or Professional?  Facebook Marketplace:
  17. 17. Micro Bogging Short blurbs observational, thoughts, events , goals all on the fly from your cell or computer, Multiple updates daily
  18. 18. Benefits of online Networking  Free Free Free  To a theInte t is d y, rne  Easy to use c rta e inly them s va b o t lua le  Many Communication options info a n re o ethe rm tio s urc re  Link together is w o r 8 0m n , ith ve 0 illio  Networking p o leus it e ryd y. ep ing ve a  Non threatening To a theInte t isus d d y, rne e  Automatic Contacting b p o lein a w lkso y ep ll a f  Mix Professional & personal life fro a m tra , m d inis tive  Access to new groups of people a s ta toC s is nts EO'sa fro nd m  Time Saving b c lla w rke to lue o r o rs  Money Saving p litic ns Fo the e o ia . r s  Contact on a regular basis re s ns it'ss fetos y the ao , a a Inte t ishe tos y a a rne re ta nd g a ne s urc o re t w o e f b ine s us s .
  19. 19. Listing on the Internet: YOU? www.ilist.com Posts to facebbook and e-mails out listings www.listhub.net Pulls from RMLS and sends it into Cyberspace www.postlets.com Creates flyers and HTML code for Craigslist www.epropertysites.com Creates property websites and HTML Code
  20. 20. KNOW YOUR BUSINESS Become a Real Estate Professional! You must know your industry. Total active residential listings ____ Compared to last year ____ Average list price ____ Compared to last year ____ Average market time ____ Compared to last year ____ List price vs. Sales Price ratio ____ Compared to last year ____ Average Sales Price ____ Compared to last year ____ Overall appreciation vs. depreciation ____ Knowing stats shows credibility. Research specific subdivisions. The most important stats are how many homes are on the market & number of months of inventory.
  21. 21. TREAT YOUR BUSINESS LIKE A BUSINESS ___ % of your business from listings. ___ % of your business from buyers. ___ % of your business from referrals. ___ % of your income spent on self-promotion. ___ Number of people you mail to each month. ___ How many months in the year you mail. ___ Average # of phone calls to database daily.
  22. 22. Ticor Title’s Market Action Cards
  23. 23. PHONE CALLS-Steps to a call: 1. Begin with common ground. 2. Point of the call. 3. End on the same common ground. “Oh, by the way…I’m never to busy for any of your referrals.” The challenge of calling people close to you… “I’m calling you with my real estate hat on.”
  24. 24. PERSONAL NOTES  The most powerful and least expensive way to deepen a relationship with someone is to send them a handwritten personal note.  Make a daily goal to do 2-5  Track it!
  25. 25. POP-BYS  A “Pop-by” is a personal face-to-face visit with your favorite people and is the quickest, most effective way to generate referrals wile sorting and qualifying your database.  Go visit the people you like the most, first. Focus on ACTIVITIES, not RESULTS!
  26. 26. Costs associated with a typical touch plan for a sphere with 100 clients January 2006: Introduction Letter, E-Mail Letter $41 February: I.O.V. Postcard from Ticor using Ticor Digital $52 March: I.O.V. Postcard from Ticor using Ticor Digital $52 April: RMLS Market Update Card using Ticor Digital $52 May: I.O.V. Postcard from Ticor using Ticor Digital $52 June: Phone Calls/E-Mails to Sphere Free July: RMLS Market Update Card using Ticor Digital $52 August:: I.O.V. Postcard from Ticor using Ticor Digital $52 September: I.O.V. Postcard from Ticor using Ticor Digital $52 October: RMLS Market Update Card using Ticor Digital $52 November: I.O.V. Postcard from Ticor using Ticor Digital $52 December: Holiday Card IOV from Ticor using Ticor Digital $52 December: Phone Calls/E-Mails to Sphere Free Total: $561
  27. 27. FOLLOW UP ! Direct mail followed by telemarketing generates two to 10 times more response than direct mail with no telephone follow-up. According to Dwight Reichard, telemarketing director of Federated Investors Inc., Pittsburgh.
  28. 28. TAKE ACTION! No matter how GOOD your direct mail piece looks…failing to take action, and MAIL it Will guarantee that you will not get RESULTS! NOBODY CAN ARGUE WITH RESULTS!
  30. 30. Activities = Results  How many people have you talked to this week about Real Estate?  How many phone calls did you make?  How many Open Houses did you host?  How many activities did you get involved in that can build relationships for future sales?  Did you get out and introduce yourself/Open House
  31. 31. TICOR’S FREE or LOW COST TOOLS •TicorOnline.com FREE •TicorAgent.com LOW Cost •ListingProtertor.com LOW Cost •TicorDigital.com LOW Cost •TicorWeb.com FREE •Ticor IOV, MARKET ACTION CARD, GOOD NEIGHBOR GAZETTE FREE •TICOR FSBO, NOD reports FREE •CyberHomes.com
  32. 32. Internet Marketing ListingPromoterTOR.com Ticor’s ListingPromoter allows you to expand your marketing to the world-wide-web. • Easily create unique and attractive websites for each of your listings with the listing address as your web address. • 123 Main Street = www.123mainstreet.com
  33. 33. EXPOSE YOUR LISTINGS! With LISTINGPROMOTERTOR.COM Goal: Provide you as an agent with an option to expose your listings to more potential buyers by creating a unique and easy website!
  34. 34. WWW.LISTINGPROMOTERTOR.COM It’s all about marketing – ALWAYS!  Promotes listing address as website URLs for easy recall  Pulls listing information from MLS automatically  Posts to internet websites in just a few clicks!  Auto-Submits listing website URL to search engines  Homepage Virtual Tour auto-created from photos  Enables Tour Agent’s written Feedback  View website statistics for agent control  Saves on your advertising dollars
  35. 35. Features  Individual URL for every listing stays active for 1 year  Supports addition of virtual tours  Link to Free Reports  Upload Property Reports (termite, foundation, etc.)  Choose from Customized Contents, Links, Website Templates and Color Themes  Include floor plans, relevant documents or Pictures  Link to your Personal Website  Displays: Local Area Information, Local School information, Property Tour  Manage your Listings from Anywhere  Schedule a showing  Turn any web page on or off to for greater control  Provides Website Visitor Statistics and Management  Account Comes with Unlimited Email Support
  36. 36. Move Over Zillow, Cyberhomes is here.  Agent Branding Available for FREE  Your Listings online for FREE  Clients will stay longer on your website  Search over 100,000,000 properties  AND LOTS MORE for FREE! Ask you Ticor Rep Today!
  37. 37. Inaction breeds doubt and fear. Action breeds confidence and courage. If you want to conquer fear do not sit at home and think about it. Go out and take action! ~Dale Carnegie
  38. 38. Last But Not Least  Make the daily attempt with a positive outlook.  Do not over scrutinize or over analyze once you have decided on a marketing plan. It is the manner that it is presented that is most important!  Consistency is the great equalizer!