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QRCA - Philadelphia


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Presentation given by Ben Smithee and Ricardo Lopez to Philadelphia QRCA Chapter

Published in: Business, Technology
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QRCA - Philadelphia

  1. 1. The “New”! Market! Research! Professional!
  2. 2. The result of true engagement! ask questions!    share thoughts!  personalize examples! photo credit: flickr - theparadigmshifter!
  3. 3. Social Networking Social Media Web 2.0 What does it mean Social media refers to activities, practices, and behaviors among communities of people who gather online to share information, knowledge, and opinions using conversational media. Conversational media are web based applications that make it possible to create and easily transmit content in the form of words, pictures, videos, and audios. The Social Media Bible - Lon Safko and David K. Brave
  4. 4. multi-input/output
  5. 5. A New Way of Thinking!
  6. 6. it’s no longer about shouting 1,000! 100! 10!
  7. 7. it’s about building and maintaining relationships 10! 100! 1,000!
  8. 8. SM helps to flip the funnel insights! advertising! Research! marketing! PR! insights! advertising! Research! customer! marketing! PR!
  9. 9. amazingly intimate Phto Credit!
  10. 10. anding! nal Br Perso
  11. 11. A Marketing Tool o  Expand your reach and build a reputation o  Stay in front of clients o  Establish credibility and professionalism o  Keeps your business up to date and relevant
  12. 12. "Everything you do is how you are seen" Jason Baer #1 SM Benefit: People Will Talk about you! #1 SM Fear: People Will talk about you!
  13. 13. Watch Out! •  Time management •  Privacy •  Etiquette
  14. 14. Social Media Etiquette •  Give more than you expect to receive. •  Do not say anything online that you would not say to someone in a personal interaction.  Play nice! •  Contribute; add value; add content.  •  Be respectful.  •  Do not be pushy.  •  Generate trust by building quality relationships.  •  Stay engaged and present in the SM space you frequent.
  15. 15. How is it different? •  Compared to other social networks o  Business focused o  Relatively easy to use o  More structured o  Little advertising
  16. 16. How it works •  Create a profile •  Grow your network •  Use your network o  People find you / you find other people •  Optional - more advanced features o  Answers, groups, status updates, etc.
  17. 17. Benefits •  Clients are using LI; you want to be seen •  Establishes credibility •  Know the people you are about to meet o  who is emailing or calling you o  prep for client meeting •  Proactively search out potential clients
  18. 18. Prepare your profile •  Fill it out completely •  Use a photo •  Include email in last name or summary description section •  Include links to your website, blogs, slide shows •  Update your profile regularly so you show up in the LinkedIn updates
  19. 19. Build your network •  Let LI search email addresses •  Invite anyone you meet related to business •  Use school and employer match tools •  Customize invitations - marketing! Discuss: Should you accept all invitations?
  20. 20. Introductions •  Find someone you want to meet o  search by titles, location, company, keywords •  Can ask to be introduced via one of your connections o  Closer connections are more successful •  Or go directly with InMails
  21. 21. Enhancements •  Recommendations o  Write them for other people; they will write them for you o  Or ask for them- tools •  Status updates o  What are you working on now? o  More passively tap your network
  22. 22. Groups •  Thousands of groups o Join o Create •  Adds logo to profile o reinforces specialties •  Introduces you to whole new network •  Quality varies
  23. 23. To pay or not to pay?
  24. 24. Answers section
  25. 25. What is it? •  Large social networking site where users add friends, share messages, photos, information, games, etc.
  26. 26. Different? More fun and personal than LinkedIn or Twitter
  27. 27. Business Benefits Seeing personal side of business world opens up new level of connectivity
  28. 28. Profile
  29. 29. Privacy •  Can assign different levels of access •  May want to keep your home address, phone and primary email off •  Can have different user profiles
  30. 30. Communicating •  Post on your wall •  Facebook email •  Chat •  Private messages •  Pokes •  Status Updates
  31. 31. What is it? •  Microblogging •  Send tweets - 140 character messages - to those who are following you •  Two segments o  Friends communicating real time o  Business networking, sharing information, news
  32. 32. Like a large party!
  33. 33. Benefits •  Keep in touch with friends, family, coworkers, colleagues •  Build a community o  Meet and get to know new people •  Keep on top of the marketplace •  Create an image for yourself o  expertise . . . and personality •  Drive traffic to your site or blog •  Freedom to follow/drop anyone •  Posts are short
  34. 34. Follow Build a community of followers
  35. 35. where does social media fit in MR?
  36. 36. names you are tired of hearing
  37. 37. names you are tired of hearing by understanding these
  38. 38. you can better understand these
  39. 39. experience today’s consumers: 1. blog 2. comment 3. vlog 4. tweet 5. talk to others 6. call customer service
  40. 40. benefits to understanding SM and its value to MR
  41. 41. realize the massive potential... but don’t under-estimate the power of one!
  42. 42. US Airways flight – Janis Krum, ferry passenger, first to tweet before any traditional media
  43. 43. seek first to understand
  44. 44. real-t lin e?! ime u te on pdate s! ica un unbiased buzz! mm er s co tom o cus c lle o my ge! d how does utilizing SM make sense for your project? non-i ntrus ive m onito ringt! echnolo gy! do th ey ate n! tools tim atio what in v use?! bs er o
  45. 45. social media monitoring
  46. 46. monitor and engage
  47. 47. my daily newspaper
  48. 48. bloggers have a voice
  49. 49. monitor traffic
  50. 50. video is migrating
  51. 51. video chat/journaling
  52. 52. respondent communities
  53. 53. i’m finally on facebook... now what?
  54. 54. harness its power effectively
  55. 55. but my clients are interested in their company
  56. 56. so are all of these people
  57. 57. isn’t YouTube just for ridiculous home videos?
  58. 58. not anymore Youtube - search - Sprint “now”
  59. 59. instant feedback and reviews
  60. 60. Merging Traditional and New Media video credit: - “Coleman Campsite”!
  61. 61. customized for your needs
  62. 62. user and crowd-sourced customization
  63. 63. firewalled micro-blogging
  64. 64. Analytics, Internal Utilization
  65. 65. an example from experience?
  66. 66. ✦ guest videos ✦ youtube ✦ facebook ✦ myspace
  67. 67. a socially interactive approach at SXSW 2009
  68. 68. SM in recruiting, interviewing, follow-up, logistics, deliverables
  69. 69. looking forward
  70. 70. enhanced corporate acceptance
  71. 71. further movement toward interactive communication and online communities
  72. 72. augmented reality/ location-based applications and advertising
  73. 73. what is the bottom line?
  74. 74. SM is not for everyone and everything
  75. 75. we are past “twitter is cool” and “get a facebook page”
  76. 76. targeted messages are becoming less “targeted” as communication becomes more engaging
  77. 77. SM gives us another valuable tool to obtain consumer insights
  78. 78. as our clients begin to understand this evolution, they will expect us to as well.
  79. 79. please keep in touch!
  80. 80. 215.501.2341 732.613.0060 @SpychResearch @RicardoALopez .com/in/BenjaminSmithee .com/in/hispanicresearch .com/ben.smithee .com/ricardo.a.lopez Thanks!!!!