Dmi Bdi 080411


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my dmi 2008 paris presentation

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Dmi Bdi 080411

  1. 1. brand driven innovation A practical approach to fulfill brand promise through product innovation Erik Roscam Abbing MSc Mdm & Christa van Gessel MSc Dmi academic conference 2008 Essec business school Paris April 14-15th 2008 tm
  2. 2. What is BDI? Why BDI? How does it work?
  3. 3. establishing the symbiosis between branding innovation and design a method a vision brand driven innovation is:
  4. 4. brand driven innovation is: Using the brand to drive innovation Using innovation to fulfill the brand’s promise Using design to make them tangible
  5. 5. Why?
  6. 6. The brand is a shared vision on the relationship between an organization and its end- user. This brand implies a promise from the organization to the end user to keep that relationship alive. Brand:
  7. 7. Innovation, driven form external factors, is painful and risky. Innovation driven from internal factors becomes growth. Innovation:
  8. 8. We define design as ‘the creation of carriers for meaningful interaction’. Meaningful means authentic and relevant. This meaning is inspired by the brand, and made tangible through design. Design:
  9. 9. How: Bdi in practice
  10. 12. Bringing the brand’s stakeholders together through design research techniques:
  11. 13. identity vision identity vision They meet and build a relationship through brand interaction and behaviour
  12. 15. innovation strategy: Brand based future scenario’s: Extrapolating the brand into the future through scenario/storyboard techniques. Defining innovation roadmaps towards the desired future.
  13. 17. making the brand tangible in 5 layers: design strategy:
  14. 19. bringing design disciplines in tune with each other and with the brand 1. product 2. communication 3. environment 4. behaviour touchpoint orchestration:
  15. 20. Merci! Questions?