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User research at Hilti Hungary


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1 month user research focusing on

Published in: Design, Business, Technology
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User research at Hilti Hungary

  1. 1. Brand-building & Innovative solutions. User research at Hilti Hungary.
  2. 2. How can we improve the added value communication at Hilti? How could be Hilti more available for potential customers? Focus on medium size companies 1. define challenge user research 1 month
  3. 3. 2. familiarize with the sector and competitors 3. know more about the company
  4. 4. plan the research 4. map stakeholders
  5. 5. 5. experience the service
  6. 6. 6. conduct research visit construction areas whole days with Hilti agents customers potential customers extreme users
  7. 7. shadowing interviews first hand experience collaboration and co-creation
  8. 8. a day in the life…
  9. 9. 7. build personas understand empathize
  10. 10. 8. workshop co-create with stakeholders
  11. 11. 9. define key insights external challenges internal challenges synthesize information