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Marketing moet zichzelf opnieuw uitvinden. Tex Gunning
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Marketing moet zichzelf opnieuw uitvinden. Tex Gunning






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Marketing moet zichzelf opnieuw uitvinden. Tex Gunning Marketing moet zichzelf opnieuw uitvinden. Tex Gunning Presentation Transcript

  • The Re-invention of Marketing
  • Endless choice of the same quality brands Choice Paralysis
  • Old Marketing Toolbox
    • Use the same beliefs, tools and agencies
    • And you get the same outcome!!!
    • Wackiness & ADHD (continuous partial attention)
  • We’re working harder and harder, just to stand still and it seems increasingly meaningless
  • The World of Today’s Consumer Economic Social Environmental
  • Be more – Do less
  • “Be more – Do less”
    • The need for meaning
    • The need for belonging
    • The need for leadership
  • The Need for Meaning
    • Integrating the Social, Environmental and Economic agenda into our Brands
    • An Inside-Out approach
  • The Need for Belonging
    • Consumers are Human Beings
    • Live-,Work and Serve in Community
    • Community Marketing
  • The Need for Leadership
    • From Serving Self to Serving the World
    • Re-defining the role of marketing
    • Consumers as agents of change
  • The Social World Around Us
  • The World Around Us 2006 6.5 billion Less developed countries More developed countries World population is increasing from 6.5b today to 8.9b in 2050
  • In 2007 Urban Populations will Outstrip Rural Ones
  • Today Over 1 Billion People Live in Slums
  • Over 1 Billion People Are Overweight
  • While a Billion Suffer from Malnutrition
  • Malnutrition Isn’t Just a Developing World Issue In the USA, 1 child in 8 goes to bed hungry
  • AIDS, TB & Malaria The Biggest Killers Photo © International Red Cross
  • 1 Billion People Lack Safe Drinking Water Unclean water causes diarrhea
  • 3 Million Children Die from Diarrhea each Year Half could be saved by handwashing with soap
  • The Economic World Around Us
  • 20% of the World has 80% of the Wealth
  • The Economic Power is Migrating to Asia
  • The Environmental World Around Us
  • Climate Change is a Growing Threat
  • 40% of Land Suffers from Soil Degradation Agriculture uses 70% of the worlds fresh water
  • Increasing Water Scarcity 2.8 billion will face water scarcity by 2025
  • What Concerns Consumers as Citizens? Basic concerns are the same the world over
  • Concerned About Personal And Family Issues Such as health, appearance and education
  • Concerned about what Goes into Products And where and how they are made
  • And They’re Worried about the Big Issues Like Global Warming                                                           
  • Greenhouse gases
  • Health Epidemics
  • Terrorism, war, violence and insecurity
  • And the gap between the rich and the poor
  • Some take to the streets to demonstrate
  • Some boycott brands
  • Some voice their opinions through the web
  • over 5 million members in 90 countries 1.8 million members in 150 countries 2.8 million members and offices in 41 countries 1.5 million members in 70 countries 0.5 million members in over 100 countries More people join NGO’s than political parties Many join NGO’s
  • Over 30 million signed up to Make Poverty History Even more are taking personal action                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  
  • General Electric plans to double sales of environmental products by 2010 Toyota expects to double sales of its petrol-electric car Prius by 2010 industry leaders like GE and Toyota Market forces shaping this agenda
  • L’Oreal have bought The Body Shop Nestle have launched a fair trade Nescafe Cadbury bought organic chocolate brand Green & Black’s with brands for ‘conscience consumers’ Business is responding
  • FINANCIAL TIMES 31 January 2006 ‘ American Express believes there are 1.5 million ‘conscience consumers’ in the UK and expects that number to grow to 4 million by 2009. Conscience consumers tend to be affluent and educated, defined by this trait that doing good is important. They don’t know they are part of a group – it’s about identifying a segment that has shared values, a shared way of thinking. It has the potential to be a global product. If it succeeds in the UK we will look at other markets’ launched in the UK in January The new Product Red brand
  • Influences on consumer behaviour come from many quarters NGOs Media Experts – Professionals, Pundits & Professors Entertainment Opinion leaders Advertising WWW Celebrities
  • So where is this all Heading?
  • The Trends All Point in One Direction 1990 2010 2005 2000 1995 NGO membership Retailers taking up fair trade agenda Competitors launching social or environmental products Media coverage of CSR issues Demand for ethical products Fair Trade sales Consumer concerns about social issues Consumer concerns about the environment
  • The movement towards brands addressing social and environmental concerns is gathering momentum
  • Consumer concern becomes Consumer demand
  • ...or we can turn it to our advantage right now We can either wait until it reaches a tipping point
  • Brands that Care about Consumers as Human Beings and Citizens
  • The New Toolbox
    • Create meaning
    • A sense of belonging
    • Leadership brands
  • Brands That…
    • Create “Total Wealth”
    • Connect with Consumers as “Human Beings with Human Needs”
    • Create Meaning into their lives
    • Help them to “Be” and “Belong”
    • Provide meaningful Leadership
  • Provide Meaning, Belonging & Leadership
    • A clear Mission and your identity will follow
    • Right Intention-Integrity-Wisdom
    • Dare to “Be” a Brand Leader
  • What does this mean for your brand?