Eat strawberries to stay fit


Published on - The sweet red Strawberries are one of the world’s best loved fruits. Apart from being delicious, and irresistible to almost everyone, it is easy to cultivate because it is quick to produce fruits. Strawberry is by far the only fruit that has its seeds on the outside of the fruit.

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Eat strawberries to stay fit

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  3. 3. Eat Strawberries to Stay FitThe sweet redStrawberries are one of theworld’s best loved fruits.Apart from beingdelicious, and irresistible toalmost everyone, it is easy tocultivate because it is quickto produce fruits. Strawberryis by far the only fruit thathas its seeds on the outsideof the fruit. Strawberries arean important commercialfruit crop, widely grown inall the temperate regions ofthe world, but with theadvent of day-neutralcultivars, it grows profitablyin the sub-tropical regionstoo.
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  5. 5. Eat Strawberries to Stay FitStrawberries areperfect for curbingcardiovasculardiseases, cancer, anddelaying aging. Infact, studies suggestthat the high antioxidantlevels in strawberriescan help to neutralizethe negative effects offree radicals in yoursystem.
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  7. 7. Eat Strawberries to Stay FitIt is also rich inpotassium and helps toregulate the electrolytesin our body, lowering therisk of heart attack andstroke.Strawberries alsocontain Folate, which isrequired for themanufacture of redblood cells.Strawberries are richin vitamin C and help infighting some forms ofcancer. It also reducesbad cholesterol.
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  9. 9. Eat Strawberries to Stay FitStrawberries consist ofvarious vitamins likeB2, B5, B6, vitaminK, copper, magnesium, omega fatty acids, andessential fiber.It is also used to whitenyour teeth. The acids in thefruit help to remove stainsfrom teeth. Rubbingstrawberries on your teethand gums removes tartarand heals the gums. Youshould take the juice on theteeth for a while and thengargle with warm water.Strawberries when addedin a number of foods, givean energy boost.
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  11. 11. Eat Strawberries to Stay FitStrawberries, are fatfree, help stimulate bodymetabolism and suppressan appetite. They can alsohelp keep your weight-reducing hormonesfunctioning properly.Strawberry has theability to remove harmfultoxins in the blood. It isalso recommended for asluggishliver, gout, rheumatism, constipation, high bloodpressure, catarrh and evenskin cancer.Strawberry is a richsource of folic acid, whichhelps to prevent / reducebrain related birth defects.
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  13. 13. Eat Strawberries to Stay FitStrawberries are highlyrated as a skin cleansingfood, even though the skineruptions may appear atfirst in some cases.Strawberries are alsoknown to clean or rid theblood of harmful toxins.It has been reported tohelp cases of syphilis.
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  15. 15. According to studiesEat Strawberries to Stay Fitthree or more servings ofstrawberries per day candecrease the possibility ofcontracting age-relatedmacular degeneration.Strawberries are alsobeneficial in reversing thecourse of neuronal andbehavioral aging. Due totheir positive effectsagainst anti-neurodegenerativediseases, it slows down theonset and reduces theeffects of Alzheimer’sdisease.
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  17. 17. Strawberries are ideal with cornflakes because itkeeps our immune system in order. It is the perfectfruit to keep a number of diseases at bay.