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Papaya and its benefit


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Papaya is a fruit which is highly helpful for your weight loss program which provides you only 39Kcal per 100gm. Papaya is the fruit of the Carica papaya plant, which can either be used as food, cooking aid or as medicine. Get more information about papaya and its benefits from here -

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Papaya and its benefit

  1. 1.
  2. 2. Papaya and Its BenefitPapaya is a fruitwhich is highly helpful BookMyDoctor.comfor your weight lossprogram whichprovides you only39Kcal per 100gm.Papaya is the fruit ofthe Carica papayaplant, which can eitherbe used as food,cooking aid or asmedicine.
  3. 3. Composition:Papayas arespherical or pear- BookMyDoctor.comshaped fruits be 20inches long. Its flesh isa rich orange colorwith either yellow orpink hues. Inside theinner cavity of the fruitare black, round seedswhich are encased in agelatinous-likesubstance.
  4. 4. How papaya is beneficial forhealth?Papaya isnutritionally healthy BookMyDoctor.combecause it is a richsource of antioxidantnutrients such ascarotenes, vitamin Cand flavonoids, Bvitamins, folate andpantothenic acid,dietary fiber, vitaminE, vitamin A andvitamin K. Mineralslike potassium,magnesium arepresent in papaya.
  5. 5. Eating papaya can preventvarious diseases as follows:It is helpful in theprevention of BookMyDoctor.comatherosclerosis andother heart diseaselike myocardialinfarction anddiabetes as it is anexcellent source ofvitamin C as well as agood source of vitaminE and vitamin A.
  6. 6. Papaya and Its BenefitDue to itsantioxidant properties, BookMyDoctor.compapaya prevents theoxidation ofcholesterol.Also, the high fibercontent helps inlowering the badcholesterol level.
  7. 7. Papaya and Its BenefitThe nutrientspresent in papaya are BookMyDoctor.comfound to be helpful inthe prevention ofcolon cancer becausepapayas fiber is ableto bind to cancer-causing toxins in thecolon and keep themaway from the healthycolon cells.
  8. 8. Papaya and Its BenefitPapaya alsocontains several BookMyDoctor.comprotein-digestingenzymes -papain andchymopapain whichare responsible tolower inflammationand improves healingfrom burns.
  9. 9. Papaya and Its BenefitEating three or moreservings of fruit per BookMyDoctor.comday may lower yourrisk of age-relatedmacular degeneration(ARMD), the primarycause of vision loss inolder adults. So, takingpapaya in ARMD isbeneficial.
  10. 10. Papaya and Its BenefitPapaya is found tobe beneficial for the BookMyDoctor.comimmune systembecause it preventsillnesses such asrecurrent earinfections, colds andflu. Papaya is alsoresponsible inproviding protectionagainst inflammatorypolyarthritis.
  11. 11. Papaya and Its BenefitTaking papaya regularlywill help in ease morning BookMyDoctor.comsickness as well as motionsickness. Papaya is alsouseful as a cosmetic,because one can addpapaya to any face pack orcan apply it raw on face,because it is rich inantioxidants which as aresult enhances yourbeauty and brings a glowto your skin. Taking papayaregularly, in your diet ishelpful in reducing the riskof prostate cancer.
  12. 12. BookMyDoctor.comThank you TeamBMD|BookMyDoctor