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  • 1. Your Guide to WYSIWYG or What You See Is What You Get from Wordpress.com
  • 2. WYSIWYG?
    • What You See Is What You Get
    • Or wiz-ee-wig
    • Why WYSIWYG?
      • Anyone can use it! Yes really!
      • No special knowledge needed
      • If you can create a Word document you can use WYSIWYG
  • 3. The wysiwyg editor at wordpress.com is labeled “visual” Photos from http:// en.support.wordpress.com /visual-editor/
  • 4. The Top Row Has 15 Buttons
    • Align Left
    • Align Center
    • Align Right
    • Insert/edit link
    • Unlink
    • Insert More tag
    • Proofread /Spell Check
    • Toggle fullscreen mode
    • Show/Hide Kitchen sink (enables the  second row  of editing icons:
    Photos & text from http:// en.support.wordpress.com /visual-editor/
  • 5. The Second Row Has 13 Buttons
    • Insert custom character
    • Outdent – move text further left
    • Indent – move text further right
    • Undo – undo your last action
    • Redo – redo your last action
    • Help – display some information about using the editor, as well as keyboard shortcuts.
    • Style – various formatting styles defined by your theme
    • Underline
    • Align full
    • Select text color – change the text color
    • Paste as Plain Text
    • Paste from Word
    • Remove formatting
    Photos & text from http:// en.support.wordpress.com /visual-editor/
  • 6. To Enter Text
  • 7. Pasting Text from Word or Other Sources
    • Text that has been copied from other places such as Word or anther webpage may not format correctly or cause unnecessary and wanted formatting.
    • To prevent that use buttons 5 or 6 from the second row
    Photos from http:// en.support.wordpress.com /visual-editor/
  • 8. Pasting from Word cntd.
    • Click on the button
    • Paste you text into the window by holding down ctrl + v
    • Click “Insert” when complete
    Photos from http:// en.support.wordpress.com /visual-editor/
  • 9. Formatting Text
  • 10. Alignment Photos from http:// en.support.wordpress.com /visual-editor/
  • 11.
    • Style
    • Color
    Photos from http:// en.support.wordpress.com /visual-editor/
  • 12. Using Images
  • 13.
    • Place your cursor at the beginning of the paragraph.
      • It doesn’t need to be the first paragraph
      • The top of the image will align with the top of the paragraph
    Photos from http:// en.support.wordpress.com /visual-editor/
  • 14. Click the “add image” button Photos from http:// en.support.wordpress.com /visual-editor/
  • 15. Locate the file on your computer
  • 16.
    • Once the file is uploaded:
      • Enter a title
      • Enter alt text
      • Choose alignment
      • Click “Insert into Post”
  • 17. Homework
    • Find a buddy
      • To ask questions
      • To proof read your post
    • Schedule one-on-one time
    • Explore
    • Practice
    • Sign up for another class
    • Check out http://wp.me/pgZy1-85 for more resources