Journal - Professional Goals


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Journal - Professional Goals

  1. 1. Mark Boatman Journal– Professional GoalsAn aspect of teaching that I feel is vital is to approach the job with a willingness to adaptand grow as a professional. The day that I get the opportunity to enter the profession willbe great, but I realize that the struggle doesn’t stop there. It is my duty as an educator tobe a student in the field, pursuing further training and educational opportunities myself.The world of education is ever evolving, with new theories and various applications ofteaching practices always being presented. To be an effective teacher is to be fluid anddynamic, considering and utilizing the various theories and beneficial practices that willaid in the goal of preparing my students to be successful in any endeavor they pursuelater in life.My immediate goals after entering the teaching profession are not as specific as some ofmy other goals, but will encompass what I want to accomplish throughout my career. Ihope to hit the ground running as a new teacher, promoting an academically engagedlearning environment, with critical thinking, a desire to participate, and shared knowledgeas the cornerstones of my classroom. It may sound cliché, but I simply want to instillknowledge and a desire to learn in every student that I teach, so that they will developinto smart, highly functioning members of society.Many changes have occurred in my life in the past year. I gave up a career as anArchaeologist to pursue my true calling in life, teaching. In a last minute decision Idecided to apply to the College of Western Idaho to see what the college had to offer as astep in the process of attaining a second Bachelor’s or possible Master’s degree inEducation. Having a degree from the University of Idaho, with my core requirementscompleted, my focus has been solely on education courses. After I finish up with therequired education courses at CWI in the spring, I plan on transferring to a four-yearinstitution within the state. I am still weighing my options, but will most likely attendeither Boise State University or pursue my degree from the University of Idaho, takingclasses remotely. The plans I have laid will help me accomplish my short-term goal ofbecoming highly qualified in each of the core academic subjects I want to teach, andhaving full state certification. Until recently I was unsure of whether I wanted to teach atthe Elementary of Secondary level, but I’ve tentatively decided that teaching MiddleSchool would provide its own exciting challenges and opportunities. I have always had apassion for history and government, and would love to share that passion with MiddleSchool age students. Although these students are not yet voters, I feel that it is importantto pass on a love for country, to show them that past events and people help guide andshape future ones, and that they will become the future leaders of our country. I believethat with proper training and furthering my education, I can become a highly marketableand effective teacher, with many job opportunities at my disposal. I hope to work at aschool that is supportive, collaborative, welcoming, provides adequate and equalresources to all students and teachers, and allows for some sense of autonomy within theclassroom environment.
  2. 2. It is important as a teacher to not only focus on the immediate or short-term, but to reflecton long-term goals. As a person with natural leadership ability and experience, I tend toseek out leadership roles. Once I become an experienced teacher I would strive tobecome a department head. Department Chairs often are designed and perceived asinstructional leaders within their department, developing and influencing curriculum andthe direction or focus of the department. Department Chairs also supervise and evaluateinstruction, have regular contact with the administration, and act as intermediariesbetween the teachers and administration. The next avenue of education I might pursue isto become an Administrator. I believe that great Administrators are leaders amongteaching and learning at their prospective schools. They have clear comprehension ofacademic goals, how and if those goals are being achieved, how to meet challenges head-on, and are generally invested in both the teachers and students’ livelihoods. I believethat I have the skills in planning and oversight needed to become an effectiveadministrator, and overall have a keen interest in the success of my teachers and students.