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Teaching Philosophy Outline


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Published in: Education
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Teaching Philosophy Outline

  1. 1. Mark Boatman Teaching Philosophy"Ideal teachers are those who use themselves as bridges over which they invite theirstudents to cross, then having facilitated their crossing, joyfully collapse,encouraging them to create bridges of their own." -- Nikos KazantzakisI believe:Students will leave my classroom with the tools they need to succeed throughouttheir lives. Student success is the cornerstone of education. All students have theability to learn, and I will serve as a facilitator of learning. With equal opportunityand access to learning, every student has the potential to do great things, and I wantto empower every child with the tools they need to be successful. I want to be thatkind of teacher, instilling high expectations and a sense of purpose in all of myfuture students. I want to make a difference, I want to empower someone to learnand think about something in a new light. A love of working with kids, seeingstudents learn and develop, and the camaraderie from fellow teachers, are all quitevaluable to me. There is no better way to benefit society than to teach, and I can’twait for the opportunity to ensure success in the next generation of young students. Promote critical thinking o I want students to be able to formulate appropriate questions, and seek out ideas or opinions they are not sure about. o It is important to know when to lead the troop, and when to step back and let the troop lead. o Teach applications of problem solving across curriculum and life experiences. Tailored instruction to meet the needs of diverse learners with a range of abilities o Students have various cognitive abilities and learning processes, and some may need more guidance than others (Gardner’s M.I.). o One-on-one guidance, when appropriate will ensure that no student gets left behind. Positive learning environment o Students should feel welcome to share their ideas and opinions with the class without ridicule or retribution. o Every student will be encouraged to participate fully in classroom discussions and activities. o Students should walk into my classroom and know that it is an environment of high expectations.
  2. 2. o Emulate appropriate behaviors through modeling, in and out of school.Make learning relevant o I will develop curriculum that applies to real-life situations, as this will promote enthusiasm in learning. o Teachers wear many hats, and students often need them to be more than an instructor, but often times a counselor, a cheerleader, or a role model; and often times the teacher becomes the student. o Intriguing lessons make way for enthusiastic learners.Ensure success o Self-reflection is a vital component of effective teaching. I will make a habit of analyzing if strategies and lessons are effective, and if not, develop a better teaching strategy. It is important to know what strategies worked and didn’t work to either replicate or replace them. o I want to help develop lifelong learners, who are enthusiastic about learning, pursuing life goals, and exemplary citizenship.