Content changes everything. How your brand can harness the opportunity of content marketing. #opencontent2

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The role of marketing in many organizations is coming under fire. CMOs …

The role of marketing in many organizations is coming under fire. CMOs
are feeling the pressure to deliver results and show real business value.
It’s forcing marketers to question many of the practices they have
come to rely on. But what is the answer? What’s the real marketing
equation? Baron will explore the idea of content maturity, using
content as a strategic asset to move a business forward. He will discuss
how organizations can elevate their level of sophistication around
content, how content can impact the bottom line, and the real-world
implications of organizing for content.

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  • 1. Content matters& why you should care.Open Dialogue’sContent Marketing ConferenceBaron ManettAriad Communications@bstat4.24.13
  • 2. 2000 – 2012Blind faith in technology.PROMISE:1.  A definition of content2.  The real marketing equation3.  Getting to Content Maturity4.  What to do next
  • 3. “ Traditional marketingcommunications just aren’t relevant…- Harvard Business Review, 2012
  • 4. “ To truly engage customersfor whom ‘push’ advertising is increasinglyirrelevant, companies must do more outsidethe confines of the traditional marketingorganization- McKinsey&Company, 2011
  • 5. 2000 – 2012Blind faith in technology.The real marketing equation:= +RELATIONSHIPS CONVERSATIONS CONTENT
  • 6. 2000 – 2012Blind faith in technology.What does content do?ü Facilitates brand-customer conversations.ü Helps establish and nurture brand-customerrelationships.ü Empower internal teams to innovate.ü An expert source of information, for customers lookingto address questions.        
  • 7. 2000 – 2012Blind faith in technology.CONTENT ≠ COPY
  • 8. 2000 – 2012Blind faith in technology.CONTENT ≠ MESSAGING
  • 9. 2000 – 2012Blind faith in technology.CONTENT ≠ DEVICE
  • 10. 2000 – 2012Blind faith in technology.Content:The essence and substance ofyour brand’s conversations.
  • 11. HUH?!
  • 12. 2000 – 2012Blind faith in technology.CONTENT MATURITY
  • 13. 2000 – 2012Blind faith in technology.#1 AWARENESSTechnology is not working. You’ve identifiedcontent playing a role. And you arebeginning to see that the answer lies withinyour conversations with them – the content.
  • 14. 2000 – 2012Blind faith in technology.2000 – 2012#2 ANALYSISContent is being used on an ad-hoc basis,seen largely as a tactic. Testing revealsthere are real linkages between customertouch points.
  • 15. 2000 – 2012Blind faith in technology.2000 – 2012#3 ARTICULATIONCustomer journey mapping is a core part ofthe marketing toolkit. Opportunities forbrand-customer relationships are emerging.Thinking about content from a strategic lens.
  • 16. 2000 – 2012#4 ORGANIZATIONCreate the necessary infrastructure forintegrated content planning, creation,distribution and measurement.
  • 17. 2000 – 2012#5 OPTIMIZATIONContent is an organizational issue, not justmarketing. More robust resource allocationleads to even better outcomes. Content isvaluable, consumed, shared and measured.
  • 18. 2000 – 2012Blind faith in technology.What you need to know:1.  Customer understanding is tops.2.  Content is more than copy.3.  The are different levels of maturity.4.  Content is a business asset.
  • 19. 2000 – 2012Blind faith in technology.What now:1.  Start reading. Online or offline read everything related tothe subject of content strategy.2.  Start sharing. On Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn,wherever. Share thinking about content.3.  Start talking. Use the information you acquire to havemore informed and richer conversations. Lets elevate thecontent conversation.4.  Start asking. Don’t be afraid to ask your teams toughquestions. It adds value.
  • 20. Blind faith in technology.Download the fullreport and share withyour teams.contentmaturity.comAriad