Gallery of Great LinkedIn Sponsored Updates


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See examples of great Sponsored Updates that have helped brands build deeper brand relationships with our members. To get started with Sponsored Updates on LinkedIn, visit

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Gallery of Great LinkedIn Sponsored Updates

  1. 1. INCLUDE IMAGES & RICH MEDIA TO STAND OUT Sponsored Updates Best Practices:
  2. 2. Targeted to marketing professionals Adobe included a compelling image to reinforce a point
  3. 3. Samsung included a video that expressed product benefits Targeted to professionals globally
  4. 4. Targeted to professionals in the banking and investment industry BlackRock added a video tackling a tough issue
  5. 5. Mercedes-Benz embedded a video showcasing a new product Targeted to professionals in the United States
  6. 6. Nissan attached a compelling image to show what inspires their products Targeted to professionals globally
  7. 7. WRITE A COMPELLING INTRODUCTION & HEADLINE Sponsored Updates Best Practices:
  8. 8. Targeted to senior leadership at very large companies INSEAD asked a thought-provoking question about a hot topic
  9. 9. Telstra asked about common business behavior to introduce product tips Targeted to professionals in Australia
  10. 10. POST TOPICS THAT APPEAL TO THE NEEDS OF THE AUDIENCE Sponsored Updates Best Practices:
  11. 11. Targeted to IT professionals Dell wrote tips to help IT professionals better secure their data
  12. 12. Targeted to professionals in the insurance industry AIG shared a timely whitepaper with insurance professionals
  13. 13. Targeted to IT, engineering, operations and marketing professionals at very large companies AT&T shared industry insights to help enterprise companies with tablet strategy
  14. 14. Targeted to IT and consulting directors and above Hortonworks illuminated a technical topic for a technical audience
  15. 15. SHARE THOUGHT LEADERSHIP & ADVICE Sponsored Updates Best Practices:
  16. 16. Targeted to senior level professionals Citi asked senior professionals to share advice
  17. 17. IBM offered guidance to enable innovation Targeted to IT professionals
  18. 18. Intuit career advice for entrepreneurs Targeted to professionals at small companies
  19. 19. HubSpot shared practical tips on creating infographics Targeted to professionals in sales and marketing at small to mid sized companies
  20. 20. The Content Marketing Institute offered guidance on successful content marketing Targeted to management in marketing and media
  21. 21. Domo promoted product benefits that make COO’s jobs easier Targeted to senior leadership in operations
  22. 22. Xerox shared advice on enabling risk-taking Targeted to individual contributors
  23. 23. SHARE THOUGHT LEADERSHIP ON FUTURE TRENDS Sponsored Updates Best Practices:
  24. 24. Lenovo linked to a survey on the future of device interaction Targeted to professionals in Asia-Pacific
  25. 25. Microsoft shared a provocative prediction from an expert Targeted to senior level professionals in the United States
  26. 26. Shell featured an interactive map on the future of energy Targeted to government, media, and education professionals in the Middle East