Business Discipline - Key To Business Freedom


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Discipline is not all about having stand over you screaming and yelling to ask for more. Discipline starts with you!

You can have the best product or service, the best marketing, the best team, though if you are missing Business Discipline then your business will not be as advanced as you want it to be.

People think of Discipline in a negative way, though during this webinar, you will learn that Business Discipline is really simple and easy. All it takes is just turning up and doing.

Martial Arts is related to discipline in a big way, though think about it, elite athletes have discipline to train, elite musicians have the discipline to be great in their field. As a business owners what discipline do you need to have the business Freedom you deserve?
In this training webinar, you will learn:

- Discipline is not a negative word.

- Learning that discipline is just increasing your maximum motivation level.

- Simple steps to increase your business discipline.

- Results that you can expect by having great business discipline.

- Plus many more tricks and tips to use with your business discipline.

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  • Turn off phones, close facebook and emails and get a pen and paper ready.
  • Please sit back, get ready. Try and focus on the webinar as the messages are powerful.
  • Topic of the day
  • What is your outcome of today. BBB – To help you think differently and give you the best start to understanding your questions.3 Things Black Belt Business would like for you to get out – 1. Discipline is Easy 2. Five Effective Techniques that anybody can do. 3. Discipline is just knowledge.
  • To bring to a state of order and obedience by training and control.
  • Ask if they would like more discipline in their business or life ?
  • Hog Wash – Myth. Not once has one of my students come up and say the techniques exercises are painful….Not once…….Nor has a client come up and said that there work that they needed to do was painful.
  • Getting a Black Belt is not about being the best kicker, the best student, the best at everything. It is about showing up and training. Your business is all about turning up. Ever never wanted to do something but went away as you didn’t want to let the person down and then you enjoyed it immensley…..
  • Get a little voice in your head asking is this the right thing. Think about the outcome. What will it do for you ? Your lying in bed, wanting to get up but tired, its cold out, its raining, it so much easier to stay in bed. This is the thoughts going through the head. Not how you are going ot feel after doing it, how you are going to have a better day for it, how you are going to think clearly and make decision better. This is discipline. Realising the Outcome.
  • Set Deadline for your goals. Not wishy washy goals…..Not increase sales to 50K, 40K etc. Increase personal time to 28 Goals like, I will have 20 PR pieces realised by Friday 15th March. Then set it in your diary. You need some progression points. Just like Martial Arts. But you need to add a consequence.
  • Make no mistake, self-discipline is often extremely difficult. Moods, appetites and passions can be powerful forces to go against. Don’t pretend something is easy for you to do when it is in fact very difficult. Instead, find the courage to face this difficulty and realise it is only emotion getting in the way. As you begin to accumulate small private victories, your self-confidence will grow and the courage that underpins self-discipline will come more naturally.We are too nice, examples of sacking somebody, not saying NO, Business is an asset, your health is an asset, they need to be treated that way and assets need to be looked after. Being disciplined to do what is takes means removing emotion and smashing your objectives or what is required to be done.
  • Realise it takes time to achieve your goals. You can not lose all your weight in a week, and if you can then you have had the discipline to be at a certain weight anyway. Marketing takes Every great business owner has not had over night success. It has taken years upon years of not swapping and changing and not giving things a go. 5 years to get a black belt.
  • Cum Sah Hum Nee Da….
  • Business Discipline - Key To Business Freedom

    1. 1. Business DISCIPLINE Intensive WEBINAR Presented By Nathan McDonald FROM BLACK BELT BUSINESS
    2. 2. WARNING! This Webinar is designed to help you be more disciplined. We take full responsibility for the positive changes to your business after implementation of these ideas.
    3. 3. Minimise Type in Questions / Answers Raise Your Hands Here
    4. 4.  Multiple Business Owner,  Martial Arts Instructor,  Discipline Partner
    5. 5. DISCIPLINE is doing what needs to be done when you don’t want to do it.
    6. 6.  Interaction  Write Plenty of Notes  Ask Plenty of Questions
    7. 7. Systems Set Times Progression Rules / Conduct History Consequences
    8. 8. Forced Deadlines No Real Rules Lack of Accountability Lack of Consequences Emotional Decisions
    9. 9. CHOICE x ACTION
    10. 10. Follow Through Accountability Knowledge Buddy System Tell The World And So Many More…….