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  • 1. PROMOTION REQUIREMENTS Rank Time In Participation/ Academic Practical Test Study Rank Community Average Subjects Material Service 9 weeks in B or above 90 or above Summer Blue CFM C/SA NJROTC Two Events in NJROTC Average on Chain of 1-1 thru 1-15 Personnel Command. 1-22 thru 1-25 Inspections Orders to the 1-32 thru 1-33 Sentry, 11-1 24 Hour Clock 12-1 NS1: Apdx. A p 463 B or above Perform Winter Blue CFM C/SN 4 weeks as Four Events in NJROTC Basic Drill Uniform 1-16 thru 1-21 C/SA Marching Rates/Ranks 1-26 thru 1-31 Basic Drill Chapter2 Chain of Dm Chap 2 Command Direct Squad CFM in Basic Drill Customs/ Unit 3 A or above Courtesies/ DM Chapter 7 Six Events in Etiquette Drill Appendix 2 C/PO3 NJROTC Squad Orders to Freshman 6 weeks > 2.0 GPA the Sentry Limit as C/SN Chain of CMD 6 weeks as A or above in Conduct Personnel CFM C/PO2 C/PO3 Eight Events NJROTC Personnel Inspection Unit 4 & Inspection Manual of Arms DM Chapter 3 > 2.2 GPA Direct Squad Orders to the Appendix 2 in Basic Sentry Armed Drill Chain of Command 9 weeks as A or above in Take PRT Guidon CFM C/PO2 Twelve Events NJROTC Direct Manuel of Arms DM Chapter 5 C/PO1 & Platoon in Orders to the DM Chapter 8 > 2.3 GPA Basic Armed Sentry Appendix 2 and Chain of Unarmed Command Drill Physical Fitness 9 weeks as A or above in Take PRT Manual of the CFM C/CPO C/PO1 Fifteen Events NJROTC Perform Sword Unit 7 & Sword Company Drill DM Chapter 4 > 2.5 GPA Manual Orders to the DM Chapter 9 Sentry Appendix 2 Chain of Command