Linda Ikeji Owner of Linda Ikeji Blog Has Secrets to Building a Successful Blog
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Linda Ikeji Owner of Linda Ikeji Blog Has Secrets to Building a Successful Blog



Linda Ikeji is Nigeria's most popular blogger. Her blog, hosted at receives about 108,000 visitors a day. ...

Linda Ikeji is Nigeria's most popular blogger. Her blog, hosted at receives about 108,000 visitors a day.

But Linda Ikeji did not build a popular blog out of the blue. This presentation shows how linda ikeji set out hoping to be a journalist. You also see how she became a model, got a modelling agency and how she finally started making money by blogging.
In this presentation, Linda Ikeji also reveals her secrets to building a successful blog. A blog that is the envy of many and the talk of town.

Ask any blogger in Nigeria and you are likely to find out that, their inspiration to start blogging is Linda Ikeji and her famous celebrity gossip and entertainment blog.
Apart from being a blog post about the life story of Linda Ikeji and how to build a popular blog, it is also about the reader who is interest in Linda Ikeji's biography is actually engineered by the desire to find out their own chances to building a popular blog. It may not be as popular as linda ikeji's blogspot blog but the reader would certainly want the fame that comes with building a big blog that can bring in some extra income.

It shows that the 3 steps or attitudes required to build a popular blog.
Readers are also offered and advanced resource on building a popular blog or make ones blog visible. This guide titled; Make Your Blog Famous in 30 day is written by Eyram Hlortsi and can be downloaded at



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  • This slide introduces LindaIkeji, Nigeria’s most popular blogger, and how to build a popular blog like the blog
  • Linda Ikeji started off hoping to become a journalist. She studied English in school.
  • Unfortunately, her dreams to become a journalist did not materials. Something bigger was in store
  • Then Linda also tried her hands at modelling. But every model is fought by age so Linda decided to try something else. She owns the blackdove. A modelling agency.
  • Linda Ikeji quit modelling but decided to remain in the entertainment industry.
  • She started the famous http://lindaikeji.blogspot blog which will become Nigeria’s most popular blog. The blog receives over 108,000 visitors a day.
  • This is when the famous blog was birthed. The, Nigeria’s most popular blog. Linda Ikeji’s blog is a celebrity blog. Very often, there are very controversial posts Linda Ikejiputs up on her blog. These send droves of website visitors to Linda’s blog
  • When Linda Ikeji started blogging, she did not make money until after 4 years. She simply enjoyed what she did. But did she have to do without the money?
  • Back then, LindaIkeji would also be happy with a few readers. About 200 visitors a day was a great one for her. Today, Linda Ikeji receives in excess of 108,000 visitors a day to her blog
  • Linda enjoyed writing so she kept having fun putting up posts. In the beginning, it was more like a selfie.
  • As time went on, people started getting interested in Linda Ikeji’s private life. For such a popular figure, many people were wondering why lindaikeji is not married.
  • Pictures of Linda Ikeji’s past and possible relationships started circulating the internet. Several bloggers interviewed Linda Ikeji if she was dating or about to marry.
  • But Linda Ikeji’s main concern is that the man to marry her should support what she does, that is, blogging and also have his own money.
  • Linda’s background gave her connections in the entertainment industry. This is by far one of the biggest assets of Linda Ikeji. She started posting news about these celebrities. Exclusive news suddenly made Linda’s blog the place to go for gist and gossip.
  • Linda Ikeji’s breakthrough came in in 2011 when she finally hosted banner ads on her blog. Today, her blog is about the most expensive one to place an ad on in Nigeria. Some ad spots cost over $800.00
  • Linda Ikeji makes money by blogging
  • She bought a car and also built a house for her mum by the income she made blogging
  • All by blogging
  • Linda’s road to blogging stardom was not rosy because back in 2006 when the blog started, there was not really much understanding of blogging. She had to sweat for close to 5 years before she had her breakthrough. Today, things are different. You can learn the right way to blog and quickly move into profit sooner than 4 years.
  • But Linda Ikeji did not give up because she kept at doing what she was doing. Many people will abandon their blogs suddenly if they realised that they did not make the money they expected.
  • Linda Ikejiis now a hot cake. Every blogger in Nigeria wants to learn her secrets to blogging success. She says her secret to blogging success is deligence, persistence and leveraging her relationships.
  • If you have read to this point, chances are that you are not just interested in Linda Ikeji’slife story. You are more likely a blogger who wants to make money blogging
  • You are on a discovery path to make money with your blog.
  • You probably wants to make money online by blogging just likeLinda Ikeji or get the fame that she has obtained for herself by blogging
  • And even though Linda struggled to get it all through, you don’t have to struggle as much
  • Just follow the 3 steps Linda mentions. They are the key not only to blogging success but also to success in any business endeavor
  • Don’t just know what you have read. Actually go and do it.
  • But uoudon’t have to struggle for 4 years like lindaIkeji before you earn your first income from blogging. There are many courses to help you make money blogging
  • But before you buy any blogging course, you need to understand the basics by reading how to make your blog famous in 30 days. You can download it from the presentation. Its free.
  • If the make your blog famous in 30 days guide helps you, remember to stop over at my blog to say hi. My blog is at

Linda Ikeji Owner of Linda Ikeji Blog Has Secrets to Building a Successful Blog Presentation Transcript

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