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Linda Ikeji Owner of Linda Ikeji Blog Has Secrets to Building a Successful Blog


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Linda Ikeji is Nigeria's most popular blogger. Her blog, hosted at receives about 108,000 visitors a day.

But Linda Ikeji did not build a popular blog out of the blue. This presentation shows how linda ikeji set out hoping to be a journalist. You also see how she became a model, got a modelling agency and how she finally started making money by blogging.
In this presentation, Linda Ikeji also reveals her secrets to building a successful blog. A blog that is the envy of many and the talk of town.

Ask any blogger in Nigeria and you are likely to find out that, their inspiration to start blogging is Linda Ikeji and her famous celebrity gossip and entertainment blog.
Apart from being a blog post about the life story of Linda Ikeji and how to build a popular blog, it is also about the reader who is interest in Linda Ikeji's biography is actually engineered by the desire to find out their own chances to building a popular blog. It may not be as popular as linda ikeji's blogspot blog but the reader would certainly want the fame that comes with building a big blog that can bring in some extra income.

It shows that the 3 steps or attitudes required to build a popular blog.
Readers are also offered and advanced resource on building a popular blog or make ones blog visible. This guide titled; Make Your Blog Famous in 30 day is written by Eyram Hlortsi and can be downloaded at

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Linda Ikeji Owner of Linda Ikeji Blog Has Secrets to Building a Successful Blog

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