Ensuring Mobile BI Success


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Birst offers a comprehensive end-to-end BI suite with reporting, dash boarding, OLAP, ETL and data warehousing via SaaS.

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Ensuring Mobile BI Success

  1. 1. Ensuring Mobile BI Success August 18, 2011 The only secure mobile BI solution
  2. 2. Webinar Notes Attendees Muted Upon Entry Please send questions using the online interface
  3. 3. Featured Speakers Stefan Schmitz Vice President of Products Wei-Chin Cheng Senior Consultant
  4. 4. Agenda • Trends in Mobile BI • Characteristics of Mobile BI • Mobile BI Best Practices • Security Considerations • Birst Mobile BI Demo
  5. 5. History of information delivery to mobile devices Purpose-built Mobile mobile BI apps client app Data access via browser Static data push
  6. 6. Mobile Wave – Fastest in IT History“Over 80% of Fortune 100 companies have already begun deploying iPads in thework place, or are in the process of ramping up their iPad support”- Peter Oppenheimer, CFO Apple, January 2011
  7. 7. Shift in Usage Patterns Thanks to Tablets
  8. 8. Trends in Mobile BI• Mobilization of business analytics is unstoppable – 9.25 million Apple iPads sold in the Q2 2011 – Tablet sales estimated to reach 100 million by 2012 – Gartner estimates that by 2013 a third of BI functionality will be consumed via mobile devices• Mobile BI will drive wider adoption of BI – Only 8% of the people in most organizations are using mobile BI – Using mobile devices, BI becomes a more integral part of work processes away from the desk – Tablets like the iPad that are “always-on” and provide a gesture-based UI make BI more accessible and easier to consume
  9. 9. Drivers for Mobile BI Adoption Confidential 8/18/2011 9
  10. 10. User-Perceived Benefits of Mobile BI COPYRIGHT 2010 DRESNER ADVISORY SERVICES, LLC
  11. 11. User-Perceived Drawbacks of Mobile BI COPYRIGHT 2010 DRESNER ADVISORY SERVICES, LLC
  12. 12. Profile of Typical Mobile BI User • Not an information producer – Data analyst – Report Writer • Rather an information collaborator – Project lead, manager, specialist • Definitely an information consumer – Sales, marketing – Executives – IT
  13. 13. Mobile BI Best Practices1. Avoid dashboard proliferation and rework ‒ Plan for author-once, distribute-everywhere dashboards2. Design to a smaller form factor ‒ Most important chart/table at the top left ‒ Limit charts & tables to 4 ‒ Avoid legends if possible ‒ Size fonts appropriately3. Design for on-the-go usage ‒ Intuitive drill paths to more detail ‒ Limit to essential prompts ‒ Encourage collaboration4. Focus on operational data ‒ Avoid data requiring deep analysis ‒ “here and now” metrics
  14. 14. Tablets vs. Smart Phones • Greater interactivity • Alert driven • Perform drill down, filter • Interaction based on data, data exploration finding reports • Longer view times • No data exploration
  15. 15. Browser-Based vs. Native BI App Capability Browser-Based Native App Performance Cross platform support Interactivity Offline Mode Geo Location Maintenance Security
  16. 16. Browser-Based vs. Native BI App
  17. 17. Mobile BI Security Considerations1. Device Security – Utilize the handset/device security features to protect the data – Remote data management2. Transmission Security – Cryptographic shared key systems – Secure socket layers3. Authentication & Authorization – Control access rights to information – Provisions and policies
  18. 18. Solutions Provided by Mobile BI Vendors• Solution 1 – Data & rendering on mobile device – Devices can be hacked – Mobile devices are not powerful enough for complex analytics• Solution 2 – Data & rendering on server – Lacks interactivity, unfamiliar UI – Slow response times• Solution 3 – Data on server, rendering on device – Use a VPN, which can be hacked – Or open up firewall and …
  19. 19. Are you prepared to open your firewall? Firewall Data https • Do you have intrusion detection? • Do you have security monitoring? • Are you SAS 70 Type II certified? Birst is the only secure mobile BI solution providing SAS 70 Type II
  20. 20. About Birst Birst offers a comprehensive end-to-end BI suite with reporting, dash boarding, OLAP, ETL and data warehousing via SaaS – Founded 2004 by former Siebel Analytics executives – 120+ Customers, 50,000+ users, 10+ TB under management – Revenues tripled in 2010 – Top-tier VC funding by Sequoia Capital and Hummer Winblad Business Analytics for: – Front Office: Executives, Sales, Marketing, Operations – Back Office: Finance, Supply Chain, Human Resources “One of Ten IT Companies To Watch In 2011” – The Bloor Group “… customers chose Birst for 3 reasons; 1) ease of use, 2) implementation cost/efforts and 3) TCO” - Gartner Confidential 8/18/2011 20
  21. 21. Logical and Physical Data Integration, Flexible End-user Access – In ONE PackageExisting Business IntelligenceEnd-user Tools Ad Hoc Dashboards/ Mobile Reporting Analysis Multi-dimensional Analysis (OLAP) Analytics and Logical Data Universal Semantic Layer Integration Mongo Cache: Massive Scale Cloud-based Caching MDX Realtime Query SQL Realtime Query Datamart-in-a-Box Extract Transform Load Mart/Warehouse Physical Data BEL Birst Birst Transformation Connect Datamart Integration Engine Engine* Cube Relational (e.g. MSAS, Database SAP BW, Source 1 (DB, File, XML) … Source N (DB, File, XML) (MSSQL, Oracle, DB2, Teradata, Sybase, Vertica, ...) Hyperion) SAP R/3 Cloud Sources On Premise Data End-user (browser/device) Cloud On-premise (within the firewall) Optional either On-premise or Cloud * Birst’s patent-pending datamart generation engine dynamically generates and manages a fully conformed star schema data warehouse EITHER in the cloud or in anon-premise relational database (i.e. no data need be resident in the cloud). Additions/modifications are automatically handled.
  22. 22. Demo of Birst Mobile BI
  23. 23. Learn More• Test drive Birst today – Register at Birst.com, under Sign Up• Join us for a live demo of Birst for additional detail – Every Tuesday at 10:00 am pt – Register at Birst.com• Contact us – Email: info@birst.com – Phone: (866) 940-1496