Social media marketing


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Social media marketing

  1. 1. Final project
  2. 2. Experience My blog link: The most challenging part of keeping a blog is to make people interested in! Indeed, I think people won’t spend time to read your post if you just talk about your daily life. You should put some interesting idea and concept and let people comment and debate on it. I just end up with 3 posts and one comment, I do not think I will keep up a blog because I spend already too much time online using others social media as Facebook and LinkedIn. In my opinion, a blog can be useful if you work in certain field as journalism or politic but you must have a good writing skill in order to have an efficient blog.
  3. 3. For business I learned that Facebook is not just a website to post picture and chat with your friends but it is now one of the essential marketing tool for companies. It is less expensive than another marketing project and give the opportunity to have a large impact on thousand of people. In my opinion, you should use Facebook as a viral marketing and people should be able to “like” your page but also to “talk about you”. To be efficient a Facebook business page , people must be able to interact with the brand. The company must be active, post, and use interactive marketing as contests or coupons to promote their page.
  4. 4.  Twitter link:!/benguez01 Twitter ID: @benguez01 I chose to follow several accounts on twitter include: My former university in France; Paris Dauphine, my current university; UCR, some brand that I love as Nike and blackberry and some companies that I would love to work for as WMA agency or FOX. I can understand that celebrity use it to brand themselves but you do not find useful information. But as a marketing tool it may be interesting for a company to gain a lot of follower and be able to easily promote your new product or service.
  5. 5.  During this class I learned that social media is not just tools to allow online communication and interaction between people but an important instrument in order to promote your company or yourself! Indeed, social media is essential to create a great professional network but the things which seems interesting to me during this class is how to brand yourself. Facebook, blogging or even twitter are opportunities to show who you are and what you are able to do! Social media is the easier, faster and less expensive way to impact people, share your thoughts and get success for you or your company.