MemoQ Integration

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Presented at the first annual "MemoQfest" - MemoQ users group.

Presented at the first annual "MemoQfest" - MemoQ users group.

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  • 1. MemoQ Integration Large Scale Deployment Challenges Bob Donaldson, VP Strategy, McElroy Translation Company MemoQ Integration
  • 2. Overview
    • Context of our choice of MemoQ
    • Integration Points
    • Current Status
    • Lessons Learned
    • Wish List
  • 3. Common Sense Advisory Perspective* * Evolution and Revolution in Translation Management , May, 2008
  • 4. Where we Started: Market Segmentation
    • Relationship to Content
      • Generation (typical localization customer)
      • Consumption (traditional translation customer)
      • Aggregation (emerging potential customer)
    • Position in Content Value Chain
      • End Customer/Owner
        • Content is the Product
        • Content relates to the Product
        • Content is used in Business Process
      • Broker or Value Added Reseller
      • Localization Vendor
  • 5. Other Considerations
    • Project mix
      • Mostly small projects
      • Some very complex projects (medical trials)
      • Emerging MT opportunities
      • Localization is less of a factor
    • Customer mix
      • Large customer base
        • Integration with SalesForce essential
        • Mix of small and large companies
      • Customers ask us for advice
      • Wide variety of quality expectations
  • 6. Motivation – Anonymous LSP Somewhere Else HR Fin R&D Prod Mktg Translator Edit & QA
  • 7. McElroy as of 2007 PMO HR Fin R&D Prod Mktg Translator Edit & QA ELJOTS Job Tracking System
  • 8. Vision: Seamless Workflow Asia Online SMT if needed PMO HR Fin R&D Prod Mktg Translators Clay Tablet The McElroy HUB ELJOTS.Force Workflow Templates Repopulate Clay Tablet MemoQ Server TM, Project Files Edit & QA Dashboard Reporting
  • 9. Integration Points PMO Staff Vendors Customers McElroy Hub Vendor DB Job DB Search/ Retrieval Financial System CMS ELJOTS.Force [Workflow] Sales Staff Portal [Dashboards] MemoQ [Translation Environment] TM Repository Asia Online [SMT] Clay Tablet
  • 10. Current Status Agreement Signed
    • Strategic decisions (2/09)
      • Server vs Local
      • TM Organization
      • Customer/Project Numbering
      • License Management
    Jan Feb Mar Apr May 2008 Investigation Installation & Prep On-Site Training Planning First live project
  • 11. Current Status Agreement Signed Full Scale Rollout July? Jan Feb Mar Apr May 2008 Investigation Installation & Prep On-Site Training Planning Translator & Vendor Training Process Development & Piloting Integration
  • 12. Lessons Learned
    • Everything always takes longer than you think it will
    • But you knew that …
  • 13. Lessons Learned
    • Three keys to a successful rollout
      • Plan
      • Plan
      • Plan
    • License management is tricky
    • Use the system right after training
    • Reward initiative
    • Get translators involved early
    • Map out all the integration points
      • Make sure you stay true to long-term vision
      • Automate where the biggest pain is felt
      • Don’t be afraid to use multiple tools
  • 14. Wish List
    • More support for Ops/Production Staff
      • Collaboration during translation
      • Production oriented tasks after translation
    • Server project management
      • Significantly more difficult than local projects
    • Support for other file types
      • Easy integration with OCR tools?
    • Support for “super standards”
      • Cleanup tools for handling imported problems
    • Keep your focus on the TEnT!
  • 15. Contact Details
    • Bob Donaldson
    • VP Strategy
    • McElroy Translation Company
    • 910 West Avenue
    • Austin, TX 78701
    • +1 (512) 472-6753
    • [email_address]