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  1. 1. Pr elims
  2. 2. 1.• This 1853 T.H.Mat t eson paint ing is inspir ed f r om event s which occur r ed in t he lat e 1600s. The paint ing is called The Examinat ion of a _ _ _ _ . Event or blank.
  3. 3. wit ch, salem wit h t r ials
  4. 4. 2.• I n which year and on whom was t he f ir st Sout h Kor ean honor ar y cit izenship conf er r ed?
  5. 5. 2002, Gus Hiddink (SK r eaching t he semis)
  6. 6. 3.• Cat holic• Single male cit izens of a par t icular count r y.• Received basic t r aining f r om t he count r y s ar my.• Have cer t if icat es of good conduct . Must have a high school diploma and a pr of essional degr ee.• Be bet ween 19 and 30 and be at least 5”8” in height .• Basic qualif icat ions f or somet hing. I dent if y t he count r y.
  7. 7. Swit zer land. Qualif icat ions f or t he Vat ican SwissGuar ds
  8. 8. 4.• Mar k Waugh’s car eer was dwindling when t he t eam was t our ing Sr i Lanka in 1993. He was out on successive ducks in bot h t he Colombo and t he Mor at uwa t est s. He was t hus moment ar ily given a nickname X. Someone f r om t he t eam also point ed out t hat had t her e been anot her t est me could well been nicknamed Y.• I dent if y X and Y
  9. 9. Audi, Olympic
  10. 10. 5* .• Which wor d, acc t o t he OED, is t hought t o have been der ived f r om Fr ench, Spanish and Por t uguese wor ds, all of which mean r ghor ou imper pear? fect l• The wor ds wer e used in t he sense t hat f ew pear ls wer e dif f er ent ly shaped t han t he usual smoot h ones. The wor d was f ir st applied in a der ogat or y sense t o har p on t he elabor at e emphasis.• Lat er , it came t o def ine an er a and was applied t o all t hings of such elabor at e nat ur e.
  11. 11. bar oque
  12. 12. 6.• I n 1945 pianist Lawr ence _ _ _ est ablished t he Schillinger House. Unlike ot her such classicist inst it ut ions, it included popular f or ms – t her eby most member s wer e only t he pr of essionals.• By 1949, member s incr eased by 1000%. The f ounder r enamed t he inst it ut ion af t er his son Lee Elliot .• Wit h t ime, r espect , awar ds - niche br anches have also been included in t his Mecca. Which inst it uit ion?
  13. 13. Ber klee School of Music
  14. 14. 7.• The et ymology could be t r aced t o t he Ar abic f or th b e ig tr in r ef er ence t o a lar ge t r ee which st ood wher e t he ee, or iginal f ishing village was. I t could also be f r om t he Ar abic wor d f or b orguf. However , t her e is no r elat ion ay l wit h I ndian Suf i poet r y. I t was f ounded in, as lat e as 1825 as Al-Bida.• Which cit y ?
  15. 15. Doha
  16. 16. 8.• This r ecent ly discover ed pr e-hist or ic mammal’s scient if ic name is a combinat ion of a Biblical monst er named leviat han and t his per son. Who?
  17. 17. Her man Melville
  18. 18. 9.• This act or made a special appear ance in t his movieas someone. He also assist ed in t he or iginal case f r om which t he movie A is inspir ed.• He has also inspir ed anot her char act er f r om dif f er ent movies.• Which f ilm and
  19. 19. Zodiac and inspir at ion f or  Dir t y Har r y
  20. 20. 10* .• The Af r ikaan/ Dut ch wor d f or ear accompanies t wo th separ at e wor ds – Su scr domestica and wolf , in t he t op t wo s ofa posit ions of a cer t ain list .• What is t he Af r ikaan/ Dut ch wor d f or ear t h?
  21. 21. aar d (aar dvar k and aar dwolf )
  22. 22. 11.• I dent if y t his Ger man cit y , home t o t he wor ld’s t hir d lar gest company, in it s sect or .
  23. 23. Lever keusen (Bayer Lever keusen)
  24. 24. 12.• The only ot her places A er assamensisis f ound ar e nth aea Myanmar , J ava, Sumat r a, Bor neo and ot her small sur r ounding ar eas. However it does not f lour ish t her e.I t pr imar ily f eeds on somand su u leaves, wher e it al f lour ishes.• What is t he common name?
  25. 25. Muga Silkwor m/ Assam Silk
  26. 26. 13.• Whose ad and what message?
  27. 27. Vodaf one; dont t ext and dr ive
  28. 28. 14.• Pr ior t o being known as _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ , t his locat ion was known as Hammel and Denker r anch and was f amed f or being one of t he most f er t ile lands in Calif or nia f or gr owing Lima Beans.• This r egion also has an act ive oilf ield, which pays ar ound 6200 people r oyalt ies because of t he miner al r ight s held on t heir pr oper t y.• Which place?
  29. 29. Bever ly Hills
  30. 30. 15* .• St at ue of Camillo _ _ _ _ in Univer sit y of Pavia, wher e he wor ked. Who? (inscr ipt ion t ext )outstanding pathologist / of histologicalscience / precursor and master / the secretstructure / of the nervous tissue / withstrenuous effort / discovered and described /here he worked / here he lives / here he guidesand enlightens future scholars / 1843 – 1926
  31. 31. Golgi
  32. 32. 16• This f ict ional char act er was bor n on a r emot e planet , and lef t his home planet wit h a human f r iend on a bar ely space wor t hy ship. On t heir way t o t heir dest inat ion, wher e t hey wer e supposed t o seek employment , t he ship was st r uck by an ast er oid and t he duo near ly died, but managed t o cr ash int o a swampy planet cover ed wit h dense f og. They met N’Kat a Del Gor mo t her e, who t r ained t hem f or what he is known f or usually. Who?
  33. 33. Yoda
  34. 34. 17.• I gnacio Anayas, also known by t he shor t ened f or m of his f ir st name as X, is t he invent or of X. Anayas was wor king at a r est aur ant called t he Vict or y Club. Ther e, in 1943, when he invent ed X and ser ved t hem at t he r est aur ant as "X Especiales". I D X?
  35. 35. Nachos
  36. 36. 18.• The Pr emier Mine is an under gr ound diamond mine owned by Pet r a Diamonds and pr eviously wit h De Beer s Consolidat ed Mines. The mine was f ounded in 1902, and shot t o f ame in 1905, wit h t he discover y of _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ . _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ is named af t er Sir Thomas _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ , t he t hen owner of t he mine. The Pr emier was r enamed t o _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ on it s cent enar y. FI TB.
  37. 37. Cullinan
  38. 38. 19.• These ar e supposedly inspir ed by har em pant s and ar e of t en mist akenly called “par achut e pant s”, which ar e a st yle of pant s which uses r ipst op nylon and appar ent ly per f ect f or br eakdancing. Get s t his name af t er a 1990 super hit song.• What ?
  39. 39. MC Hammer / / Hammer pant s
  40. 40. 20* .• This is also t he t echnique of slowly dr agging a lur e or a bait ed hook f r om a moving boat . I n old Fr ench , it is a hunt ing t er m. What r ecur r ent t er m?
  41. 41. Tr oll
  42. 42. 21.• Who is r eading what ?
  43. 43. 22.• I dent if y t he announcer imper sonat ion and t he singer .
  44. 44. Chuck Ber r y, Ed Sullivan
  45. 45. 23.• I dent if y t he br ot her s and t he name of t he movie.
  46. 46. Van Gough, Lust f or Lif e
  47. 47. 24.• I dent if y bot h ar t ist s.
  48. 48. 25* .• I dent if y t he poet and t he voice