The bqc open gen quiz - prelims with answers


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Prelims of the Gen quiz done at the Mumbai Quiz Festival 2014 in Bombay by Sumant Srivatsan, Abhinav Dasgupta and Vikram Joshi

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The bqc open gen quiz - prelims with answers

  3. 3. As well as our regular supporters… Imran Ahmad S. Balakrishnan Siddhartha Banerjee Sahil Barhate Souvik Basu Avaneendra Bhargav Saswata Chakraborty Soumyadipta Chanda Anubhav Chatterjee Sachin Deshpande Geetha S.N. Govind Grewal Aushim Gupta Vikram Joshi Jagdeep Kannarath Mohammed Khan Vishal Lalchandani Kunal Malhotra Mithil Mehta Avinash Mudaliar R. Padmasree Amit Pandeya Pratyush Peddireddi Rajen Prabhu Francis Rodrigues Arnab Saha Naushi Samad Ameya Samant Ashoke Sanyal Prasad Sawant Samrat Sengupta Sundesh Shetty Anand Sivashankar Srinath T.B. Arish Tavadia Harita Thacker Saransh Verma
  4. 4. The Format • 35 questions • 1 point each, no negative scoring • Questions marked with a * resolve ties • In case of further tie, sudden death will be used to determine finalists • The top 8 teams qualify for the finals • The Quizmaster is “considered to be” right in case of any quibbles
  5. 5. 1 Which building derives its name from this neighbouring 1922 sculpture by Leonard Jennings commemorating the contribution of soldiers from the princely states of Hyderabad, Jodhpur and Mysore to the British army in the First World War?
  6. 6. Teen murti Bhavan, Delhi
  7. 7. 2 Identify the artist of the attached painting. The artist said to the media following artistic criticism “Fortunately, I haven‟t seen those reviews. Look, the signature is more valuable than the painting.”
  8. 8. 3 The first Test match of the two-Test series between India and the West Indies in November 2013 at Eden Gardens, Kolkata saw the second highest score in an innings (Rohit Sharma) as well as the second best match bowling figures (Mohammed Shami) by an Indian debutant. Which two cricketers hold the record for the best debut performance for India on these two counts? (0.5 each name)
  9. 9. Shikhar Dhawan and Narendra Hirwani
  10. 10. 4 Identify the designer of these shoes.
  11. 11. Zaha Hadid
  12. 12. 5 Identify the female singer from the first clip and the male singer from the second clip.
  13. 13. Fairouz Talat Mehmood
  14. 14. 6 Between 2011 and 2013, the following people (among others) have all been identified as which pseudonymous entity? • Vili Lehdonvirta and Michael Clear of Trinity College, Dublin • Neal King, Charles Bry (Munich) and Vladimir Oksman (US) • Max Keiser, inventor of the Hollywood Stock Exchange • Shinichi Mochizuki, Japanese mathematician • Jed McCaleb, founder of Ripple Labs • Nick Szabo, former law professor at George Washington University
  15. 15. Satoshi Nakamoto, the person(s) behind the creation of Bitcoin.
  16. 16. 7 Antonin Careme in 19th century created a list of 4 - tomat, béchamel, veloute and espagnole. In the 20th century, Auguste Escoffier added a fifth to this list to complete it and give French cuisine its 5 _____ _____. What was the fifth addition to this list and FITB.
  17. 17. Hollandaise The 5 make up the Mother Sauces of French cuisine.
  18. 18. 8 'Combination scattering' or 'combinatory scattering' is an optical phenomenon discovered by Grigory Landsberg and Leonid Mandelstam at the Moscow State University on 21 February 1928 (according to their own journal records), and presented at a colloquium on 27 April the same year. A comprehensive paper in Zeitschrift fur Physik was published only towards the end of the year. Unfortunately, the two Russians were a little late since the same phenomenon, discovered independently just a week later in a different part of the world, was published earlier by the discoverers and thus brought to the attention of the world. So, while scientific textbooks and journals in Russia and erstwhile Soviet bloc countries continue to call it 'combinatory / combination scattering', how is the phenomenon better known to the rest of the world?
  19. 19. Raman Effect
  20. 20. 9 On which brand‟s product label would you find a representation of this structure?
  21. 21. 10 This phone, kept permanently on display at a museum in Haleyville, Alabama, was the recipient of which first-of-a-kind call made from the City Hall by the Speaker of the State House Rankin Fite to Rep. Tom Bevill at the city‟s police station exactly 46 years ago to this day?
  22. 22. The first 9-1-1 call
  24. 24. 11* Connect the following with 1 word. Melmastia (Hospitality) Nanawatai (Asylum) Badal (Justice) Tureh (Bravery) Sabat (Loyalty) Imandari (Righteousness) Isteqamat (Trust in God) Ghayrat (Courage) Namus (Protection of women) Nang (Honor)
  25. 25. Pashtoonwali (or Pakhtoonwali) The code of conduct for all Pathans
  26. 26. 12* The Swahili word for „beginning‟ which gives its name to a well- known American celebration of pan-Africanism is the same as the Bantu name for the largest river in a country which in turn gives its name to the currency of the country. What‟s the good word? Name the country as well.
  27. 27. Kwanzaa – The currency of Angola
  28. 28. 13* What connects the following exhaustive set of stations on the Indian Railways network? Deula Gondia Junction Jalna Raipur Junction Srirangapatna Yeliyur
  29. 29. Only 6 stations to have single-letter station codes Deula - D Gondia Junction - G Jalna - J Raipur Junction - R Srirangapatna - S Yeliyur - Y
  30. 30. 14* Where would you find the following ten statues of 20th century martyrs in a row? St Maximilian Kolbe Manche Masemola Janani Luwum Grand Duchess St Elizabeth of Russia Martin Luther King, Jr Óscar Romero Dietrich Bonhoeffer Esther John Lucian Tapiedi Wang Zhiming
  31. 31. Above the Great West door of Westminster Abbey
  32. 32. 15* Connect the following images.
  33. 33. 15* Turns on BBC Top Gear’s test circuit
  34. 34. 16* 1. A History of Rome – Theodor Mommsen 2. Olympian Spring - Carl Spitteler 3. Growth of the Soil - Knut Hamsun 4. The Peasants - Wladyslaw Reymont 5. Buddenbrooks - Thomas Mann 6. The Forsyte Saga - John Galsworthy 7. The Thibaults - Roger Martin du Gard 8. The Old Man and the Sea - Ernest Hemingway 9. And Quiet Flows the Don - Mikhail Sholokhov An exhaustive list of books to have achieved what?
  35. 35. Only 9 works to be mentioned in the official citations for the Nobel Prize to their respective authors
  36. 36. 17* Who is Jay-Z mimicking in this photograph?
  37. 37. Andy Warhol also famously photographed on the Factory couch, which currently resides in the Andy Warhol Museum.
  38. 38. 18* The Rashtrika (meaning „Imperial High Commissioner‟) or Ratta dynasty was a minor Indian dynasty that ruled over the Belgaum region of modern-day Karnataka as a feudatory of the Rashtrakutas from around 875 to 1250 AD. The rulers were patrons of Jainism, with biographies of Jain Tirthankaras like the Parsvanatha Purana and the Pushpadanta Purana having been written during their reign. How does the name of this dynasty survive in modern-day south-eastern India?
  39. 39. Through the surname Reddy
  40. 40. 19* The Grey Crowned Crane (Balearica regulorum) is an endangered bird species native to sub-Saharan Africa. Along with the Black Crowned Crane, it is one of the only two crane species that can roost in trees, thanks to a hind toe to grasp branches. The bird, fabled for its gentle nature and mating dances where immature birds often accompany the adult males, served as the military badge of revolutionary soldiers during British rule in a country and found its way, after independence, to the flag of the country. Where would you find the Grey Crowned Crane in a vexillological context?
  41. 41. The flag of Uganda
  42. 42. 20* In 1983, as part of a New-wave pop duo called Seona Dancing, he scored a number 117 on the UK charts with “More to Lose”. However, that song went to Number 1 in the Philippines and he became a major pop icon there. As an actor, one of his best-loved characters made tongue-in- cheek references to this real-life career with his love of lyric writing, playing the guitar and wanting to be a rock star. Identify the lead singer.
  43. 43. Ricky Gervais
  45. 45. 21 During the 1936 Berlin Olympics, 4 countries – the United States, Bulgaria, Iceland and India – refused to do a certain action due to geo-political reasons. They announced their decision beforehand and inspite of great pressure from the Germans, continued to refuse. Since then, only the United States has kept up with this tradition at the Olympics. What is this “tradition”?
  46. 46. The 4 countries refused to dip their flags to Adolf Hitler in the reviewing stand at the Berlin Olympics. Even today, the United States will not dip their flag to any head of state at the Olympics (including Ronald Reagan at the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics)
  47. 47. 22 The portion that encompasses the Broadway Theater District between 42nd and 53rd Street including Times Square gets its popular name from being brightly illuminated by electrical advertising signs in the 1890‟s. The name has been attributed to Shep Friedman, a columnist for the New York Morning Telegraph in 1901, who lifted the term from the title of a book about the Arctic by Albert Paine. How do we know this stretch better?
  48. 48. The Great White Way
  49. 49. 23 While not as flamboyant as his predecessor, and often subject to taunts by the predecessor in question, this man never lost his self-esteem - as evinced by this limerick written by him towards the end of his life: “There were few who thought him a starter, Many who thought themselves smarter. But he ended PM, CH and OM, An Earl and a Knight of the Garter” Which not-so-modest man‟s self-appraisal?
  50. 50. Clement Atlee, 1st. Earl Atlee, KG, OM, CH, PC, FRS
  51. 51. 24 This traditional art, whose name derives from the local words for “flower” and “container”, is part of UNESCO‟s Intangible Cultural Heritage list for that country. While its origins can be traced back as far as 2,000 years, the modern form, infused with Muslim influences, derives from ca. 14th Century CE, along with the floral and geometric patterns that are associated with it. By the late 18th Century, it contributed more than half of all exports by the East India Company. Its decline today has been attributed to the availability of cheaper yarn, the use of machinery, and the low remuneration of artisan weavers. What are we talking about?
  52. 52. Jamdani sarees native to Bangladesh and most closely associated with Dhaka.
  53. 53. 25 Identify the “jahaaz ka pilot” in the scene below.
  54. 54. Quite appropriately, it‟s the director of the movie Bhaag Milkha Bhaag – Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra.
  55. 55. 26 Citizenship of this country is granted jus officii, i.e. on the grounds of appointment to work in some capacity for the country, and not on the grounds of birth or parentage. Interestingly, over 60% of the country‟s citizens at any given time are outside the country. Name the country.
  56. 56. Vatican City
  57. 57. 27 Dracaena cinnabari is a rare tree native to the Socotra archipelago in the Indian Ocean. It gets its common name from its bright red sap, which has been used by natives to treat a variety of ailments despite containing high levels of mercuric sulphide. Since the 18th Century, European (and other Western) craftsmen have used the resin for a more decorative purpose, borrowed from a similar practice in China. Name either the resin or the tree, and what was this alternate use for this resin?
  58. 58. The resin is known as dragon‟s blood, and the tree is therefore called the dragon’s blood tree. Dragon‟s blood is most commonly used to give the red- coloured varnish to violins.
  59. 59. 28 Which author‟s full name is derived from these 3 individuals?
  60. 60. Siddartha Pico Raghavan Iyer More famously known as Pico Iyer.
  61. 61. 29 Kootenichela is an extinct genus of arthropods, discovered by David Legg at the Kootenay National Park in Canada in early 2013. Who (real life person) did Legg choose in the specific name of the creature, a model of whose fossil is in your picture?
  62. 62. Johnny Depp - Kootenichela deppi (As Legg tells us, „chela‟ in its generic name is Latin for both claws and scissors)
  63. 63. 30 Emmet, a regular guy, is co-opted into a quest to stop Bricksburg‟s evil overlord, Lord Business, from unleashing his uber-weapon upon the town and freezing everything in it permanently in place. Emmet is accompanied by, among others, Albus Dumbledore, the Batman, Shaquille O‟Neal, and Han Solo. Where would you find all of them together?
  64. 64. The LEGO Movie, which features characters who have been represented as mini-figures in the LEGO catalogue.
  65. 65. 31 Identify the person speaking – and what exactly is he congratulating the young people on?
  66. 66. Dr. Peter Higgs congratulating the scientists at CERN on the discovery of the God Particle.
  67. 67. 32 MongoDB is an American firm that specialises in software for management of large databases, especially unstructured data. It is partly funded by In-Q-Tel, the not-for-profit venture capital arm of the entity X. In November 2013, MongoDB‟s strategic partnership with the Indian entity Y for analysis of data and operational efficiency raised some eyebrows because of concerns that its connection with X will make significant confidential data from India vulnerable to official misuse in the US. Identify X and Y. (0.5 points each)
  68. 68. X Y
  69. 69. 33 The scene was originally supposed to be shot twice - with and without a kiss so the networks had leeway to showcase it if they so chose. However, the actors deliberately flubbed every single shot without the kiss so the networks were forced to use the scene with the kiss. Which two characters was the kiss between? (0.5 points each)
  70. 70. Captain Kirk and Lieutenant Uhura (Star Trek) The first scripted inter-racial kiss on American network TV.
  71. 71. 34 Name the band featured in this video. Under what parody name did they take the stage for this performance (at NH7 Bangalore, 2012)?
  72. 72. Bhayanak Maut They peformed as the “The Black Metal Raghu Dixit Project”
  73. 73. 35 On Valentine's Day of 1884, just 36 hours after the birth of their only daughter Alice, 25-year-old future US President Theodore Roosevelt held his wife Alice Hathaway Lee in his arms as she succumbed to (undiagnosed) Bright‟s disease. Incredibly, just hours before, in the same house, he had already said a final goodbye to his mother, Martha, who had died of typhoid aged 48. What was Theodore's single-line diary entry (as retrieved by the Library of Congress) for that day – that inspired another future world leader to use it to mourn a death as well?
  74. 74. T2 “The light has gone out of my life”