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  2. 2. Myself • Arjun [Govind] Mohan • AKA – Jun , Juno, FB, Beanbag Barrel , Metal Gaad nd many more. • PSGCAS – Pass out [ don’t ask how] • Did a small stint at Symbiosis , Pune. • Now completely jobless. • Vocalist @ Echoes of the Throne [ 1st metal band in cbe] • Music , Quizzing , More Music , More Quizzing , JAM . • Blah blah blah…..
  3. 3. And before we start !
  4. 4. Feb 5th , Bengalooru
  5. 5. OPETH!!! Frikkin OPETH!!! Opeth!!Opeth!!Opeth!!Opeth!!Opeth!!Opeth! Opeth !!Opeth !!Opeth !!Opeth !!Opeth !! Opeth !!Opeth !!Opeth !!Opeth !!Opeth !! Opeth !!Opeth !!Opeth !!Opeth !!Opeth !! Opeth !!Opeth !!Opeth !!Opeth !!Opeth !! Opeth !!Opeth !! m/
  6. 6. So yes. • And as usual – • Statutory warning and bio hazard warning also. • Just because this is my quiz ! • Okthanks!
  8. 8. 1 • Generation I • Great • Ultra • ________ • Safari • Generation II • Level • Lure • Moon • Friend • Love • Heavy • Fast • Sport
  9. 9. • Generation III • Premier • Repeat • Timer • Nest • Net • Dive • Luxury • Generation IV • Heal • Quick • Dusk • Cherish • Park • Generation V • Dream
  10. 10. Pokemon Balls
  11. 11. 2. Connect and put funda
  12. 12. • Saint Boniface nd Thor
  13. 13. 3. • James E. Winner Jr. developed the idea of this device from his service in the Korean war. The device consists of two pieces which, when locked together, form one long, fixed bar with two protruding hooks opening towards the ends of the bar. To remove the device, the user unlocks the central bar, and slides the pieces together. The ends of the device protrude out and collide with the driver's legs and side of the car. What are we talking about? Give the name of the device and its use.
  14. 14. The Club, which is a steering wheel lock
  15. 15. 4. • Video 3
  16. 16. The irony !
  17. 17. 5. • The phrases "a civil union" and "a domestic partnership" have been added to a well-known list of options. The list already has 9 other options. This updated list is only available in countries such as the US, Australia, France, U.K. and Canada. What list?
  18. 18. . These are the options under "relationship status" on Facebook
  19. 19. 6.OBQ Obligatory Bird Question • Name the heaviest flying Bird?
  20. 20. Kori Bustard
  21. 21. • 7.The project intended to protect the city of Venice, Italy from floods. The project is an integrated defence system consisting of rows of mobile gates able to isolate the Venetian Lagoon from the Adriatic Sea when the tide reaches above an established level (110 cm) and up to a maximum of 3 m. Together with other complementary measures such as coastal reinforcement, the raising of quaysides and paving and improvement of the lagoon environment, these barriers will protect the city of Venice from extreme events such as the floods and from morphological degradation. Work on the project has been under way since 2003 at the three lagoon inlets of Lido, Malamocco and Chioggia, the gaps connecting the lagoon with the sea and through which the tide ebbs and flows. • Img -
  22. 22. Clue • The project consists of a system of 78 mobile barriers designed to protect the three entrances to the Venetian Lagoon. The barriers will stay on the seabed until high tides and storms are forecast. They will then be inflated.
  23. 23. M.O.S.E • MOSE Project (acronym for Modulo Sperimentale Elettromeccanico — in English, Experimental Electromechanical Module
  24. 24. 8. Connect
  25. 25. Types of shoes with heels
  26. 26. 9. • This phrase is well known as a utilitarian warning meant to warn drivers of perspective distortion. This phrase has also entered pop- culture; it was used in a Meatloaf song which had the singer saying "that he feels haunted by his past". The phrase was also famously used in the movie Jurassic Park, where John Hammond's grandchildren are trapped in the car and watch a T-rex approach. What is this message?
  27. 27. 10. • In 1956, the US and Britain withdrew funding for the Aswan Dam. In retaliation, Egypt decided to nationalize the Suez canal, which erupted into the Suez Crisis. This caused a threat to the fuel supplies. Lord Alec Issigonis of the British Motor Corporation was asked to design a car that would require less fuel. What was the result?
  28. 28. 11. • ____________refers to large wood and stone carvings of humanoid forms in Central Eastern Polynesian cultures of the Pacific Ocean. The term is also used in Māori mythology where ______ is the first man, created by either Tūmatauenga or Tāne. He found the first woman, Marikoriko, in a pond – she seduced him and he became the father of Hine-kau-ataata. In the Māori language, the word ‘______' was the name given to large wooden carvings in roughly human shape, although this is a somewhat archaic usage. The carvings often serve to mark the boundaries of sacred or significant sites.
  29. 29. Tiki
  30. 30. 12. • _______or Didžkukuliai are a Lithuanian national dish. They are a type of dumpling made from grated potatoes and usually stuffed with minced meat, although sometimes dry cottage cheese (curd) or mushrooms are used instead.________ are typically around 10–20 cm long, although the size depends on where they are made: in the western counties of Lithuania _____ are made bigger than in the east. • After boiling, it is served with sour cream sauce and bacon or pork rinds.
  31. 31. Cepelinai • From Zepplin because it looks one.
  32. 32. 13. • Apparently, after watching it, the singer tweeted: "This is the best thing I've ever seen, you guys just made my day! Happy Happy Christmas!!! x0x0 to the troops.“ • The singer was Mariah Carey in response to a video now gone Viral. • Funda-fy
  33. 33. • Video 1
  34. 34. 14 • How long can you spend with your best friend? Well these two bosom buddies traveled 19000 miles from London, going the long way around via Europe and Asia, then flying to Alaska and onwards to New York, on BMW R1150GS Adventure all terrain motorcycles. Tell me the names of both the bikers.
  35. 35. • 15 .Before ________ was born, his mother Thelma went to Mexico to have an abortion. However, she gave birth during the procedure, and smuggled him home to Providence, Rhode, Island, where he spent his childhood._____ was raised by Francis and Thelma in the Roman Catholic faith.However, he discovers that his biological father is an Irishman named Mickey McFinnigan. _______ visits McFinnegan, who neglects him at first, yet eventually accepts him as his son after beating him in the "game of drink". The game of drink referring to matching shots until one passes out. _____ has also referred to a large number of ancestors , stating, "the ~~~~~~ family history is a rich tapestry". Famous ancestors of _____ include Moses ~~~~~~, who led the Jews out of Egypt; Willie "Black-Eye" ~~~~~~, ______'s great-grandfather, a 1920s silent film star; and Peter Hitler, the flamboyant brother of Adolf Hitler. _______'s ancestor Nate ~~~~~~, an African American slave from Virginia, was owned by YYYYYYY’s ancestors. He fell in love with their daughter, and secretly raised a family with her. Nate's family was eventually discovered and they escaped. ID.
  37. 37. • Sameeruddin, a young music composer, is slowly making his mark in the music industry. About his music education, he is self taught and has used loads of tips from co-musicians, and the always available F1 key! Sameer (as he is popularly known) started composing in his home town Delhi, where he got to work with real nice people who also gave him some good commercials. His big break was a Honda City commercial. Before he ventured into music composing / arranging, Sameer used to play bass in a heavy metal band and was gigging with his own outfit PRITHVI. Sameer worked a lot in the ad industry in Delhi and in 2003 he moved to Mumbai.
  38. 38. If it helps , this is Sameeruddin
  39. 39. 16. Question ? He composed the music and wrote the lyrics for a tune/jingle which became an instant hit both on the television and on youtube because people couldn’t get enough of it just on tv . Id the commercial . Sing it out for brownie point ;) P.S – I loooouueees this saaang ! :D ..E.P.I.C !
  40. 40. Answer • Video - 2
  41. 41. 17
  42. 42. • 18. X identifies songs based on an audio fingerprint based on a time-frequency graph called the spectrogram. • X Award is a series of awards given between 1970 and 1975 for outstanding achievement in the comic-book field. Awards were given in the year following publication of the material, based on nominations that were then voted upon by industry professionals. The name of the award is derived from the magic word for the original Captain Marvel, a popular superhero of the 1940s and early 1950s.
  43. 43. Shazam !
  44. 44. 19 • Shani Shingnapur is a small village in Maharashtra.It hit the news headlines recently since UCO bank became the first ever bank to open a branch here. what is so unique about this branch and why were the banks hesitant to open a branch?
  45. 45. • UCO bank has opened its first lockless branch since all the houses and other establishments are door less/lockless in that village due to strong belief that local god(Shani) will punish the thieves
  46. 46. 20.Put Funda • 12 Faith 51 Reliability 57 Generosity 76 Knowledge 78 Asceticism 41 Disobedience 44 Arrogance 49 Vulgarity 52 Theft • 58 Lying 62 Drunkenness 69 Debt 84 Anger 92 Greed 95 Pride 73 Murder 99 Lust
  47. 47. Snakes and ladders • The original one had these 'virtues' at the numbers besides them. The good ones were ladders and the bad ones were snakes
  48. 48. • Hexadecanoic acid is one of the most common saturated fatty acids found in animals and plants, and is the first fatty acid produced during lipogenesis (fatty acid synthesis) and from which longer fatty acids can be produced. It was discovered by Edmond Frémy in 1840, in saponified palm oil. • Naphthenic acid is the name for an unspecific mixture of several cyclopentyl and cyclohexyl carboxylic acids with molecular weight of 120 to well over 700 atomic mass units. It is obtained when the naphtha fraction of crude oil raffination is oxidized. 21
  49. 49. What is obtained when aluminum salts of both are co-precipitated?
  50. 50. Napalm
  51. 51. 22 • This member of the US National Inventors Hall of Fame was on an ocean trip to India in 1830 when he noticed how “regardless of which way the ship’s wheel was spun, each spoke always came in direct line with a clutch that could be set to hold it”. His famous invention was soon conceived and he immediately developed a wooden model for his father’s approval. Name the inventor or the invention?
  52. 52. Samuel Colt , Revolver
  53. 53. 23. ID the person in the middle and what/who did he inspire ?
  54. 54. Mullashery Rajendran
  55. 55. 24. • Connect (not exhaustive, sequence important) -Ox, House, Camel, Door • A bit hi-fu ! After all this IS my quiz !
  56. 56. • The four words in Hebrew are Aleph, Beth, Gimmel and Dalil. These are the first four • letters of the Hebrew alphabet from which the Phoenician alphabets was derived. • When the Greeks adopted the alphabets for their alphabets, these became Alpha, • Beta, Gamma and Delta
  57. 57. • Ok think you’ve all had enough . • So the finishing blow ! • L-V-C m/