Leadership and Management Program, Blue Quills First Nations College


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By Sherri Chisan

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  • Independent, indigenous, education, research, community service
  • We talked to people, we went to ceremony
  • Research in ceremony, environmental scan, community meetings, student feedback – they said why can’t we do it here?
  • Holding the hands of 7 generations In the fields of education, business, health, politics, science, -
  • That we stand on this land, that we are held in this place by our relations – our relatives.
  • When they are invited to become who they are
  • How do we explain this to Creator, our ancestors, those yet to come
  • If we want what they have we risk becoming then, how do we explain to our ancestors that we declined the gifts they worked so hard to carry for our generation
  • Leadership and Management Program, Blue Quills First Nations College

    1. 1. Leadership &ManagementProgram Blue Quills First Nations College
    2. 2. Blue Quills is an independent Indigenous institution.Mandated is to advance & protectindigenous knowledge and thoughtthrough education, research, andcommunity service. Blue Quills First Nations College
    3. 3. to be effective leaders in ourcommunities and in business, weneed to be whole healthy humanbeings Blue Quills First Nations College
    4. 4. Responsive to community demand, and industry while grounded in natural law, spiritual practice, ceremony, ethics Blue Quills First Nations College
    5. 5. ProgramDevelopmentisresponsibleto SevenGenerations Research is Ceremony Teaching is a sacred responsibility Blue Quills First Nations College
    6. 6. Land Language CeremonyRelationship Blue Quills First Nations College
    7. 7. In all aspects of life, - family, community, business - we need to learn 4 things as human beings:honour the mystery of Creationget along with othersdo/ make thingsthink & understand Spiritual Emotional Physical Mental Blue Quills First Nations College
    8. 8. We acknowledge theceremonial fire atthe centre of all wedo, we honour ourMother the Earth,and the NaturalLaws of LovingHumble Kindness,Honesty, Sharing,and SpiritualStrength andDetermination. Blue Quills First Nations College
    9. 9. We know that to sustain the next generation, we need to live what we know SUSTAINING LIFE – leaving something for the next seven generations.Blue Quills First Nations College
    10. 10. We know that ceremony and art areavenues to opening heart and spirit.Students participate in creativeactivity, not to become artists, but toapply the skills to creative thinking,decision making, idea generation,and human relations. Blue Quills First Nations College
    11. 11. It is time now to do our own educatingour own way, to advance IndigenousKnowledge, Indigenous researchcareers, and Indigenous communities. Blue Quills First Nations College
    12. 12. Our knowledge systems include economics, technology, wealth distribution, politics, and some of the most sophisticated methods of social structure and practice.Blue Quills First Nations College
    13. 13. Guidance is given by kihteyak, ourElders. They serve as professionalconsultants on ceremony, protocol,Indigenous knowledge, philosophy,research methods, languageacquisition methods, andtranslation. Blue Quills First Nations College
    14. 14. But firs t, we ne e d tounde rs tandc olonization andde c olonization: s tude nts e xpe rie nc e life trans formations whe n the y unde rs tand the c olonial proc e s s , the re s ide ntial s c hool e xpe rie nc e and the inte rge ne rational e ffe c ts of trauma. First Nations College Blue Quills
    15. 15. Our s tude nts : a s trong s e ns e of s e lf,grounde d in traditional anc e s tralknowle dge , s trong e nough to be whothe y are in this world.I sense the things I want toaccomplish in the future will not beeffective if I don’t work on myself.I can Visionbeing a leader. Blue Quills First Nations College
    16. 16. The best thing about the L & MProgram: is the life skills that I have picked up along my learning journey; understanding oneself by changing, and realizing you cannot change others. Blue Quills First Nations College
    17. 17. I nowknowwho I am– aneducationwarrior.Andwhat Ineed todo – huntfor mypeople Blue Quills First Nations College
    18. 18. “why isn’t everyone doing this?” Business clients have said they have changed the way they do business after training with us. Blue Quills First Nations College
    19. 19. We know thatour knowledgehas sustainedus for timeimmemorial.The only way we will sustain our selvesinto the future is to live what we know. Blue Quills First Nations College
    20. 20. It takes acertainamount ofobsession tobe who youareLee Maracle Blue Quills First Nations College
    21. 21. Our Elders say, education is the newbuffalo, then perhaps ourentrepreneurs are our new hunters.And in the hunt, the honour andresponsibility is in the sharing andgiving. Blue Quills First Nations College
    22. 22. Without talking about money, can we talk about what this will do for our community? Instead of talking about the dollars we can make, let’s talk about the difference we can make.Blue Quills First Nations College
    23. 23. PerspectiveWe look throughour own lens at theknowledge of the Indige nous le arningbusiness world me thods offe r s tude ntsaround us. a s e ns e of owners hip of the knowle dge , and alignme nt with our traditional knowledge, bphilos ophie s and prac tic e s . Blue Quills First Nations College
    24. 24. Business Education PlusAll of the standard Business Courses through our own lens PlusCree Identity, Language,Life Ways, Treaties &Governance, HistoricalImpacts, ContemporaryIssues, IndigenousLeadership Paradigms. Blue Quills First Nations College
    25. 25. RELATIONSHIPS – BALANCE inwakohtowin, all our everything we do,relations and with integrating ourall of creation. personal and professional lives, our community andECONOMIC businessDEVELOPMEN responsibilities.T QUESTIONS:Are our peoplehonoured? SYSTEMS THEORYWhat is the – how structuresspiritual influence ourdimension ofthe venture? thinking and decision making. Blue Quills First Nations College
    26. 26. Those communities that are richest in theirartistic tradition are also those that are themost progressive in their economicperformance and most resilientand securein theireconomicstructure.John Kenneth Galbraith,economist Blue Quills First Nations College
    27. 27. We know that ourapproach toleadership andmanagementeducation withexperientiallearning groundedin traditionalknowledge,prepares ourstudents for anyworkplace.
    28. 28. Our students have strength in the key employability skills identified by the Conference Board of Canada:Communication, thinking & problemsolving, positive behaviours,responsibility, adaptability, learningculture, teamwork, and participation. Blue Quills First Nations College
    29. 29. Elders say business is ceremonywhere there is no competition, but aresponsibility to serve all ourrelations and to ensure that theknowledge is passed on to the nextgeneration. Blue Quills First Nations College
    30. 30. Our graduates are working:band counciltribal law/ policy developmentmarketing, sales & fundraisingsmall business/ program managementresearchadministrationconsulting & advisingmaster’s degree graduates 100% percent employment Blue Quills First Nations College
    31. 31. A tension has always existed between the capitalistimperative to maximize efficiency at any cost and themoral imperatives of culture which historically have servedas a counterweight to the moral blindness of the market.This is another exampleof the culturalcontradictions ofcapitalism —the tendency overtime for theeconomic impulseto erode the moralunderpinningsof society.Michael Pollan Blue Quills First Nations College
    32. 32. A spirit comes into the worlddancing, dancing into the world, ...and dances out when we are doneour work.We are not a dying people. Wehave so much to offer, so much tolive for.Edna Manitawabi, Anishinabe Blue Quills First Nations College
    33. 33. Blue Quills First Nations CollegeBox 279St Paul, Alberta, Canada T0A 3A0Treaty Six Territory780-645-4455www.bluequills.casherric@bluequills.ca