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Application of mirc through 2 triple 3 single
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Application of mirc through 2 triple 3 single


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  • 1. Application of mIRC through 2 Triple 3 Single Model
  • 2. Introduction
    • This paper introduces one application that may provide an example of the importance and usefulness of considering the use of Web-based systems to support information sharing among the educational community.
    • the potential for using Web based systems to share information between academic staff and students seems to have a high potential, yet not very explored outside the context of the learning process
  • 3. Planning
    • In this stage, teacher will plan about type of web application, type of class, type of lesson, background of study, problem statement, objectives, research question and significant of study. Teacher also plans about the selection of students that most appropriate to undergo this study.
  • 4. Problem statement
    • Education, learning and training is on move. Each day we see new signs of more difference between what students want, and what society needs and what institutions can do. Even the teachers seems somewhere lost by the pace of change and by the lack of interest among students to attend, discuss, and produce work in a traditional education environment (Gouveia, 1998). The same learning and teaching methods tend to make students feel bored. Teachers need to find the new alternatives to encourage students to participate in class and enjoy the learning session as well as contribute to the excellent achievement in their study.
  • 5. Objectives
    • students will be able to improve their usage in English.
    • students are exposed to the new teaching and learning environment which is based on ICT
    • develop participation among students during teaching and learning session
  • 6. Research Questions
    • Does usage of English among the student will improve by using the web application?
    • Do students really participate in the class by using web application as teaching method?
    • Does usage of ICT among students will be improved through web application?
  • 7. Significant of study
    • Through this study, teachers can help students to improve the usage of English, students participate among themselves in the class by communicate through chatting, learn the meaning of sharing knowledge through sharing of files. Apart from that, English teachers can make their teaching session more attractive and students enjoy the session as well as gain benefits for their study.
  • 8. Analyze
    • Type of Web application
    • - Facebook, Twitter, Email, Blog and mIRC
    • List selection of students
    • - Students of Form 1, Form 2, Form 3, Form 4 and Form 5
    • List selection of lesson
    • - English, Bahasa Melayu
    • List selection for the study
    • - Few weeks, few months and one term
  • 9. Decide
    • form 4 students
    • English class
    • mIRC application is being selected because it is not well known
    • conducted during English lesson for the 1 term of schooling
  • 10. Design
    • Teaching method/approach
    • - teacher will demonstrate how to use mIRC,set up the account and other functionalities
    • - select the best topic (suit with mIRC)
    • - focus more on student-centered
  • 11. Medium and location
    • LCD projector to do demonstration
    • computer laboratory, students need to use computer in order to run this application
  • 12. Development, Testing, Implement
    • Develop English class
    • - only selected classes of Form 4 will be taught how to use mIRC
    • - during English class for two weeks
    • - this stage gives chances to the teachers used to this application in order to give the correct briefing for the students
  • 13. Testing
    • the selected Form 4 classes will be tested on the usage of mIRC application
    • teacher always guided them in case they need teacher help
    • performance of students always beingmonitored by teacher
  • 14. Implement
    • students will be set up their accounts
    • communicate with their friends in class through mIRC chatting application
    • encourage to use proper English and the uses of others language is not allowed
    • class will begin by teacher give topic in the class, students need to form small group and discuss the topic given through user group forum
  • 15.
    • students also may find out sources such as article and journal related to the topic and shared with the member group by transferring the file through file transfer in mIRC
    • at the end of the class every groups need to present their findings.
  • 16. Evaluation
    • End of class evaluation
    • - on the presentation and findings of the student about the topic that has been given where students will be given marks based on group works
    • Monthly evaluation
    • - by conducting monthly test through mIRC application for every form 4 class
  • 17. Overall evaluation
    • can be done after 1 term of schooling
    • teachers can make their overall assumption whether the uses of web application such as mIRC bring benefit or not for the student
    • after finish 1 term also, students can fill in questionnaire to get their feedback about mIRC application
  • 18. Stabilizing
    • if the usage of mIRC application after 1 term gives more advantages and really improve the usage of English among students, school should maintain the usage of web application in lesson
    • in future, school maybe can adapt the usage of mIRC to other language lessons as well as calculating and memorizing lessons to make their more interesting